Gavar city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there

Gavar city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there

Gavar city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there

The city of Gavar is the administrative center of the Gegharkunik region. Lovers of recreation on Lake Sevan know about it. Just 15 minutes by car from the city, and you can relax on the beach and swim. Gavar is surrounded by the Geghama Mountains, the weather here is comfortable in summer, snow falls in winter. This is a great place for both leisurely walks and hiking.


  1. History of the city of Gavar
  2. How to get to the city?
  3. Places of interest

History of the city of Gavar

On the territory of present-day Gavar, life has been rapidly developing since the time of the kingdom of Urartu. This is evidenced by the fortress preserved within the city in honor of the god Khaldi. Also, a khachkar (“cross-stone”) was found here, where next to the name Gavar is the date - 291. Translated from Armenian, Gavar means “district”.

It is believed that in 1830 the city was founded on the site of the village of Gavar (Kyavar) by settlers from Bayazet, who fled from the Turks. They named their new home Nor-Bayazet. In 1850 it became the county town of Novo-Bayazet. From 1959 to 1995 it was the city of Kamo - in honor of the revolutionary S.A. Ter-Petrosyan, a native of Gavar. Then the most ancient name was returned to the city.

Now it is the 10th largest city in Armenia in terms of the number of inhabitants. The instrument-making, cheese-making and cable factories are responsible for the industry here. Agriculture is also developed: they say that in Gavar the most delicious bread made from red corn, kufta and cheese. They are also proud of their gata and baklava. You can try the Sevan whitefish. Vacationers on the lake stop here; in the city and its region they visit ancient churches and monasteries. Read more about what to see below.

How to get to the city?

Gavar is located about 90 km from Yerevan. You can get there not only by car, but also by bus from the Northern Bus Station. The journey takes about two hours. If you want to rent a car, contact our trusted partners — company Move2Car.

Places of interest

Khachkar cemetery

On the way to Gavar, you can look into several ancient places. The main one is the cemetery of khachkars in the village of Noratus. This cemetery contains the largest number of khachkars in the world. The oldest of them was probably installed in the 5th century. Several legends are associated with the cemetery. According to one of them, having learned about the approach of the conqueror Tamerlane, local residents put armor on khachkars. From a distance it seemed to the army that they were all warriors, and the enemy retreated.

Ilikavank Monastery

Two khachkars from Western Armenia can be seen within the walls of the Ilikavank monastery (around the 10th century) in the village of Lanjaghbyur. It is still not known where this name came from: in Armenian, Lanjaghbyur means the monastery of an old woman or a spindle. But the monastery was male.

Hayravank Monastery

Departing from Gavar to Sevan, make a stop at the Hayravank (Mardagavnyats) monastery of the 9th century. It offers a beautiful view of the lake, and the basilica itself impresses with its architecture. The monastery complex includes a church, a chapel, a cemetery with khachkars and a fortress nearby. Tourists say that it is especially beautiful here at sunset.

Fortress in honor of the god Khaldi

In Gavar, it is worth going up to the very Urartian Cyclopean fortress of King Rusa I. This is a unique opportunity to touch history, look at the powerful structure of the 3rd century BC.

Chapel of Saint Stepanos

Another ancient building is St. Stepanos Chapel (Surb-Stepanos) at the city cemetery. It is at its base that there is a stone on which the first mention of Gavar was carved in 291.

Churches of Surb-Karapet, Surb-Hovhannes, Surb-Astvatsatsin

It is also interesting to look at the small church of Surb-Karapet, built in the middle of the 19th century. On the outskirts of the city stands a dilapidated church of the 19th century. Surb Hovhannes. But the center of religious attraction in Gavar is the Church of St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God). For a long time it was considered the highest temple in Armenia.

Gavar Museum and Gallery

Fans of "museum" tourism will like the Gavar Geological Museum, where they will tell in detail about the history of this territory, show archaeological finds and decoration of the local dwelling in different historical periods. Also take a look at the Gavar Gallery. G. Buniatyan. The main exposition of the gallery consists of the private collection of Academician G. Buniatyan, a native of Gavar. Paintings by Armenian and Russian artists of the 19th-20th centuries are exhibited. (Yegishe Tadevosyan, Martiros Saryan, Martin Petrosyan and others).

Walking along Zoravar Andranik Street, you can see several preserved buildings from the time of Novo-Bayazet. But mostly Soviet buildings prevail in the city.

shepherd festival

From July 7 to July 9, the festival of shepherds will be held in Gavar. On the first day of the holiday, you will learn about Cyclopean castles. On the second day on the slope of Mount Svyatoy Khach you will be treated to lamb khashlama. The third day was called baklava day. It will be possible not only to buy and eat it, but also to make it yourself.

Festival "Mets Pur"

On September 29, in the village of Sarukhan, not far from the city, the Mets Pur (Big Bonfire) festival traditionally takes place. It marks the beginning of the harvest of potatoes, which are baked on this day according to a local recipe. You will be given more than 50 potato dishes to try, you will listen to Armenian songs, watch dances and participate in competitions.

In a series of articles about the cities of Armenia, we also talked about Ararat and Byrd. Follow the links and learn even more about this country. If you have any questions, write to our support team @move2armenia_official. And share in the comments: did you go to Sevan, what city did you choose to stop at? Would you like to visit Gavar now?

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Gavar city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there
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