Guide to the suburbs of Yerevan

Guide to the suburbs of Yerevan

Guide to the suburbs of Yerevan

We tell you where you can go for a short distance Yerevan and what to do in the suburbs of the capital.


  1. West (Zvartnots and Etchmiadzin)
  2. East (Garni and Geghard)
  3. South (Khor Virap)
  4. North-West (Oshakan and Saghmosavank)
  5. North (Abovyan, Arzni and Ptghni)

West (Zvartnots and Etchmiadzin)

On the western side of Yerevan, along Admiral Isakov and Yerevanyan streets, you can go towards the city of Vagharshapat, better known as Etchmiadzin. In the very center of the city is the Etchmiadzin monastery complex. Entrance to the territory is free. On the territory of the complex there is a cathedral with a patriarchal residence, the ruins of an ancient palace, a theological seminary, a concert hall and a museum. Entrance to the museum is paid.

Within 20 minutes from the capital is the ancient temple complex Zvartnots, it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the territory of the complex, you can walk around the square and see the ruins of the Zvartnots temple. Entrance to the complex is paid, at least 1500 AMD. Opening hours of the Zvartnots complex: 10:00–17:30 (Tue–Sat), 10:00–15:00 (Sun).

How to get there?

You can get to the temple and the city of Etchmiadzin from Yerevan on your own by taxi, the cost of the trip is about 1,500 drams, or by public transport, which travels from the Kilikia bus station. Buses No. 202 and No. 302. The maximum travel time is 30-40 minutes.

East (Garni and Geghard)

Going east from the city, you can visit the pagan temple of Garni. After 30-40 minutes of the trip, you find yourself in the village of Garni. In its vicinity there are sights that can be seen in one day. These are the temple of Garni itself, the basalt columns "Symphony of Stones", the cave monastery of Geghard and the Azat reservoir.  

Garni Temple was built in the 1st century. n. e. by the Armenian king Trdat I. It (the temple) was destroyed after several earthquakes and restored only in Soviet times. The entrance fee to Garni is AMD 1,200 (visiting after 18:00 is more expensive - AMD 1,500). Admission is free every last Saturday of the month. Opening hours from May to November: 09:00–22:00 (Tue–Sat); 09:00–15:00 (Sun)

Geghard Monastery is a complex with several churches and a cave. The main church is carved into the rocks, beautiful carvings are visible on the walls. The monastery is one of the most visited places in Armenia. Entrance to Geghard is free. The Symphony of Stones is located nearby, right next to the Garni Gorge.

The last point of the route in this direction is the Azat reservoir, which is located south of all the above locations. Built on the Azat River, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The water is used to irrigate the fields of the Ararat valley. Today, landscapes near the reservoir are a favorite place for photo shoots and walks.

How to get there?

The best way to get to each of these locations is by transfer for 1,500-2,000 AMD. By taxi, the trip will cost more than 5,000 AMD. Important: there is no public transport from Garni to Geghard Monastery. The only alternative is bus number 284 to the village of Goght, from where it is another 4 km to the monastery.

South (Khor Virap)

Moving south from Yerevan, you can drive to the ancient monastery of Khor Virap.
The name translates as “deep dungeon.” Previously, there was an underground prison in which King Trdat III kept Gregory the Illuminator. Later, on the site of the underground prison, a monastery was built with the tower of St. Gregory and the Church of Our Lady. From the territory of the monastery there is a magnificent view of Mount Ararat.

How to get there?

Near the metro station "Sasuntsi David" there is a bus station of the same name, from where buses leave for Khor Virap. The fare is 400 AMD. The bus stops on the highway, from where it takes 10-15 minutes to walk to the temple. The visit to the monastery is free.

North-West (Artashavan and Saghmosavank)

Not far from Yerevan, in the village of Artashavan, there is an interesting attraction — - the alley of letters or a monument to the Armenian alphabet. The alley has 39 letters made of tuff and figures of great Armenian enlighteners, including the creator of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots. The composition is located on the territory from which there are views of the highest mountain in Armenia — Aragats, as well as Ararat and Mount Ara.

Saghmosavank Monastery is located near the monument to the Armenian alphabet. The temple complex was one of the richest and most famous spiritual centers of medieval Armenia. It consists of four main structures adjacent to each other: the churches of St. Sion, a book depository and a large narthex.

How to get there?

In Yerevan, you need to get to the Shirak stop. Minibuses go to Artashavan every half an hour: No. 355, No. 356, No. 382, No. 403, No. 406, No. 409, No. 411, No. 415, No. 419, No. 420, No. 434, No. 443, No. 444, No. 549, No. 702 and buses: No. 354, No. 528.

North (Abovyan, Arzni and Ptghni)

Within 20 minutes from Yerevan, you can visit several villages and cities. Arzni in Soviet times was a very popular place for recreation. Local healing waters are rich in carbon dioxide and mineral elements, they are used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases, as well as for general wellness procedures. 

The city of Abovyan is the largest of the closest to Yerevan. There, tourists visit the temple of St. Hovhannes and just walk around a less noisy city with clean air.

In the village of Ptghni there is a domed temple Ptgnavank, built presumably in the middle of the 7th century. Few people know about this temple, the more interesting it is to come to a small Armenian village and go to the church.

How to get there?

From Yerevan to Abovyan can be reached in just 20 minutes. There are at least two bus routes: No. 259 and No. 261.

Travel with pleasure, do not stop at one capital and discover different corners and sides of Armenia.

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Guide to the suburbs of Yerevan
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