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Where to buy cheap fruits and vegetables in Armenia?

Where to buy cheap fruits and vegetables in Armenia?

Armenia is rich in tasty, juicy, and most importantly inexpensive fruits, berries and vegetables. In the summer, the stalls become more colorful and beautiful, and the price tag for guests of the country may seem ridiculous. But it is worth noting that even despite the attractive price in regular supermarkets, you can find even cheaper and juicier fruits and vegetables. The main thing is to know the right places. Today, based on personal experience, we will share with you a list of proven markets.


  1. GUM market
  2. Kayarani shuka market
  3. Komitas Market
  4. Malatya
  5. Counters at home

GUM market

Address: st. Movses Khorenatsi, 35
Mode works: 8:00-18:00
Tel.: +374 10 578441
No website
Payment Methods: cash / sometimes card

We can safely say that this is one of the most popular markets in Yerevan, where many sellers daily display fruits, vegetables, herbs, dried fruits, meat, fish (freshly caught from aquariums) and much more on their shelves.
We advise you not to stop right at the entrance: sellers will offer to come up to them and taste their nuts, berries, fruits, but this is more likely aimed at tourists; prices may be higher than the market average. It’s better to walk a little further, especially since they sell vegetables and herbs in the back.

Some sellers have a terminal for card payments, some may offer to pay for the purchase by transfer, but we recommend taking cash with you, since not everyone has this electronic option.

The market is very large, old, beautiful, with wonderful sellers who are ready to treat you for free, and maybe even feed you.

A few tips:

  1. It's common to bargain here, don't be shy.
  2. Consider your time, because a walk through the market is not a quick thing. You will have to walk around, find out prices and compare offers from different sellers.
  3. After 16:00 every day, behind the indoor market, another one opens - a street one. Various farmers come there and sell fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs directly from their gardens, including in bulk. It is open until approximately 20-21:00.

What are the prices on the market? *

Cucumbers (1 kg) – 500 AMD.

Tomatoes (1 kg) – 700 AMD

Sweet cherry (1 kg) – 3000 AMD

Peaches (1 kg) – 700 AMD

*prices are indicated at the time of writing the article (08/22/22). They may change depending on the time of year.

Kayarani shuka market

Address: Tigran Mets Ave., 86 (next to the train station)
Working mode: 8:00-20:00. Some traders arrive before 8:00.

Tel.: +374 10 572500
Website: facebook.com (low-active)

Payment Methods: Cash only

Previously, a large market was located at this address, but today only a corner with counters remains. It is located a five-minute walk from the David Sasunsky metro station, to the right of the train station. Despite the small area, the quality of the products here is no worse than in GUM. The product looks good, everything is fresh, homemade. It feels like it came straight from the garden and without any additives. The sellers will not lure you in, but they will always be happy to answer your questions.

A few tips:

  1. The best and cheapest way to get there is by metro. The fare costs 100 drams, you will need to get off at the “David Sasunsky” station ("Sasuntsi David"), then turn right at the passage and exit in front of the station entrance.
  2. There are parking spaces, most of them are free in the first half of the day.
  3. Expect that the choice of fruits and vegetables is small.
  4. The market is right on the street, so wash everything you buy thoroughly at home.

What are the prices on the market? *

Cucumbers (1 kg) – 300 AMD.

Tomatoes (1 kg) – 250 AMD

Sweet cherry (1 kg) – 2000 AMD

Peaches (1 kg) – 500 AMD

*prices are indicated at the time of writing the article (08/22/22). They may change depending on season. 

Komitas Market

Address: Komitas Ave., 53

Working mode: There is no official information anywhere, but on average in the city, markets are open from 8:00 to 18:00 (on Sat and Sun, many of them are also open, but may close closer to 16:00). They say that visiting farmers from villages sell until 8:00, and their prices are lower than those of locals.

No phone number or website.
Payment Methods: Cash only

This is the very market that will plunge you into the atmosphere of the USSR. A large building, old, authentic architecture, pleasant soft light from the windows and cute grandmothers with dried fruits. The scheme is the same as in GUM. Fruits and vegetables are located further, in the fresh air. Here you don’t even have to bargain, the farmers themselves kindly give you a discount on the desired product. There are not many people, so you can safely choose what you like and not rush anywhere.

Buyers note that, unfortunately, this market is less clean and well maintained inside than others.

A few tips:

  1. Take small bills with you. The flow of people is small, there may not be change.
  2. If you go around the main building on the left side, you will see a couple more tents with vegetables and fruits.
  3. It is better to get here by taxi. The nearest metro station “Druzhba” is a 40-minute walk away, a taxi from there will cost about 900-1,000 drams. There is no special parking, so finding a space with your car will be problematic. 

What are the prices on the market? *

Cucumbers (1 kg) – 400 AMD.

Tomatoes (1 kg) – 300 AMD

Sweet cherry (1 kg) – 2 300 drams.

Peaches (1 kg) – 600 AMD

*prices are indicated at the time of writing the article (08/22/22). They may change depending on season. 


Address: st. Svachyan, 27/16
Working mode: 9:00-19:00 (except Mon)

No phone number or website.
Payment Methods: Cash only

Large indoor market, local "second-hand store,” where you can find clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods and much more at low prices. There are also fruits and vegetables, but they are not so easy to find. Once you get there (it’s better to do this by car), you will see a park with a fountain, then stalls with carpets, then there will be a parking lot and the entrance to the clothing market. On the opposite side there is a hangar in which food products are located. Juicy, fresh, beautiful and incredibly tasty.

A few tips:

  1. If you purposefully came to this market, it is better to immediately take large bags. First, you might like some cool vintage items or souvenirs. Secondly, it will be easier to carry everything to the house. Small bags can tear, especially in hot weather.
  2. Be sure to bargain.

What are the prices on the market? *

Cucumbers (1 kg) – 500 AMD.

Tomatoes (1 kg) – 400 AMD

Sweet cherry (1 kg) – 3000 AMD

Peaches (1 kg) – 700 AMD

*prices are indicated at the time of writing the article (08/22/22). They may change depending on season. 

Photo: Skolkocom.ru

Counters at home

On the main streets and courtyards of Yerevan you have 100% seen shops where local farmers sell vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, etc. And if in the center in the stalls they can deliberately inflate the price, knowing that people will buy it anyway, then in some tent in the courtyard of residential areas you will find fresh food at an adequate price. Don't be afraid to buy fruits and vegetables this way, as sometimes they turn out to be much tastier than in the supermarket. Again, the price can be negotiated directly with the seller.

A few tips:

  1. Trust, but verify. If, after buying vegetables or fruits in a tent near the house, some stomach problems began, it is better to spend more time and go to the markets that we wrote about above.
  2. You can ask for a discount as a regular customer.
  3. If you see lines or a large number of local shoppers, then this is a good sign. The place is trusted.

What else is important to know?

There is one more piece of advice. If you have free time and desire, learn a couple of Armenian words that you will need to communicate in the market. Thus, sellers may well mistake you for a local and sell the goods even cheaper. Here is some of them: 

Բարեւ ձեզ (Barev dzez) - Hello.

Question: (Vorkan arzhe ayn?) - How much does it cost?

Ինձ պետք է մեկ (1) կիլոգրամ (Indz petk e mek (1) kilogram) – I need one (1) kilogram.

Շնորհակալություն / Մերսի (Shnorakalutyun / Mercy) - Thank you.

Ցտեսություն (Tstesutyun) - Goodbye.

You might also find it useful guide to Yerevan markets or shopping centers and various stores from our catalog.

Author: Daria Kirichenko.

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Where to buy cheap fruits and vegetables in Armenia?
  • Sergey
    03.02.2023 в 09:47

    Very good prices! But, the most important thing is the taste of real fresh products in the markets of Yerevan! We city dwellers have already forgotten their taste.

  • Lena
    01.02.2023 в 07:23

    Childhood memories - with my grandmother early in the morning to the collective farm market. What was not there! Mountains of fresh fruits: peaches, apricots, grapes... But the most interesting place was where they sold all living creatures.

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