The Move2Armenia universe, or all the company’s initiatives - Move2Armenia

The Move2Armenia universe, or all the company’s initiatives

The Move2Armenia universe, or all the company’s initiatives

You are now reading this text on the Move2Armenia website in the section "Blog". Perhaps one day you were looking for an answer to your question and found it in our FAQ. While planning your weekend, you might have looked into poster application, and found the right establishment with the help catalog. Already a rather large set of initiatives, don’t you agree? But in fact there are even more of them. We have many projects at Move2Armenia that we would like to introduce you to.


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Move2Armenia website

So, since you are here, you already know about the Move2Armenia website. It consists of several sections.


In Armenia, it can be difficult to find the desired location in online maps, or little is said about it on the Internet. And if you have just moved and have not yet acquired useful contacts, then it is not clear where to look for them. will come to the rescue catalog, in which we publish information about companies and specialists we trust. Our managers find and check each place and person personally in order to publish reliable information.


FAQ – This is a section with frequently asked questions. The Move2Armenia team conducted surveys among the local population and relocants and identified the most pressing problems from various spheres of life. We know how to get to Armenia, how to get a residence permit, call an ambulance, open a bank account, where to order groceries, how to send your child to school and much more. To ensure that you receive only reliable information, we communicate with experts, study laws, learn the experiences of local residents and emigrants, and update articles. Do you have a question about life in Armenia? Most likely we already know the answer to this.


This article is in blog Move2Armenia. Here the authors publish stories about life in Armenia, share personal experiences, tips, and life hacks. We compile selections of places, review events, ask questions to professionals, and reveal topics found in the FAQ. Here you will find articles about tourism, work, moving, money, medicine, children and much more interesting things. And if you have an interesting story that you want to tell Armenian readers about, write to our email

Move2Armenia app

Until recently, we posted event posters twice a week on our social networks and blog, and now we have the Move2Armenia mobile application. It is available at iOS and Android, and the content is published in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English. Here you will find a variety of events (from lectures to festivals) for every day and you can select them according to your own interests or specific requests. In addition, you can purchase tickets and register for the event directly in the application. It’s convenient to have all the events in Armenia in one place.

Move2Armenia Culture

“How else to get to know a new country, if not through its culture,” we thought and launched the platform Move2Armenia Culture. We invite everyone to free three-day express courses of the Armenian language, lectures on history, excursions to museums, national dance lessons, master classes on preparing Armenian traditional dishes and meetings of relocants and repatriates. Activities are run by local residents who are specialists in these areas. Learn about Armenia, its beauty and diversity.

Move2Armenia Career

One of the main fears and questions when moving to a new country is: “Who needs me there?” You can find an apartment, even make new acquaintances, find out absolutely everything about your destination, but if there is no work, then it will be difficult to build a life here. On the Move2Armenia website in the section "Career" vacancies in different industries are published and constantly updated. Many of them do not even require knowledge of the Armenian language. Also specialists from Move2Armenia Career recruit staff on a turnkey basis, organize job fairs and educational courses.

is hiring a lawyer

If your career path is to build your own business in Armenia, then lawyers and accountants from is hiring a lawyer. Together you can easily open an individual entrepreneur or LLC, obtain a residence permit and a bank account, and you will not have to worry about accounting. Consulting specialists know local legal acts, have extensive connections and know how to conduct business legally and transparently.


Move2Market known for its festival-scale events, the purpose of which is to support small businesses of local residents and relocants. At the markets in Yerevan, more than a hundred local brands display their products, DJs perform, prepare the best street food, give lectures, conduct master classes, relax, participate in sweepstakes and generally have a great time. In December 2023, Move2Market will open a permanent platform, which will become a mini creative cluster. Under one roof there will be a department store with 200+ DIY brands, a coffee shop with a bakery, a wine bar, a food court, and an event space. No one will be bored.


Armenia is an ancient country, in every corner of which there are hidden sights, and each region has its own traditions, dialects, and nature. And I want to study all this, touch everything. But getting to some places is not so easy, and you will need a car, so we launched a car rental service Move2Car. You can choose the appropriate transport based on your individual preferences, needs and budget.

Thanks to all of the above initiatives, Move2Armenia is trying to make emigration and repatriation more comfortable, calm, and thoughtful. We help you move to Armenia and establish a life here: obtain the necessary documents, get a job, gain new experience and contacts, learn about the country, including on four wheels. We have even more interesting projects ahead, and we hope that together with you we can make life in Armenia even better and more attractive.

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The Move2Armenia universe, or all the company’s initiatives
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