Is there a sea in Armenia? All about beach holidays in Armenia

Is there a sea in Armenia? Almost. All about beach holidays in Armenia

Is there a sea in Armenia? Almost. All about beach holidays in Armenia

Armenia is a magnificent country for rest and life. Here are very hospitable people, unique nature with mountains and dense forests, hundreds of attractions, some of which are a couple of thousand years old. But, perhaps, any tourist sooner or later asks the question: “Is there a sea in Armenia?” Answer: “Che”, which is translated from Armenian as “No”. But not everything is so tragic. There are several places in the country where you can swim and lie on the beach. These locations will be discussed in this article.


  1. Lake Sevan
    1. Geghama Beach (for active recreation lovers)
    2. Beach Desire Coast (for athletes)
    3. Belaya Shorzha beach (for party-goers)
    4. Martuni Beach (free)
  2. Salt Lake
  3. City pools
  4. Georgian Sea

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan with an area of 1240 sq. kilometers easily replaces the sea for the Armenians. Resorts, water parks and other facilities have been built around the lake, which attract thousands of local residents and visitors to the country during the hot summer months. In July-August, the water temperature here rises to 25 degrees, so you can often see a picture typical of resorts in the Krasnodar region, when there are no free sun loungers on the beach.

Speaking of the latter. The coastal zone in many places is equipped for a pleasant pastime. People here sunbathe, play beach volleyball, walk around the neighborhood and watch the birds. The lake is located on the territory of the reserve of the same name and is home to 260 species of birds.

If you get hungry, you won't have to hunt for waders. Near the lake there are many restaurants and cafes where, in addition to traditional Armenian shish kebab, you can also eat unusual dishes: crayfish lula, Sevan ishkhan (trout), whitefish fried over a fire, homemade chanakh cheese. Goes well with this meal pomegranate wine.

Those who are going to Lake Sevan for the first time usually look at the map and are lost where exactly to go. Here are the top equipped beaches where you will definitely have a good time.

Photo: Nasser Ansari

Geghama Beach (for active recreation lovers)

This sandy beach is located in the northwestern part of the lake and offers its pavilions and cottages for a fee. There are usually a lot of young people here due to the variety of fun activities. You can ride on an inflatable banana, fly after the boat on a parachute or jump on a water trampoline to your heart's content.

The cost of entry to the beach area and the opportunity to use the pavilions is 5000 drams. If you want to spend the night by the water, a cottage by the shore will cost 35,000 drams for a one-bedroom house or 40,000 drams for a two-bedroom house. Prices vary depending on the season.


Beach Desire Coast (for athletes)

A well-maintained pebble beach in the North-Eastern part of Sevan near the village of Shorzha. Entrance with sun lounger rental will cost 1,000 drams. But, according to experienced reviews, there are not enough sun loungers for everyone in the summer season, so just in case, take beach towels and sunscreen with you. There is a restaurant next to the beach, so you won’t be allowed to die of hunger. For a reasonable fee.

Here you can rent a house for a cozy overnight stay. It costs from 30,000 to 35,000 drams. There is an option to rent a tent for 12,000 drams. Then, however, you will have to wash in a common shower. During peak season, be prepared to queue.

The place attracts water sports enthusiasts. Windsurfing, canoeing and kitesurfing are available here. In the evenings they sing songs and dance around the fire. So a good time is guaranteed. To avoid confusion, read our article about armenian dances.

Belaya Shorzha beach (for party-goers)

Clean sandy beach in the North-East of Sevan. The entrance fee with sun loungers varies between AMD 3,000-5,000 depending on the season. On the territory there are areas for playing volleyball and football, hammocks, sun loungers, a children's area, a restaurant. You can rent small houses in the nearby forest.

Party lovers take note. This beach is famous for hosting chic parties. In the summer, the best DJs from Armenia and Georgia are invited here.

Martuni Beach (free)

This free beach is located near the Armenian city Martuni in the south of the lake. Cleanliness is monitored by the local mayor's office, which periodically arranges general cleaning. The shore is sandy and without algae. It's nice to swim here, but you need to take a sun lounger, umbrella and towel with you. There is no service yet provided on the public beaches of Sevan.

You can get to Sevan either by your own car or taxi, or by on the bus or train. Follow the links and read the details.

Salt Lake

A wonderful natural area suddenly appeared on the territory of a former Soviet gypsum factory. Two small lakes are so salty that you can lie down with a newspaper in your hands. Not all locals know about this place, so we even filmed about it separate video. In the reed thickets, enthusiasts paved a path to a fresh spring, where after water procedures they can wash off the salt. The place is not equipped in any way except for one makeshift table. But if you really want to saturate your skin with useful salts, then spending an hour or two here will be just right.


City pools

For those who do not want to go far from Yerevan, and melting in the 40-degree heat is also not comme il faut, the city offers several locations where there are pools and everything connected with them. Most often they are located on the territory of hotels, but for a reasonable price you can take a day pass and just swim. Here is a list of such places:

  • The Pool
  • Paradise Pool
  • Vahagni Complex
  • Grand Hotel Yerevan
  • CAUCASUS Complex
  • Multi Grand Pharaon Hotel
  • Panorama Yerevan Resort
  • Best Western Congress Hotel
  • WaterWorld Waterpark

In neighboring Yerevan city of Ashtarak Emeran Complex arranges cool parties by the pool. We made a film about him video..

We also spoke in detail about the basins of Yerevan and Gyumri in this article.


Georgian Sea

If you want the real sea, then the closest from Armenia is the Black Sea. But for this you will have to go to neighboring Georgia. To the resort town of Batumi, the path will be 600 kilometers, about 11 hours by car or on the bus. You can travel by plane. And the last option is the railway. From the main station of Yerevan in the summer months and in September, trains run every other day to Batumi. Information available at SCR website.

Have a nice holiday by the water! And if you want to rent a car for a trip (even to Georgia), please contact Move2Car.

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Is there a sea in Armenia? Almost. All about beach holidays in Armenia
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