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Top 5 Laboratories in Yerevan

Top 5 Laboratories in Yerevan

Do you need to undergo an urgent examination? So, our selection is for you! You can register at a local clinic, get an appointment with a therapist, and get tested right there. But you will get faster results in local private laboratories. In addition, they often have a wider selection of analyzes and tests.

There are a huge number of such laboratories in Yerevan, but we have selected the best ones for you. All five centers are distinguished by their friendly attitude towards clients, high diagnostic accuracy, customer focus and the ability to send results by email immediately.


  1. Invitro
  2. PromTest
  3. DiaLab
  4. Ecosense
  5. Blood Cells



  • taking tests at home;
  • wide range of services;
  • many years of experience.

This laboratory has several branches in Armenia. It opens up wide diagnostic opportunities for local residents, more than 1,800 types of laboratory tests, modern technologies and methods for their implementation. 

The company has a good reputation in the international market and has been working in the field of medical research for over 20 years, systematically integrating it into the Armenian healthcare system.

Network phone: +374 60 651010

Branches in Yerevan:

  • Ave. Komitas, 7;
  • st. Bagratunyats, 16/144.



  • home visits are possible;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • high accuracy of research;
  • quick results.

Perhaps the best network of laboratories in Armenia. This is where doctors and patients first advise to go.

PromTest laboratories have been operating since 1998. They are famous for their well-functioning work, high professionalism and focus on the latest scientific achievements. If necessary, it is possible to call a specialist to collect materials at home.

Network phones:

  • 8599; 
  • +374 11 585858.

Branches in Yerevan:

  • st. Abovyan, 39;
  • st. Koghbatsi, 28;
  • Komitas Ave., 58/12.



  • it is possible to get medical advice on the spot;
  • insurance cooperation;
  • functional diagnostics using the latest equipment;
  • Possibility of taking tests without prior registration.

DiaLab laboratory is one of the largest private medical organizations in Armenia. The branches have the ability to carry out more than 500 types of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

Not every medical center can boast of the ability to receive patients without an appointment. The technical and personnel equipment of DiaLab allows visitors to simply enter the branch from the street and get an appointment from the live queue. But do not forget that you need to prepare in advance for taking some tests (do not eat, do not drink, etc.). Detailed information about a specific study can be obtained by phone.

Branches in Yerevan:

  • st. Mamikonyantsa, 41

Phones: +374 10 231329, +374 10 238080, +374 10 239799, +374 10 205220

  • st. Margaryan, 37

Phone Number: +374 11 238080

  • Avan, Isahakyan quarter, no. 1/4

Phone Number: +374 11 231329

  • Tigran Mets Ave., 29A, building 97

Phone Number: +374 11 248080



  • home visits are possible;
  • you can join the electronic queue through the early one application;
  • high quality equipment.  

This multidisciplinary laboratory has been operating since 2009. The company considers its priority to carry out laboratory research in accordance with international quality standards. The use of modern innovative technologies ensures high accuracy of results from DiaLab.

An important advantage is the ability to take a turn in advance through the mobile application early one.

At the moment, in addition to six branches in Yerevan, seven more branches operate in Armenia: in the cities of Kapan, Vanadzor, Ijevan, Gyumri, Hrazdan, Gavar and Martuni.

General network phone: 8676

Branches in Yerevan: 

  • Komitas Ave., 44

Phone Number: +374 60 561040

  • Gaya Ave., 19/27

Phone Number: +374 91 561072

  • st. Mantashyan, 26

Telephone: +374 12 561060

  • st. Mkhitara Heratsi, 5

Phone Number: + 374 10 561040

  • st. Pavstos Buzand, 53-55 (1)

Phone Number: +374 12 561050

Blood Cells


  • wide range of services; 
  • short periods of research;
  • the opportunity to receive medical advice.

BloodCells organization opened in 2012. Initially, it consisted of diagnostic laboratories and specialized medical offices. At the moment, it is a large network with modern instruments for automatic research, professional employees and qualified doctors.

Special working mechanisms and software make it possible to conduct research in a short time and with high accuracy.

In addition to tests, the Center can provide consultations with a gynecologist, venereologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, nutritionist, cosmetologist, as well as undergo an ultrasound examination and receive outpatient medical services.

Network phone: +374 60 501111

Branches in Yerevan:

  • st. Rubinyants, 2/5;
  • Mashtots Ave., 22;
  • Ave. Komitas, 44.

It has been proven that the success of treatment depends on the correct diagnosis on 70%. Be healthy and visit only proven laboratories! Share your experience of taking tests in Yerevan in the comments. Your openness will help other users make the right choice of laboratory.

And you will find even more laboratories in our catalog.

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Top 5 Laboratories in Yerevan
  • Sergey
    14.08.2023 в 03:49

    Common situation ). You can’t imagine how much I ran to the doctors for this reason)). Then there will be a kilometer of text, and there will be advice in general about medicine in Armenia. But let me tell you right now, I am by no means an expert.

    From the laboratories, I turn to the laboratory of the Center for Genetics, also to the ABMed laboratory (in theory, they have good equipment for performing infectious tests and for a complete blood count). If I remember correctly, the Arabkir Medical Center has a good machine for autoantibody and allergy tests (before the test, you can ask if this is done by the Phadia machine). It seems that the analysis of autoantibodies is still well done at the Nairi MC. Still, in theory, the Prom-Test laboratory is focused on PCR. And the device that meets the standards for conducting a PCR test for Covid is only in Clinical Hospital No. 1 (named after Heratsi) and in the NCDC laboratory (but NCDC seems to have a lot of false results, so many with obvious symptoms of Covid had a negative test).

    And those laboratories where I don’t particularly advise you to apply are: Dialab, EcoSense, Normed, BloodCells, the laboratory of the Mikaelyan Institute and the laboratory in Astghik MC.

    As for the subfebrile temperature, and I did not find a therapist about whom I would say that he is just an excellent therapist. But you can contact Nairi MC, as in general it is not a bad hospital. But if you need a pulmonologist, I turn to Professor Narimanyan, if you need a good rheumatologist, there is a good specialist - Osipyan (Magda Ashotovna), at Erebuni Medical Center, still in diag. Aghabekyan Center accepts patients (in “Aghabekyan” there is also one of the best Doppler / Duplex specialists - Agabekyan Ruzanna). There is an excellent vascular surgeon, at the Izmirlyan Medical Center (I don’t know exactly what kind of specialist he is in operations, but in diagnostics and treatment he is excellent) - Voskanyan (Vardan Sergeevich).

    Yes, everything is “scattered” in Armenia)).

    For example, the laboratory is not very good, but CT (Definidion Flash) and an ultrasound doctor (Khondkaryan Ruzanna) are very good at Astghik Medical Center, and cardiology is good there.

    And in the treatment of Covid, it seems that Manukyan (Lamara Ashotovna), in the Second Hospital, has the best statistics. With Covid, I especially don’t advise you to contact Erebuni MC (I think you shouldn’t go to Nairi MC either, since it’s almost a branch of Erebuni), they have some extremely unsuccessful treatment method there (based on real facts).

    In general, about clinics, I do not advise you to contact AltMed MC (but there is a good gastroenterologist - Yeganyan), NorMed MC, and especially Surb Grigor Lusavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) MC. Yes, and various private clinics such as Vardanants, Artmed, Medline, etc. I don't really trust.

    And so, as a family doctor, we often turn (by phone and online) to the therapist Hovhannisyan (Karina Tomikovna), at Lusmed Medical Center (in Gyumri). By the way, we also received treatment from her during Covid (again, remotely), she also has good statistics.

    It seems that everything, wrote everything that he remembered)).

    PS Still, of course, if you are a believer, you can turn to Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky), but, of course, I am by no means saying they will turn to the PLACE of hospitals and doctors.

    It seems that now, for sure, everything)).

  • Vitya
    01.02.2023 в 07:27

    Which laboratory is better to contact for a complete examination? Subfebrile temperature lasts for several months. The reason cannot be found.

    • Irina
      08.09.2023 в 17:33

      Vitya, my friend had such a fever, but it turned out that the tooth needed to be cured, there was either caries or a hidden infection.
      Unfortunately, I can’t recommend a dentist yet.

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