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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on January 20-22

What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on January 20-22



Opening of the ice rink in Friendship Park

Friendship Park has existed in Gyumri since the 60s, but since the earthquake of 1988 it has fallen into disrepair. Now Druzhba is being actively reconstructed - on Friday the first zone with a skating rink will be solemnly opened. It will be possible to ride, participate in games and competitions accompanied by live music, as well as buy something at the local market. 

Please note that the grand opening, which was supposed to take place on this day, is postponed to February 3 due to the tragic fire in the military unit. The skating rink will start operating on January 26.

Time: 16:00

Address: Gyumri, st. Garegin Nzhdeh, 1/1

More about the event: Facebook

Price: ice rink tickets from 500 AMD


Showing "Alice" by Jan Svankmajer at TUMO

The Cinema Club of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies continues a series of screenings of films inspired by the fairy tales of the peoples of the world. On Friday it will be possible to watch "Alice" by Jan Svankmajer in 1988. Half animation, half game variation of Lewis Carroll's story about a girl who finds herself in a fairy tale world. Dark, surreal and definitely not childish work from the Czech classic.

Addresses and start of sessions:

TUMO Yerevan: 19:00

TUMO Gyumri: 18:00

TUMO Dilijan: 18:00

TUMO Stepanakert: 18:30

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson

On Friday, the Moscow cinema returns to the big screen one of the most beloved films by Wes Anderson. A matryoshka story inspired by the stories of Stefan Zweig. tells about the life of the concierge Monsieur Gustav and a dozen other guests and employees of a fictional hotel on the eve of World War II. As usual with Anderson, the film is comedic and almost toy-like in form, but with a touchingly melancholy gut. Starring Ralph Fiennes, Tilda Swinton, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody and others. The film will be shown in English with Russian subtitles.

Time: 20:00

Address: st. Abovyan, 18

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 3 000

Jazz weekend at The Kond House bar

With the beginning of the new year, The Kond House bar hosts a jazz weekend - for this purpose, a DJ console was dismantled in one of the halls and equipment for live music was installed. According to the concept, Friday is given to dance jazz, Saturday to classical, and Sunday to experiments. This weekend - Yerevan-St. Petersburg Jazz connection, Sona Shiroyan trio and Arpenik with Khachik Sahakyan and David Tadevosyan.

Time: 21:00

Address: st. Leo, 46

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 2 000 – 3 000 AMD




Exhibition and round table about the experience of migration at the HayArt Center

At the exhibition "Re-calibrating the Compass of Exile” will present works that try to reflect on the experience of migration in the modern world. As an addition to the exhibition, the center will host a round table on the topic “What does it mean to be a migrant artist?”, where the experience of creating art and its significance during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will be discussed. 

Time: 17:00

Address: st. Avet Avetisyan, 47

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Concert of Alexei Paperny 

The Stop Club will host a concert by Alexei Paperny, musician, leader of the Paperny TAM group, theater director and founder of the legendary Moscow club Chinese Pilot Zhao Da. Paperny used to perform his essentially bardic songs to the accompaniment of a sonorous musical potpourri from rather tavern genres, but recently he turned to minimalism, so you should not expect a pipe and an accordion at a concert.     

Time: 21:00

Address: st. Moskovyan, 37

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 5 000 – 7 000 AMD


Screening of the film "Similar Man"

In the big hall of the Yerevan “House of Cinema” there will be a screening of the film “A Similar Man” by Semyon Serzin, about an investigator who is investigating the death of a certain Sergei Ivanov. Trying to find out why he took his own life, the hero interrogates his friends and relatives, who allegedly describe completely different people. “Like a Man” is the second film mainly directed by theater director and actor Serzin (“Petrovs in the Flu” by Serebrennikov). In addition to the author himself, Victoria Isakova, Lyubov Tolkalina, Maxim Vitorgan and others also starred in The Man. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director.  

Time: 20:00

Address: st. Vardanants, 18

More about the event: Tickets

Price: 2 000 – 4 000 AMD



Hiking to frozen waterfalls

Frozen waterfalls are one of the main destinations for tourists during the winter season in Armenia. The two most beautiful, Astghik and Vahagn, are located in the Khosrov State Reserve, where they promise to arrange hiking this Sunday. In addition to waterfalls, a medieval bridge in the Azat Gorge and the famous Symphony of Stones will be shown.

Time: 8:30

Address: sq. Sakharov

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 11 500 AMD

Night of techno and black metal at the Poligraf club

Sunday's experiment of the Poligraf club in combining two musical genres, whose main points of intersection are black color and the severity of genre conventions. Georgians Psychonaut 4 and Armenians Divahar will be responsible for terrifying listeners and black metal, Kamavosian will be responsible for techno and high beats per minute. 

Time: 20:00

Address: st. Koryun, 19a

More about the event: Facebook

Price: AMD 8,000 in pre-sale, AMD 10,000 at the entrance


Screening of The Witch by Robert Eggers at Ban Club

As part of the traditional Sunday film screenings at the Ban club, this Sunday will show the film "The Witch" in 2016. In mid-17th-century New England, a Puritan family is expelled from the community for being too strict about the Bible, and they settle on the edge of a forest where a witch seems to live. The film, in many ways, launched a new wave of thoughtful horror and the first directorial work of Robert Eggers (Lighthouse, Varyag), among other things, opened the world to actress Anya Taylor-Joy (Queen's Move). 

Time: 20:00 

Address: Marshal Bargaryan avenue, 3

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on January 20-22
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