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How to license construction in Armenia

How to license construction in Armenia

You have decided to do business in Armenia. You have found a suitable place, but you understand that large-scale changes are required. You may even need a building permit. In this article we will tell you in what cases a license is required and how to obtain one.

The material was prepared jointly with consulting is hiring a lawyer. Experts analyzed Law “On Licensing” and Decision of the RA Government of July 2, 2009 No. 777. We share what they learned.


  1. Who needs a construction license
  2. Procedure for obtaining a license
  3. When a license is refused
  4. Procedure for obtaining a license insert

Who needs a construction license

Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs, as a rule, are required to have a license and the right to carry out construction activities. But there are also exceptions. You do not need to obtain permission for:

  • work that does not require a building permit. They are listed in  annex to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia;
  • construction of auxiliary buildings, the total area of which does not exceed 150 m²;
  • construction of garages with a total area of no more than 50 m²;
  • construction by the owner of individual residential buildings for non-economic purposes no higher than two floors with one underground;
  • construction of greenhouses with a total area of no more than 1,000 m²;
  • construction of non-essential buildings for agricultural production with a total area of not more than 500 m²;
  • construction of non-essential public buildings with a total area of not more than 100 m². (Law, art. 43, part 2, clause 17.3)

If your construction is not included in the exceptions, then you need to get license and attached to it liner in the RA Urban Planning Committee (Decision, paragraphs 4 and 5). And foreign legal entities, by decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, in addition to this license, must obtain appropriate permission from the competent authority of their country.

Procedure for obtaining a license

You can submit documents to the Urban Development Committee in several ways:

  1. Personally.
  2. By mail.
  3. Via electronic system at (Law, art. 28).

What documentation provides a legal entity (including LLC):

A. Application for a license. It must indicate: the name of the legal entity, its legal form, state registration number, location and places of activity, contact telephone numbers, type of activity that the applicant will carry out.

b. Data about at least one specialist - copies of passport and qualification documents. This can be a diploma, certificate, certificate of completion of training, confirmation of title. If the specialist is a bachelor, then they require five years of continuous professional work experience. The master's degree is three years. Foreign diplomas are recognized in the Republic of Armenia if provided for by law or international treaties (Law, Art. 13).

V. List of works previously performed by a specialist.

d. Receipt for payment of the state duty of 80,000 drams for each insert (Decision, paragraph 9; article 19 of the Law “On State Duty”). Payment must be made within five working days, otherwise the license will be cancelled. (Law, art. 23.1).

A perpetual license is provided within 23 working days (Law, art. 26, 26.1).

When a license is refused

An application for a license will be rejected if:

1) documents are incomplete, falsified or distorted;

2) the documents do not comply with the requirements of the RA legislation;

3) in accordance with the law or charter, a legal entity does not have the right to engage in construction work;

4) the issuance of a license contradicts the obligations assumed by the Republic of Armenia to ensure international security;

5) in other cases provided for by law or licensing procedures (Law, art. 29).

Procedure for obtaining a license insert

Along with the construction permit, the Committee issues a license insert - a document certifying that the knowledge of the responsible persons meets the requirements.

There may be several such inserts - one per direction of construction activity:

  • residential, public and industrial;
  • transport;
  • hydraulic engineering;
  • energy;
  • communications (Decision, paragraph 6).

Returning to the requirements for specialists, let us clarify that at least one qualified employee must work in each area.

A profitable and durable business begins with legalization of activities. Take care of documentation so that your work thrives.

If you require legal advice and business paperwork, please contact is hiring a lawyer.

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How to license construction in Armenia
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