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How the Move2Armenia Career Job Fair went

How the Move2Armenia Career Job Fair went

November 25, 2023 Move2Armenia Career held their sixth career day, where organizations from 15+ different industries presented 1000+ vacancies. People invited to work were Creed Roomz, KFC, Evolution Armenia, Imagine Live, Premium Machinery Armenia, RA Unified Social Service,, Tru Tru Cafe, Move2Armenia Career itself and its parent organization – Move2Armenia movement and many others. Guests got acquainted with career opportunities in the fields of medicine, education, IT, retail, HoReCa and others, and also learned how to get help in finding employment from the state.

Photo: Yuri Bazhukov

The fair was attended by 2000+ candidates. For eight hours, they underwent express interviews with company representatives and participated in additional activities that increase their attractiveness in the labor market. Each candidate had the opportunity to:

— undergo express interviews with employers;

— learn first-hand details about the working conditions;

— prove yourself and receive an invitation to the next stage of recruitment: star candidates immediately participated in full-length interviews;

— create a professional photo on your resume in a special area;

— take part in B2B networking.

Communication between candidates and HR managers was as effective as possible thanks to a special express “speed dating” format. Candidates completed a survey and then interacted with employers from those areas that were most relevant to their competencies and experience.

Photo: Yuri Bazhukov

At the current Job Fair, the organizers paid special attention to attracting candidates with medium and long work experience. Finding such specialists is usually the most difficult for employers, and Move2Armenia Career decided to facilitate this process for Armenian companies on the eve of the new year 2024. The organizers, known for helping foreigners who moved to Armenia find employment, attracted a particularly large number of local and repatriated Armenian candidates to the Job Fair on November 25, continuing the course of the previous event – the Fair 1000+ jobs for migrants from Artsakh 10/2023.

Maxim Shvetsov, director Move2Armenia Career:
“Move2Armenia Career helps residents of Armenia, regardless of their origin, find employment: these are local citizens, migrants from Artsakh, and people who returned to their homeland or moved to this attractive country from other countries. We see that our work and the modern formats that we offer are in demand: about 2,500 guests registered for today’s Fair. About half had already arrived by lunchtime; many brought friends and registered on the spot with the help of volunteers. We attracted exactly the target audience: partner companies replenished their pools with dozens of promising candidates in just the first hours of the event.”.

Premium Machinery Armenia, Marketing Manager Arman Simonyan:
“Very good impressions. We found a lot of potential personnel and business connections.”

Globbing, HR Valentina Margaryan:
“We rate the overall organization 9 out of 10, we have found several potential candidates.”

MoyChai, head Semyon Boyko:
“I expected it to be just an ordinary event, I didn’t expect anything, in the end we found employees and the feedback was colossal.”

Photo: Yuri Bazhukov

Candidates who attended the Job Fair also shared their feedback:

“I really like the project because it gives me the opportunity to meet companies on the spot. I would like to know when there will be another event like this and to see more companies there.”

“I came to find work for myself and my daughter. The organizers did a very good job. Now I’m waiting for a photo on my resume.”

“The event helped me understand: why not change my profession, take a course? I thought about self-improvement in terms of work. The event was ideal for self-development, I speak as a doctor.”

Photo: Yuri Bazhukov

About the organizers

Move2Armenia Career held 6 largest job fairs in Armenia and helped 250+ employers and 1000+ employees find each other.

Move2Armenia Career also posts current vacancies on the portal and helps companies recruit personnel. Move2Armenia Career cooperates with Armenian and international companies from a variety of fields: IT, education, restaurant and hotel business, banks and telecommunications.

For the media

Maria Goncharova, TG @verdantmary | | +37495082890, Ganna Otchik, +37444225608

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Author: Ganna Otchik

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How the Move2Armenia Career Job Fair went
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