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The city of Hrazdan in Armenia: what to see in Hrazdan, what is famous for and how to get there

The city of Hrazdan in Armenia: what to see in Hrazdan, what is famous for and how to get there

If you have been to Yerevan, then perhaps the name Hrazdan is associated with the stadium and the weekend market. Or maybe with a river flowing in the Hrazdan Gorge. This river runs further to the northeast and the city is named after it. We will tell about it.


  1. History of the city of Hrazdan: past and present
  2. How to get to the city?
  3. Things to do in and around Hrazdan

History of the city of Hrazdan: past and present

The city of Hrazdan, as we know it now, did not exist until the 20th century. There were several scattered settlements on this territory, which have been known since the 1st century BC. AD The region passed under the rule of the Armenians, then the Persians, was attacked by the Seljuk Turks and the Mongols.

In the southern part of modern Hrazdan, there was the village of Akhta or Nerin Akhta. In 1959, it was included in the Hrazdan urban-type settlement. The name of the village was given by the river flowing from north to south. Interestingly, Frazdan is a Middle Persian name, and it is associated with the mythology of fire worshipers. It is amazing how this name has survived through the centuries.

In 1963, several more surrounding villages joined the settlement, and it grew into a city. It was actively built up and sought to be made one of the largest cities in the Armenian SSR.

Now Hrazdan is the administrative center of the Kotayk region. It was and remains an industrial city. The location near the mountains contributed to the discovery of the Hrazdan iron ore deposit. There are also factories: cement, machine-tool and for the production of metal structures. In the Soviet years, the Aghpyurak reservoir was created on the Hrazdan River. This made it possible to build the Argel hydroelectric power station and the most powerful thermal power station in Armenia. Energy is also obtained with the help of the sun: in 2017, the first commercial solar power plant (solar station) in Armenia appeared in the neighboring city of Tsaghkadzor.

In total, there are four free economic zones (FEZ) in Armenia - territories with favorable conditions for entrepreneurs. The youngest of them, ECOS SEZ, opened in 2018 in Hrazdan. Its goal is to attract IT companies, including those working with blockchain technologies. Thus, Hrazdan claims to be not only an industrial city, but also a center of modern technologies.

Tourists also come to Hrazdan. They rest on the Hrazdan and Tsovinar lakes or stop here to go further to the ski resort of Tsakhkadzor or to the Armenian Sea - Lake Sevan.

Hrazdan is one of the rainiest cities in Armenia. But the weather compensates for heavy rainfall - in the hot month of August, the average maximum is 23 ° C.

How to get to the city?

The city of Hrazdan is located 50 km from capital Cities. This distance can be overcome by public transport. From the stop at the Yeritasardakan metro station, a fixed-route taxi No. 270 runs. The journey takes approximately one hour. By the way, upon arrival in Hrazdan, pay attention to the bus station - this is a great example of Armenian modernism.

Also, from Friday to Sunday, you can get to Hrazdan by train Yerevan - Shorzha - Yerevan. It takes about two hours, the fare is 700-800 AMD.

It is convenient to rent a car at Move2Car. The rental price for a day starts from 12,000 drams.

If you have any questions about your trip to the city of Hrazdan, write to support @move2armenia_official. They know everything about life in Armenia.

Things to do in and around Hrazdan

Take a walk by the ponds

The main resting place for both Hrazdan residents and tourists is the Aghpyurak reservoir, which consists of lakes Hrazdan and Tsovinar. The last name is found more than once in the city. So, a beautiful view of the lakes opens from restaurant "Tsovinar"created by the architect Rafael Israelyan. According to the idea of the master, the foundation of the restaurant repeats the local landscape and resembles an unhewn rock. From the balcony you can see the reservoir and statue, which is also popularly called Tsovinar. And initially it was called "Long live the blue and clear sky!" This monument was erected in 1985 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. It depicts a girl emerging from the water. But the current name is also great, because Tsovinar is the goddess of water, sea and rain.

Walk in the parks

closest to the lakes a park also named Tsovinar. It has a memorial dedicated to the participants of the Great Patriotic War, as well as a sundial. Charles Aznavour Park or simply the city park resembles rather a grove due to the number of trees. It's good for picnics. 

Visit the museum and gallery

Near the grove is Hrazdan Art Gallery - branch of the National Gallery of Armenia. Art objects of the latest times are exhibited there, for example, the works of Paravon Mirzoyan, Hovhannes Sharambeyan and Lusik Aguletsi.

Across the house from the gallery is open Hrazdan Museum of Local Lore. The exposition is divided into four parts: archaeological, medieval, ethnographic and new and latest. It also hosts temporary exhibitions and historical lectures.

Explore the Makravank Monastery

To begin with, we note that there are ancient churches in Hrazdan, for example, Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) XVIII-XIX centuries. in Kaqavadzor district, St. Stepanos in Aghpyurak X-XII centuries. However, they suffered greatly from time to time, only destroyed walls remained from them. And here Makravank monastery complex X-XIII centuries well preserved. It consists of the churches of the Holy Mother of God and the Holy Savior, a medieval cemetery with many khachkars (cross-stones). Don't miss - several of them are set higher on the hill. From this height, both the Makravan district and the multi-storey buildings of the center of Hrazdan are visible.

Go to Tsaghkadzor

The city of Tsakhkadzor is located 8 km from Hrazdan. This is the most famous and largest ski resort in Armenia With 15 tracks. But the city is known for more than just skating. Here it is house-museum of brothers Orbeli - outstanding Soviet scientists. The exposition is thematically divided into memorial and scientific and educational parts. The museum is proud of the large library of the Orbeli brothers.

Another attraction for tourists is Kecharis Monastery XI-XIII centuries It is impressive that four churches, two chapels, a frontier and a cemetery with khachkars have survived to this day. The Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator is the cathedral church of the bishop of the Kotayk diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Go to Lake Sevan

Just a 30-minute drive from Hrazdan is the largest lake in the Caucasus - Sevan. It is good to walk here, you can swim or even go diving. And the cultural program includes a visit Sevanavank monastery. The ascent to it is worth all the effort: a picturesque view of the lake opens from the height of the hill. Also from here you will see House of Creativity of the Writers' Union, it is considered a masterpiece of the avant-garde of the XX century. The dining room building is constructed in such a way that it seems to float above the rocks.

If you are interested in a holiday in Sevan, then consider a few more cities where you can stay: Gavar, Martuni or Vardenis.

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The city of Hrazdan in Armenia: what to see in Hrazdan, what is famous for and how to get there
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