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On October 22, the excursion-bureau “Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer” starts its work

On October 22, the excursion-bureau “Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer” starts its work

Starting from October 22, the tour-bureau "Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer" will start working in Yerevan. This is the fourth branch of the educational project Through the Eyes of an Engineer, founded 8 years ago by architectural historian Airat Bagautdinov. The company's divisions operate in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi. On tours and lectures, guides teach you how to read the language of buildings, explain how it changes in different eras, and demonstrate the connection of architecture with other areas of life.

"Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer" plans to draw attention to the architectural heritage of Armenia. And even at the first stage of its activity, the project wants to contribute to the preservation and development of Armenian culture, so part of the proceeds from ticket sales will be directed to charitable foundations related to Armenian culture. Among them is TUF, the Foundation for Tourism and Urbanism.

“Despite the difficult times, we believe that education and study of the world in all its diversity, including architecture, is a noble and necessary thing. Excursions are the way to understand the environment and ourselves, and the language of architecture is the real language of intercultural communication,” says Airat Bagautdinov, founder of the project Through the Eyes of an Engineer.

You can follow the announcements of future excursions and purchase tickets for them. on the project website.

For example, at the moment (10/18/2022) tickets are available for a three-hour bus tour "Main Monuments of Armenian Modernism" 29 and 30 October. It promises to show and tell about modernism - the most striking period of Armenian architecture on the examples of the Cascade, the Rossiya cinema, the Polytechnic University and other equally amazing buildings. Along the way, they will teach us to understand modernism, brutalism and postmodernism and decipher the meanings that they broadcast to us.

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On October 22, the excursion-bureau “Yerevan through the eyes of an engineer” starts its work
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