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Musical places in Yerevan: clubs

Musical places in Yerevan: clubs

When a person thinks about how he would spend the weekend, he looks at the poster of concerts and parties. And there are these concerts and parties in clubs. In this text, we will tell you about the clubs in Yerevan and the music that can be heard in them.

There are many places in the capital of Armenia where you can go to a concert or party - here you will get acquainted with the local music scene. In addition, Yerevan constantly hosts events with foreign headliners: for example, Acid Arab or Jeff Mills. A ticket to such a concert will not cost much more than a DJ set by local artists. In addition, since the beginning of March 2022, many Russian performers began to often play in Yerevan. In this article I will tell you about Yerevan clubs and Yerevan club music.

At the beginning of Baghramyan Avenue, there are three establishments not far from each other - NINE, hangist and BAN.

You can choose a real estate agent from the NINE play techno and house. Now the club is opening for events, but, according to rumors, the institution will soon be reformatted - parties will be held there weekly.


Address: Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 3

Working mode: opens for events

hangist - a small club with hammocks, where they start playing house late in the evening. This is the place to which the verb "chill" is best applied - to relax, rest.


Address: Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 3

Working mode: Mon-Sun - from 23:30 to 04:00

well and BAN on Baghramyan, 3 completely not like other clubs - there, according to my observations, they play more "hard" music: drama and techno. Weekly film screenings are held on the same site, and the kitchen has been promised for a long time. Thus, the organizers want to turn from a nightclub into a bar with a cultural program and dj-sets.


Unfortunately, the club is no longer located in this location, but events continue to be organized at other venues, maintaining the inherent BAN spirit. Party announcements are published on the club’s social networks: Instagram, Telegram.


Address: no address yet

Working mode: for events

On Koryun Street, 19a, there are two clubs opposite each other - Zakayf and Poligraph. Poligraph - this, one might say, is the Yerevan Mutabor. I once got there for a queer techno party, these are held in Poligraph-e once every few months. Some kind of events are constantly organized in the club, where young Armenian performers play. If you are interested in learning about the club and its residents, I advise you to watch the short film  "Yerevan's flourishing underground scene - Poligraf's story".


Address: st. Koryuna, 19a

Working mode: opens for events

You can choose a real estate agent from the Zakayf there are infrequent performances by Yerevan stand-up artists and hip-hop concerts.


Address: st. Koryun, 19a

Working mode: opens for events

If you walk along Koryun to the corner with Teryan street and turn right, you will find yourself in a space The office. Here you can work in the winter garden or develop film in Karmir film. Also on weekends The office there are big events with the coolest "imports" of foreign artists. Before you can buy a ticket, you need to apply application to the club card through the website. Unfortunately, with a very good sound and line-ups, the venue has a bad reputation among the Yerevan public after several stories about harassment from the organisers.

The office

Address: st. Teryan, 91

Working mode: daily from 12:00 to 00:00

A little higher The office there is a club on Teryan street Fermata (Teryan St., 105/1).  Fermata somehow reminded me of Moscow's Gipsy - a trendy place with different genres of music throughout the week and a good cocktail menu. Sometimes this site hosts evening programs of music festivals (for example, luch_she).

Photo: Russia Cinema 1974,


Address: st. Teryan, 105/1

Working mode: Fri-Sat from 23:00 to 06:00

From promo groups and organizers, I would like to highlight MOCT and young team Camerata. The former became known for their raves at the Rossiya cinema. Artists such as Natasha Abel, Federico Molinari, residents of the Georgian club Bassiani and many others came to their events. I recommend visiting their daytime ANTAR rave on the children's railway, which takes place every two weeks. 

Camerata is a project created by a small team of emigrants from Russia. They arrange concerts not only for club performers, but also, for example, for rock musicians. The promo group launched Camerata Showcase, where Armenian performers perform, and Camerata Acoustic with acoustic music.

It is also worth keeping an eye on the poster of the events of the bar. TUF (str. Aram, 42), which often hosts parties and concerts. 

Of the musicians I liked the most: 

Hayk Karoyi, combining folk and electronic music in music;

misak  art group ideologist with very interesting dj-sets;

Duet node, playing something between shoegaze and trip-hop;

djs Dreamy0psis and misteikk.

Author Vasily Utekhin

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Musical places in Yerevan: clubs
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