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Events in Yerevan and surroundings on December 2-4

Events in Yerevan and surroundings on December 2-4


Women's Film Festival

From Thursday to Monday, the 19th international festival of women's films "KIN" will be held in Yerevan. Among the main films of the program: "Aurora Sunrise" - an animated documentary about saving a girl from the Armenian Genocide; Bella, a documentary about the important mid-century New York choreographer Bella Lewicki; "Sweeping Yerevan" - a poetic story about the difficult fate of a woman cleaning the streets of the Armenian capital; "The Event" - the winner of the Venice festival about a French student who dared to have an abortion. Also at the festival you can see a bunch of short films and animation works. 

Time:  December 1-5 

Address: Melik-Adamyan street, 2/2

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Screening of "Love Actually" at TUMO

Creative Technology Center Cinema Club TUMO will begin to create a New Year's mood with a screening of modern holiday classics - "Love Actually" by Richard Curtis, the master of British rom-coms. A few unrelated but equally enchanting stories of people who find, lose or redefine their love. Starring Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and a dozen other favorite artists.   

Time: December 2nd


TUMO Yerevan: 19:00

TUMO Gyumri: 18:00

TUMO Dilijan: 18:00

TUMO Stepanakert: 18:30

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Retrospective of Harun Farocki

This and next week, the National Library of Armenia will host a retrospective of films by the classic of experimental political documentary Harun Farocki. In addition to the works of the director himself, it will be possible to watch a selection of films by young authors who have been influenced by him. This Friday will see the film "Prison Footage", in which Farocki explores the issues of surveillance, surveillance and captivity - classic topics for him.

Time: 19:00

Address: Teryan street, 72

More about the event: Facebook

Price:  is free



Not just a market, but a real two-day festival. In the HayArt space, you can buy new and vintage clothes, ceramics, jewelry and everything from local brands vintabilia, Naftalin Vintage, Arsy accessories, Kavekon, Hoja and many others. Dargett pub, Gayamboule and Portal of Taste will be responsible for food and drinks, Denis Ryabov, Yavrents, Ayvazovsky and others will be responsible for music. Also, both days you can listen to thematic lectures: on Saturday, the speakers will share their experience of starting a business in Armenia, on Sunday - life hacks of adaptation in the country.

Time: December 3-4, 12:00-20:00

Address: Mashtots Avenue, 7a

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free, registration

Relics of the temple "Zvartnots" in the wine museum

An interesting exposition opens at the Museum of the History of Wines of Armenia, 20 kilometers from Yerevan - the relics of the Zvartnots temple. An outstanding building of the 7th century was destroyed by an earthquake three centuries after its construction and has been in ruins ever since. Its parts can now be studied over a glass of port.  

Time: 09:00

Address: Sasunik village, 30th street

More about the event: Facebook

Price: AMD 3,000, children under 10 free of charge


Organ music concert

at the House of Chamber Music. Komitas will host an evening of works for organ. The program will mainly feature Bach, but will also feature Saint-Saens, Daken, Boelman and Stanley.  

Time: 19:00

Address: Isahakyan street, 1

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 1 500 – 2 000 AMD



LEGO at MindCenter

The MindCenter organization prepares children for the professions of the future - it teaches the basics of programming, robotics and work with automation systems. On Sundays, they now have two hours to build something interesting from the LEGO constructor.

Time: 14:00-16:00

Address: Nairi Zaryan street, 22a

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 1 500 AMD

New Year's Eve Festival at Օ₂ Gardens

The plant shop, landscape design service and part-time cafe Օ₂ Gardens will hold a pre-New Year celebration on Sunday. It will be possible to ask the price of their choice of firs and Christmas trees, participate in the decoration and listen to live music. They promise Santa Claus and elves!

Time: 17:30

Address: Silikyan 13th street, 2

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Alice Taezhnaya presents the series "Helpful Advice from John Wilson"

In the BAN club, journalist and film critic Alisa Taezhnaya will present and show three episodes of the HBO series Useful Advice from John Wilson, a caustic and clever parody of the life hacking genre. After that, Tayozhnaya will play a DJ set, which will be accompanied by a screening of the classic 1973 art house anime "Sad Belladonna". 

Time: 20:00

Address: Marshal Baghramyan street, 3

More about the event: Instagram

Price: is free

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Events in Yerevan and surroundings on December 2-4
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