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Top 9 Modernist Architecture Sites in Armenia

Top 9 Modernist Architecture Sites in Armenia

Did you know that most of the buildings constructed in Armenia since the 60s of the XX century were built during the era of modernist architecture? Many of those buildings were built based on experimental and innovative projects of their time. And despite the fact that over the years some modernist heritage sites go to reck and ruin and need reconstruction, they remain the hallmark of Armenia and turn out to be important sites for tourists.

In our guide you will find nine modernist buildings both in Yerevan and in other cities of Armenia. Bookmark it so that sooner or later you can see it with your own eyes. — We have provided each object not only with an address, but also with a short note about what makes it remarkable.

The Iron Fountain

Gyumri, Savoyan street

The shape of the fountain resembles an impressive chandelier, consisting of many butterfly wings or flower petals. It was built in 1982 by architect Artur Tarkhanyan not far from the Polytechnic Institute and immediately turned the dormitory suburb into a point of attraction for people. The fountain operated up until 1988: both the district and the communications system were destroyed by an earthquake. Remarkably, the fountain itself was not damaged at all.

© Robert Conte

Former International Telephone Station

Yerevan, Azatutyan Avenue, 24/1

The facade of the ten-story building is decorated with delicate facing, which has not only a decorative, but also a sun-protective function. The station was built in 1971 by architects Armen Agalyan and Grigory Grigoryan. Previously, there was an international telephone station there. Offices of a telecommunications company are located in the building now.

© Robert Conte

A Monument to the 50th Anniversary of Soviet Armenia

Dilijan, Tbilisi Highway

A geometric dominant directed towards the sky is the snow-white symbol of Dilijan. The monument was built in 1970 by the project of architects Artur Tarkhanyan, Khoren Vatinyan and Seyran Avetisyan, who immortalized five decades of Armenia's life as a part of the USSR in five triangular slabs.

© Robert Conte

Building №9 of Yerevan University of Architecture and Construction

Yerevan, Teryan Street, 105/9

The massive building of the Polytechnic University is dotted with delicate window ornaments. The facade of the first floors with a bas-relief densely populated with human figures is also noteworthy. The building was built in the nineteen eighties by the project of the architect Armen Aghalyan. The students of the faculties of radio engineering and transport study in the building nowadays.

© Robert Conte

Chess House

Yerevan, Khanjyan Street, 50A

The unique triangular building with seven metal chess pieces on the facade was built in 1970 by Zhanna Meshcheryakova's design. At that time, chess became especially popular in Armenia thanks to two-time world champion Tigran Petrosyan. Competitions in the most intellectual sport are still held here.

© Robert Conte

Dining room of the resort house of the Union of Writers

Sevan, st. Dzknorsneri, 7

A futuristic building constructed in 1969, surprisingly harmoniously blends into the brutal terrain of the Sevan peninsula. The author of the dining room is Gevorg Kochar, a constructivist and graduate of Higher Art and Technical Institute. In summer you can have a coffee in this dining room with a peaceful view of the lake, and imagine how Soviet writers observed the same serene.

© Robert Conte

"Russia" Cinema

Yerevan, Tigran Mets Avenue, 16

One of the most innovative and unusual modernist designs of the seventies. The cinema is shaped like a ship or an ark. The authors of the project, built in 1974, are architects Hrachya Poghosyan, Artur Tarkhanyan and Spartak Khachikyan. These days raves are often held in the former cinema hall, the ground floor has become a trading platform.

© Robert Conte

Zvartnots Airport


The silhouette of the airport which has been masterly inscribed in the landscape of the Ararat valley together with its dominant - the control tower, which the pilots affectionately nicknamed the "swallow's nest", has become the embodiment of Armenian modernism. After the launch of the new terminal in 2011, the old premises were closed and their existence was endangered . Over the past ten years, the question of demolition has been repeatedly raised. Although the old terminal was eventually recognized as an object of cultural heritage, the building is gradually being destroyed and needs urgent need repairs.

© Robert Conte

Central Bus Station

Hrazdan, Zoravar Andranik Avenue, 14

The bus station in Hrazdan, abandoned today, is one of the iconic images of Armenian modernism. The two-part complex, built in 1978 by Heinrich Arakelyan's design, housed a ticket office and a waiting room, connected to a glass pavilion-flower, where a bar and a shop were located.

© Robert Conte

We would like to thank photographer Roberto Conte for the incredible shots of the buildings..

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Top 9 Modernist Architecture Sites in Armenia
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