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How to transfer money from Russia to Armenia and vice versa

How to transfer money from Russia to Armenia and vice versa

So, you live in Armenia and work remotely for a Russian company. Or maybe your relatives from Russia are helping you, or you work in the local market and would like to support your relatives financially. In any case, there is a need to send money from one country to another. What is the easiest way to organize money transfers between Russia and Armenia?

There are several ways to send money between countries. The optimal one will depend on whether you have an account in an Armenian bank, as well as on the amount. Let us formulate general rules to make translations simple and effective:

  • It’s better to transfer small amounts;
  • transfer currency - rubles or drams;
  • cut out intermediaries as much as possible.


  1. Cash withdrawal from Mir / UnionPay card
  2. Direct transfers from Russian banks to Armenian accounts
  3. Transfers through money transfer systems
  4. Transfers via SWIFT
  5. Transfers via SPFS

Cash withdrawal from Mir / UnionPay card

If you have a Mir payment system card, then accountants at work or relatives can send money to it. This way you can withdraw money from your Russian card at VTB Armenia ATMs.

In the case of UnionPay system cards, you can receive money with their help at ATMs or ACBA bank branches.

Direct transfers from Russian banks to Armenian accounts

A number of banks in Armenia accept direct transfers from ruble cards to Armenian accounts (for example, the popular Ameria, Ardshinbank or Ineco using ArCa). But you need to keep in mind that money can only be moved between partner banks. For Sberbank this is, for example, Evoca bank, Inecobank, ArmEconomBank, ID Bank, Ararat bank, Ardshinbank, Acba bank and TelCell payment system.

Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa Bank and Fora Bank offer transfer services to ArCa banks using a card, account or phone number. Commission - 1%, except for Alpha with 1.95%. However, we recommend that you check when opening an account with a local bank whether transfers from Russia are accepted there. The best conditions are with Tinkoff Bank, which offers transfers of up to 20,000 rubles without commission, and also has the least restrictions on the part of Armenian banks. It is also worth mentioning the possibility of transfers from the Russian VTB, which provides transfers to VTB Armenia (commission - 1%).

It is most profitable to transfer money in rubles and receive in drams, because receiving in any other currency requires conversion through AMD.

Transfers through money transfer systems

If your account is opened at a bank that does not accept direct transfers, you can use the IDpay service. This is an ID bank application that allows you to link cards of any Armenian and Russian banks and transfer rubles between Russian and Armenian accounts with a commission of 0.9% (0.5% for ID bank clients). In order to use this service, you need to undergo verification - provide the application with a photo of your passport and a selfie with a document. In this way it is possible to transfer up to 200,000 rubles. per month (if your account is in an ID bank, the limit will be higher). The commission amount is visible in the application before you send the transfer. Raiffeisen has the best conditions for such transfers from Russian banks, while the popular Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff will add their own commission to the transfer amount.

Learn more about IDPay

If you do not have an account in an Armenian bank, then a way to send money from Russia will be the Unistream transfer service, which issues cash at branches of large banks. You can send rubles, drams, dollars and euros from Russia to Armenia and vice versa. Armenian banks cooperate with Unistream VTB Armenia and Unibank. You can send money through the application or through a physical cashier, the fee will be up to 2.5%.

Instructions and questions on Unistream transfers

Transfers via SWIFT

Large sums and currencies can be transferred from Russian accounts to Armenian ones via SWIFT. Among the large Russian banks working with SWIFT are Raiffeisen, Tinkoff, Gazprombank, OTP. Before the transaction, it is worth checking whether the Armenian bank accepts transfers from the Russian Federation, and if so, in what currency such a transfer is available. Transfers via SWIFT will take longer (up to a week), and the problem may also arise during interaction with an intermediary bank that does not service Russian banks. In this case, the payment will be returned to the sender, and I can deduct a commission from it. To be on the safe side, the intermediary bank can be clarified through the recipient bank of the transfer.

Transfers via SPFS

SPFS is a transfer system created as an alternative to SWIFT. The transfer procedure is similar, but only two Armenian banks use it - Unibank and Ardshinbank. Without an account in these banks, you will not be able to receive a transfer.

When transferring funds from the Russian Federation to Armenia, it is important to keep one nuance in mind. In the case of transfers of large amounts, the bank may request confirmation of the origin of funds. This is a legal request for all types of transfers, and additional documents, such as income statements, will be required to complete such a quest.

What documents are needed to confirm the origin of funds

If you have any questions about transferring money, you can contact our other article in the FAQ section.

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How to transfer money from Russia to Armenia and vice versa
  • Leopold
    05.12.2023 в 18:07

    For some reason, there is no information on how to send money from Armenia to Russia. The Idram application does not allow you to attach a Russian Visa card, for example Tinkoff

    • july9990
      22.03.2024 в 17:00

      Through IdPay you can transfer money to Russia to MIR cards. Another popular method of transferring from Armenia to Russia is through Unistream. For example, VTB Armenia bank does not even charge a commission for transferring drams when receiving rubles. More details –

  • Igor
    27.10.2023 в 17:43

    Good afternoon
    I opened an individual entrepreneur in Armenia, since I work for a foreign company from Russia (resident of the Russian Federation), how can I transfer my salary from the individual entrepreneur’s account in Armenia to my card (individual) in Russia?
    Thank you

  • Olga
    02.09.2023 в 04:54

    Please tell me how can I get euros from Armenia to Russia? They send my money from Europe through an intermediary in Armenia. I understand that euros cannot be sent to Russia? How and where is it better to convert them in Armenia in order to receive this money in Russia with the least loss?

    • Move2Armenia_support
      02.09.2023 в 10:48

      Hello! You can send rubles from Armenia to Russia, if you have cash, it can be exchanged at banks or at the exchanger in the SAS supermarket. You can follow the current exchange rate on the website You can also transfer money from the Republic of Armenia to the Russian Federation using the IDPay application, using interbank transfer in rubles, Peer-to-Peer, SWIFT or ArCa => World. You can read more about all the methods of transfers from Armenia to Russia here:

  • 30.08.2023 в 17:05

    Good article

  • Bahram Pirouz
    24.07.2023 в 13:18

    hello Julia,

    I opened an account in Sberbank of Russia when I was in Moscow 2 weeks ago. They gave me a MIR card which i can use in Armenia. How can I transfer some money from Armenia into my Sber bank account. I am an Iranian citizen and I hold an Iranian passport only. I also have an account in the Iranian Bank Mellat Yerevan.
    In my first day in Armenia 2 Armenian banks refused to either change money for me or let me open an account. Is there any Armenian bank which allows me to transfer money (which is now in the form of USD cash) from Armenia into my MIR card?

    Is MIR card safe and secure? In suprmarkets I can use it without even a password. What will happen if my MIR card is lost or stolen?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Bahram Pirouz

    • Move2Armenia_support
      24.07.2023 в 20:07

      Good evening Bahram!

      You can make a transfer to Sberbank “MIR” card as follows:
      You need to exchange dollars to rubles, you can find out the exchange rate on website. Since the local currency is drams, you will have a double conversion: dollars – drams, drams – rubles;
      Then you come to VTB Armenia branch and make a ruble transfer to your ruble account, to which “MIR” card is linked;
      After the money is credited to the account, you replenish the card from it.
      As the MIR card belongs to the Russian banking system, it has a good security system. If the card is lost, it can be blocked via the Sberbank app. If a suspicious transaction is made on your card, you will be informed about it in the same Sberbank Online application.
      The security service never calls you on the phone. If you receive a call from the bank's security service, they are scammers. Do not give them any data.
      As for the limit for payment without code confirmation, it is 3000 rubles, which is equal to AMD 12,820 at today's exchange rate.

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