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Armenia: where to relax in nature in a calm and extreme way

Armenia: where to relax in nature in a calm and extreme way

Nature has generously gifted Armenia. Those who want to step away from the bustle of the city and enjoy the freshest air, the smell of which many have already forgotten, should definitely come here. On the territory of this mountainous country there are many national parks, state reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. 

Getting into them will not be difficult: over the past few years, tourist destinations have been actively expanding in Armenia, ecological trails are being laid, and new routes and excursions are being developed. We have compiled a list of the most interesting locations where you can recharge yourself with the energy of the Earth and splash out adrenaline in the lap of nature.


  1. Botanical Garden in Yerevan
  2. Yell Extreme Park
  3. Lastiver
  4. Ski resorts
    1. Tsaghkadzor
    2. Jermuk
    3. Sevan (Akhtamar)
  5. Alaverdi
  6. Reserves of Armenia
    1. Shikahoga State Forest
    2. Lake Arpi
    3. "Khosrov Forest"

Botanical Garden in Yerevan

Let's start our list with a location that is just a stone's throw from the center of Yerevan, in other words, 10 minutes by taxi. We are talking about the Botanical Garden - the most environmentally friendly location in the capital. The garden was laid out in 1935 and since then has been gradually replenished with new species of plants, trees and flowers.

The area of the facility is 90 hectares. The dendroflora of almost the entire planet is represented here - the Caucasus and Crimea, North America, Europe, Siberia and East Asia.

Wandering along the paths and paths, you feel a rich palette of aromas - more than 1,000 species of plants have been collected here. We recommend taking nuts with you - every minute you will hear the crunch of branches from endlessly jumping zealous squirrels, which you can feed by hand.


The entrance fee is 500 drams; for a fee you can visit the local greenhouse. It will not only delight you with its collection of plants, but also with its appearance - the structure looks like a glass alien ship. There are many benches and paths in the garden, so you can come here for a bike ride or for a picnic by the side of the road.


Yell Extreme Park

Yell Extreme Park is located 140 kilometers from Yerevan at the foot of the Yenokavan Mountains in the Tavush region. This is a real paradise for those who want to combine adrenaline and the ecological environment. 

The first point of the park is the zipline. It consists of five cable tracks: from 150 to 750 meters. As you descend at a speed of 80 km/h, the views are breathtaking. Unforgettable emotions and adrenaline are guaranteed.

It is worth noting that you can enjoy such a flight if three conditions are met - you are at least 150 cm tall, you do not weigh more than 100 kg and you are over 14 years old. And one more thing - you are ready to part with 16,000 drams. Also here you will be invited to see yourself during the flight from the outside. For 4,000 drams, a copter will dive next to you and capture genuine emotions. 

Another service of the park is a ride on a giant SUV through the highest mountains of Yenokavan. The KAMAZ can accommodate up to 19 people, but you can take a ride even if there are only four of you. Price – 8,000 drams per nose.

At Yell Extreme Park, you can also challenge yourself to conquer several rope park courses, walk with a carabiner along a hiking trail along a cliff, and spend the night in a local hotel with a delicious restaurant, wine terrace and bar.

The park is open every day from 10:45 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 9:45 to 19:00 on weekends.



You can escape from the city noise, everyday life and the rush of work in the gorge next to Yell Extreme Park called Lastiver. It is 100 meters deep and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. Here you can also find the Lastiver waterfall on the Khachakhbyur River, ancient caves and an unusual eco-hotel with tree houses.

The best way to get to the Lastiver Gorge is to drive to the village of Yenokavan, and from there make a three-kilometer forced march on foot. We advise you to make this journey on your own two feet, even if you are not used to walking a lot. The road to the gorge is so picturesque that you will only feel tired upon returning. Along the way there will be only rocks, a stormy river, lush forests and bird trills. You can also see eagles in the wild. On average, the Enokovan-Lastiver transition takes one and a half hours. An alternative for the lazy is to rent a jeep in the village or book a car excursion. 


Ski resorts

Armenia is a country of hills and steep descents. More than 90% of the territory is covered with mountains, and the average altitude above sea level exceeds one kilometer. For lovers of skis and their cousins - snowboards - there are several interesting places here. 


Tsaghkadzor is a chamber city and at the same time one of the most popular health resorts in Armenia. It is located 90 kilometers north of Yerevan in the Kotayk region. The tourism infrastructure here is very developed: there are many luxury hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

The Tsakhkadzor ski resort is located just above the city, at an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level. At the end of the 2000s, it was completely modernized, Soviet ski lifts were replaced, equipment rentals were opened, and ski instructors are hired every season. By the way, the season at the resort starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of March.

You can get a thrill here even if you have never skied and prefer to sit at a table. Poker. Tsaghkadzor is one of the cities (along with Jermuk and Sevan), where gambling is permitted. “Golden Palace Senator” and “Senator Royal” are among the most famous casinos in Armenia.



Jermuk is another popular ski resort. It is located 170 kilometers from the capital at an altitude of more than two kilometers. From here you can enjoy an incredible view of the legendary Ararat.

There are two ski slopes in Jermuk, one is for professionals, the other is flatter and designed for those who have not yet eaten enough snow. Both are about one and a half kilometers long. A two-seater mechanical chairlift takes people to the top.

There is a cafe right at the start. In the establishment you can warm up with hot drinks, eat a burger and potatoes or dishes of Armenian cuisine.

In addition to active pastime, the Jermuk resort provides guests with the opportunity to strengthen their immunity in one of the balneological sanatoriums. They operate on the basis of local mineral springs - so healthy that people come here from many countries around the world. Read more about the city in our article.


Sevan (Akhtamar)

The city of Sevan is primarily associated with the lake of the same name, where you can have an extremely good time in the summer. Where are the best beaches - they wrote here. In winter, when it’s chilly to swim, Sevan can offer the Akhtamar ski resort.

In terms of the level of development and equipment of the trails, this location is inferior to the resorts described above. However, the backlog is gradually closing thanks to generous cash injections from entrepreneurs.

There are several tracks in Akhtamar: a two-kilometer serpentine track, a one-and-a-half-kilometer “black” track for grated rolls, and a gentle, safe children’s descent. There are also virgin slopes suitable for freeride due to the lack of vegetation. There is a ski school for children, and there is also an equipment rental service.

A four-chair cable car with a capacity of 800 people per hour delivers guests to the starting point. It is valid daily, from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm. The season starts at the end of November and lasts until the beginning of June.

Travelers can stay in Sevan in one of the many hotels, hostels or private apartments. Those interested will be able to rent a separate house here for individual living or an entire comfortable cottage.



Another mountain town of Alaverdi has climbed to the north of the country near the border with Georgia. This place offers breathtaking nature, where on the hills the active traveler will find a whole collection of ancient monasteries and fortresses, which can be reached on foot, by jeep or on horseback. We have dedicated a lot to this significant place for Armenia. article.


Reserves of Armenia

If you want to see nothing at all, except for the delights of nature, then you should go to one of the nature reserves in Armenia. You forget about the bustle of the city already halfway there. It will take from one and a half to three hours to get to each place. 

Shikahoga State Forest

On the northern slopes of the Meghri Range at an altitude of 700—2 400 meters is located the Shikahogi (Shikaogsky) Nature Reserve. It was created in 1958 and covers an area of 10,000 hectares.

The untouched nature of Armenia with more than 1,000 plant species has been preserved here. Walking along the paths of the reserve, you will see alpine meadows with orchids, bluebells and tulips, lush hornbeam and oak forests and the Mtnadzor canyon.

The main object of protection of the Shikahoga Nature Reserve is the plant and animal communities of virgin oak-hornbeam forests growing at altitudes of 1,000–2,200 meters. There are yew and beech groves, as well as rare relict ferns that dinosaurs plucked.

Photo: Lana Mangasaryan

Lake Arpi

180 kilometers from Yerevan on the Ashotsk plateau in the extreme northwestern part of Armenia is the young national park “Lake Arpi”, named after the second largest body of water in the country. This area contains a huge variety of animals and plants. Many live only here. For example, the Dalmatian pelican, which can hiss and grunt, is not found anywhere else. People call this feathered comrade “baba” for the playful “curls” on the crown of her head.

In general, there is a great variety of birds here, so the place is chosen by the so-called birdwatchers - those who like to observe the life of winged birds.

The national park was created relatively recently - in 2009, so tourism here is only in its infancy, but now there are guest houses on the eastern shore of the lake, and a tourist center has been opened in the neighboring village of Mets Sepasar. True, getting here is not easy. There are no paved roads along the picturesque hills, so jeeps with high suspension are used.


"Khosrov Forest"

The country's oldest reserve occupies the historical territory of the Khosrov Forest. Back in the 4th century, this land was given the status of a hunting ground by King Khosrow. According to the chronicles, one of the branches of the Great Silk Road once passed through these regions.

Today the territory of the reserve is not so crowded, but you can find many historical sites - ruins of temples, fortresses, necropolises.

According to documents, the Khosrov Forest became a nature reserve during the Soviet period. A gigantic territory was allocated for it - more than 23 hectares. The rich vegetation can drive an allergy sufferer crazy: everything blooms and smells. Oaks, maples, junipers, rowan trees, almond trees and pink birches grow here.

The plants and trees represented on the territory of the reserve make up more than half of the entire list of flora of the country. Tourists and expeditions come here for the most beautiful waterfalls and views. The landscapes here are mostly mountainous: ridges, high plateaus, deep canyons and snowy peaks.

 “Khosrov Forest” is located just 30 kilometers from Yerevan. You can stay in hotels in a neighboring village Garni. There is also a campsite for those who like to sleep in a tent.


In Armenia you can relax in nature all year round. Choose a place and go. And we suggest doing it by car from Move2Car.

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Armenia: where to relax in nature in a calm and extreme way
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