Armenian pomegranate wines – all about Armenian pomegranate wines

Truth in wine - in pomegranate

Truth in wine - in pomegranate

Armenians have a long history of "relationships" with wine. So, in the Areni cave they found the oldest distillery in the world - it is about six thousand years old. And the Armenians believe that Noah, having landed at Mount Ararat, planted the first vine in the territory of Armenia.

Wine is produced by both large factories and small farms. And they are not limited to grapes: wine made from pomegranate, one of the symbols of Armenia, is also popular. We will tell about it.


  1. How is pomegranate wine made?
  2. Features of pomegranate wine
  3. What goes with pomegranate wine?
  4. Which Armenian pomegranate wine to choose?
  5. Where to buy pomegranate wine?

How is pomegranate wine made?

The technologies for creating grape and pomegranate wine are similar. Pomegranate juice ferments for about a month until the alcohol content reaches 6-7%. The final fortress is 13-16⁰. Only juicy pomegranates with a high sugar content are suitable for wine: this is how a bright fruity taste is felt and alcohol is formed. In Armenia, ideal "wine" pomegranates grow in the Syunik and Ararat regions.

At most wineries, pomegranates are peeled and filmed, the grains are crushed and the pomace is removed, but sometimes the seeds are left with the juice. And some distillers use the whole fruit, although it is believed that this gives the drink bitterness. Grapes and other berries and fruits can also be added to pomegranates. In the process of fermentation, sugar is added if the pomegranates were not very sweet. Insist wine in glass vessels or oak barrels.

Usually they create semi-sweet and sweet wine, but you can also find dry, fortified, sparkling. It is produced less due to low demand.

Features of pomegranate wine

Why make pomegranate wine at all when there is grape wine? Of course, for the sake of unusual taste.

About grape wine, if you do not like it, they often say "sour". And in high-quality pomegranate, it is precisely the pleasant sourness and astringency that is valued. They are combined with fruity flavors and even floral and berry notes. And in the aftertaste you can feel woody and nutty shades.

Scientists provethat a drink made from pomegranate is preferable for wine lovers who are on a diet. In addition, pomegranate wine has more antioxidants than grape wine.

What goes with pomegranate wine?

Serving wine to snacks, cool it to 14-16 ⁰C. It perfectly complements hard cheeses, cured meats, nuts and dried fruits.

WITH main, namely With meat dishes, wine is served at 16-18 ⁰C.

Pomegranate wine 12-14 ⁰C is used together with sweet chocolate desserts or just a bar of chocolate and a fruit plate.

Which Armenian pomegranate wine to choose?

Art history researcher and lecturer from the Academy of Arts Daria Shikhova has studied the pomegranate as part of Armenian culture. In Yerevan, she holds a lecture on "The History of Pomegranate" combined with a tasting of pomegranate wine. For event announcements, follow Daria's Instagram page. The lecturer told us what pomegranate wines are worth trying.

365 by Gevorkian Winery

“First on my list would be wine from Gevorkian Winery and their collection of fruit wines 365. Sommelier Lilia and I use a product from this winery for the tasteful lecture. 

Reserve pomegranate semi-sweet wine is aged in Karabakh oak barrels for six months, making it one of the most interesting gastronomic experiences.”

Pomegranate by Voskevaz Winery

“There is a folk tale in Armenia “Pomegranate Seed”: coming out of a huge pomegranate, it brings good luck to the hero.

The wine from the Voskevaz Winery seems to me the way it would be in this ancient fairy tale. Sufficiently sour, juicy, maddening with pomegranate – this is how I imagine a wine produced according to traditional technology.”

Yerevan 782 BC by Armenia Wine Company

“Another wine that I would recommend trying is from the Armenia Wine Company, which is not a classic pomegranate wine, although it is no less interesting. A mixture of pomegranate and grape fruits may seem redundant, but this is only at first glance. In the Christian religion, both of them, because of their red juice, personified the blood of Christ. And in pre-Christian times, the cult of the Goddess Anahit leads to the fact that the sacred altar was washed with pomegranate juice.

In the proportion of 70/30 (pomegranate/grape), "complex" tannins are felt, as well as an aftertaste of cherries and currants.

We have also collected top 5 wines, who advise locals and tourists.

Berdashen from Stepanakert brandy factory

Connoisseurs of pomegranate wine love Berdashen for its light sourness and note that the taste of figs is felt along with pomegranate. And the aftertaste is dominated by oak and grassy shades.

Noyan Tapan from MAP Wine and Cognac Factory

This wine has a bright pomegranate taste due to the addition of fruit peels. The aftertaste is long, nutty. It goes well with meat.

Armenia by Armenia Wine

To create this wine, pomegranate and grape juice are mixed in half. The drink is not very sour, there is a taste of berries. The wine is refreshing and easy to drink.

Matevosyan by Matevosyan Wine

The pomegranates for this wine are ripened in the Syunik region. They are sweet and perfect for creating an alcoholic drink. The wine is very fragrant, bright, with a floral-honey smell. It is advised to serve it with cheese and fruit.

Ijevan from Ijevan brandy and wine factory

Buyers call it either perfect or unique. The wine is really refined, tart, with a rich taste of pomegranate and a long aftertaste.

Where to buy pomegranate wine?

To relax and try pomegranate wine is advised in such bars and restaurants:

In Vino

The bar is located on the so-called "bar" or "drunk" street of Yerevan at the address. Martiros Saryan, 6. Here is one of the richest selections of wine, and all guests are helped to choose drinks to their taste.


This bar is located next to In Vino - st. Martiros Saryan, d. 1. They arrange tastings, talk about the history of wine and also offer a wide range.

"Tavern Yerevan"

In the very center of Yerevan on the street. Amiryan, d. 1 there is a restaurant with national cuisine. And, judging by the reviews, here is one of the best homemade pomegranate wines. After tasting a drink from the Tavern, guests then try to find something similar in stores.

You can buy wine in chain stores, for example, in Yerevan City, the most popular in Yerevan, as well as in Nor Zovq, Tsiran or SAS. Read about Yerevan supermarkets in the article on link.

Pomegranate wine is an unusual product; to create it, winemakers experiment for a long time to achieve the perfect taste. In Armenia, you should definitely try the local pomegranate wine. We hope our tips will help you make your choice.

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Truth in wine - in pomegranate
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