Masis city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there

Masis city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there

Masis city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there

Masis is a quiet and calm small town, but there is something to pay attention to here. People come here to look at Mount Ararat. From almost every point of the city, its peaks are visible - Small and Big Ararat. They are called Sis and Masis in Armenia.


  1. History of the city of Masis
  2. How to get to the city?
  3. Places of interest

History of the city of Masis

The area near the Hrazdan River, not far from the mountain range, is a suitable place to settle. And since the end of the XVII century. the first villages appeared here: Zangibasar, Narimanlu and Ulukhanlu. Mostly they were inhabited by the Turkic-speaking population. After the Russian-Persian war, Armenians and Russians were added. In Soviet times - in 1953 - the villages were united, so the village of Hrazdan appeared.

As we said, the top point of Ararat is called Masis. So it was named in his honor by King Amasia, the great-grandson of Patriarch Hayk, the founder of Armenia. And its current name associated with the mountain, the village of Masis received in 1969. It became a city in 1995.

Now the inhabitants of Masis are engaged in industry and agriculture. In the western part of the city there is a separate industrial zone: a metallurgical and paper mills, a tobacco factory and other enterprises operate. Breed bees, grow tobacco.

Summer here is hot and dry, the temperature reaches +35 °C. Winter is short, but there is snow, frosts down to -6 - -12 °C.

How to get to the city?

Masis is located 16 km from Yerevan in Ararat region. The journey from the center of the capital by car will take about half an hour. You can rent a car in Move2Car. The bus departs from the Southern Bus Station (Sevana St., 93/1) and also takes half an hour.

Masis is an important railway station, through which goods are delivered to Yerevan. Passenger train Yerevan-Araks-Yerevan departs from the main railway station of Yerevan and reaches Masis in 16 minutes.

If you have any questions while planning your trip, please ask our support team @move2armenia_official.

Places of interest


As already mentioned, Masis is a small town, there are not many sights here. But it can also impress travelers. It is worth coming to Masis to look at Ararat. Although the mountain is located in modern Turkey, it is considered sacred in Armenia. It was to her that Noah's Ark landed. You can admire its snow-capped peaks of Sis and Masis for a long time.

Churches of Saint Gevorg and Saint Thaddeus

For most of the existence of Masis, its population was Muslim. The first Christian church - St. Gevorg (Surb Gevorg) was consecrated in 2009 and is located near the city cemetery. The church of St. Thaddeus (Tadevos) was founded in 1991, it was consecrated in 2015. It is located near the central square of Masis, a khachkar in memory of the victims of the Armenian genocide was installed on its territory. Across the road, in the park, there is a monument dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

If you are interested in learning about Armenian cities, we offer a few more articles from our cycle: material about Ararat, Byrd, Gavar. Follow the updates in the section "Tourism" - there will be even more places. Tell us in the comments, have you been to Masis?

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Masis city in Armenia: what to see and how to get there
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