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Medicine in Armenia

Medicine in Armenia


1. What you need to know about medicine in Armenia?

2. How to get health insurance?

3. How to make an appointment with a doctor?

4. What documents are needed?

5. How much do medical services cost?

6. What are the medical centers?

7. What languages are spoken?

What you need to know about medicine in Armenia?

There are many good specialists and modern medical centers of general and special profile in Armenia. In 2018, there were 102 hospitals and 540 polyclinics and medical centers in the country. In our catalog you can check information about clinics and laboratories.

Citizens of the Republic of Armenia and holders of a residence permit receive free medical care in state polyclinics at their place of residence. However, not all services may be available there, plus you have to stand in lines, so many residents take out insurance or go to paid clinics.

Pregnancy management is paid even for residence permit holders. More about this in our article.

Non-residents are entitled emergency medical care (numbers 03, 103, 112 or 911). Centers also provide it for a fee. "Erebuni" (tel. 8119), "Armenia" (8103), "St. Grigor Lusavorich Medical Center" (8115). It should be noted that the bites of homeless animals, which are many in Armenia, also belong to emergency assistance. For a list of places to contact in this situation, see Yerevan Municipality website. If the facility of your choice does not have a vaccine, you will be referred to the right one. Emergency care does not include treatment of fractures.

We talked about how to call an ambulance for a child in FAQ.

It is also possible to get vaccinated with the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine for free.

How to get health insurance?

Other types of medical care for foreign citizens are paid: you need to take out insurance or pay for each visit to the doctor. Prices for medical insurance vary from AMD 10,000 (Liga Insurance) to AMD 630,000 (Ingo Armenia) per year, depending on the package of services and the sum insured.

The following companies are engaged in medical insurance in Armenia:

Repatriates can call or visit the office of the Repat Armenia organization, which provides assistance with relocation, including registration preferential insurance.

Read more about each in FAQ.

How to make an appointment with a doctor?

There are several ways:

  • in person at the clinic's reception desk;
  • by phone;
  • leaving a message in the messenger or on the website if you have insurance.

What documents are needed?

Required documents when visiting a doctor under an insurance policy:

  • identification;
  • social card (issued free of charge at the passport office at your place of residence / registration);
  • insurance policy.

If you did NOT take out health insurance, you only need to show your passport and pay for a visit to the doctor.

How much do medical services cost?

On average, a visit to a therapist will cost 6,000-9,000 AMD, and a visit to a doctor of a narrow specialty will cost from 8,000 to 15,000 AMD.

Payment is made at the medical facility's cash desk in cash or by card.

What are the medical centers?

It is most convenient to choose a polyclinic and a doctor on the website and

Also, medical centers, laboratories, doctors of various specialties are listed in our catalog.

What languages are spoken?

Consultations are carried out in Armenian, Russian or English.

Medical documentation is kept in Armenian, but most doctors also speak Russian, so at your request, the conclusion will be translated. If you plan to continue treatment in Russia, you will need a notarized translation of certificates received in Armenia.

We wish you good health!

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Medicine in Armenia
  • Gevorg
    30.04.2024 в 17:33

    Greetings! Please tell me which clinic is best to go to for gastrointestinal issues. On a permanent or full-time basis.
    Thank you !

  • Anastasia
    02.02.2024 в 03:29

    Please tell me which clinic I can go to if I am a citizen of the Russian Federation.

    • july9990
      07.03.2024 в 17:05

      You can go to any clinic and they will provide you with assistance for a fee.

  • Svetik Badalyan
    26.01.2024 в 18:29

    Please tell me where I can get the tube-quartz procedure

  • Arev
    31.10.2023 в 12:02

    I was at the Nairi Medical Center, all the doctors I contacted were good specialists. I'm happy with everything!

  • Svetlana
    17.09.2023 в 14:46

    Please tell me where in Yerevan I can get a medical examination for the traffic police?

    • july9990
      28.11.2023 в 13:36

      Medical examinations are carried out in any paid or public clinic. The list can be found in our catalog. But the certificate is only needed to obtain the rights of categories “C”, “D”, “T”, “CE”, “DE”, “C1”, “D1”, subcategories “C1E” and “D1E” for the first time. For other categories and subcategories, you will be asked to undergo a medical examination if there is a suspicion that you have a disease that interferes with driving.

  • Elena
    15.08.2023 в 08:01

    i live in estonia can i get medical care in yerevan for euro

    • Move2Armenia_support
      16.08.2023 в 10:36

      Good morning Elena! You can get medical care in Yerevan by exchanging euros for drams.

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