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Housing for internally displaced persons

Housing for internally displaced persons

Assistance to internally displaced persons consists of many points, including the collection of food, hygiene products, medical care, and job offers. In this article we will list the initiatives known to us to provide housing to Artsakh residents. If you know of organizations or individuals who are ready to accommodate displaced people, leave your contacts in the comments.


  1. Registration of needs
  2. Help centers
  3. Large platforms
  4. Other initiatives

Registration of needs

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs registers all those entering Armenia from Artsakh on the portal https://rapidneeds.socservice.am/hayti-dimum. Using this service, the needs of citizens are recorded. You can indicate whether a person needs psychological help, food, hygiene products, clothing, household goods, office supplies, school supplies, etc. It is also noted where the migrant would prefer to live.

If you know Artsakh people are not yet registered on the platform, tell us about it. This will help you get the help you need.

Help centers

Territorial humanitarian centers have been opened in more than 60 communities of Armenia, and territorial centers of the Unified Social Service also operate. All addresses by marze are listed on the website https://irazekum.am/nkc and in the table https://irazekum.am/news/view/23. They provide accommodation, food and other needs. In addition, the Unified Social Service answers questions from displaced persons by calling the hotline 114.

Large platforms

List.am classifieds website has opened a section "For Artsakh people". In addition to work and various goods, it offers housing, and you can also leave a request yourself.

The platform has a similar operating system https://tikunq.am/hy. Those interested publish their offers, they immediately appear on the map so that displaced people can see housing, work, and goods in the selected region.

Other initiatives

Private initiative - people's table of free housing options for Artsakh residents. Addresses, number of places, contacts of owners and other comments are given. View – link. If you or someone you know is ready to provide apartments, houses or other accommodations, fill out the form link.

In the camp Hayordi in Anakavan they are now ready to accommodate two families of fallen heroes (from 2016 to the latest events, including the families of those killed in the explosion) or families of missing persons. Contact phone number: +374 98 306969. Benefactors also collect information about housing providers through a form link.

Meghri Development Foundation ready to resettle 15 families in the Meghri municipality, the villages of Nrnadzor and Shvanidzor. They will be provided with everything they need for everyday life, help to get a job and/or receive benefits. The Foundation has already started building houses for Artsakh residents.

Telegram channel @tun_artsakhahayutyany publishes advertisements for rent and free provision of apartments and houses for internally displaced persons. You can place your offer through a bot @tun_artsakhahayutyany_bot.

We wish that the people of Artsakh find their place in Armenia and settle here. If you can help with housing, please contact the initiatives listed above or write comments below this article.

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Housing for internally displaced persons
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