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How Russians can open an IP in Armenia

How Russians can open an IP in Armenia

1. First of all, you need to make a notarized translation of a Russian or foreign passport into Armenian - this is, in general, the only document that a foreigner needs in Armenia to register an individual entrepreneur.

2. With a translation of your passport certified by a notary, you can safely go to the state register of legal entities. The head office is located in Yerevan in the Arabkir district on Komitas Avenue, 49/3. The register is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, break from 14:00 to 15:00. You can find out the addresses of other branches on the territory of Armenia by calling the department for coordination of territorial service offices: +374 10 201446

3. In the register, the first thing you need to do is find a terminal to get a ticket. In the terminal, you select the desired language and take a coupon for registering a legal entity. After that, wait until your turn comes: the number from the coupon will be displayed on the scoreboard. Then you go to the right window and tell the employee that you want to register an IP.

4. The employee will ask for your passport and its notarized translation and ask questions about what you plan to do as part of a legal entity. The employee will listen to you and select a code that is relevant to your activity. You will also be asked for the address at which legal activities will be carried out (you can give any - even the address of the hotel where you are staying - it does not matter).

5. The employee will give you a receipt for payment of the fee at the terminal. You will see it in the hall - it is an EasyPay payment machine. And pay the state duty in the amount of AMD 3,200; if anything, the staff will help you choose the right service. It is best to have the amount without change, so take change, as the terminal does not give change. But there is also a life hack! For example, if you only have a banknote of 5,000 AMD with you, the remaining 1,800 AMD can be transferred to a phone number.

6. After paying the fee, you return with a receipt to the employee, and there you will be given an extract on the registration of an individual entrepreneur in Armenian. It must be checked for factual errors and typos.

Congratulations! You have received your first achievement on the exciting path of an Armenian entrepreneur.

What's next? It all depends on the type of activity: everyone has their own path and priority tasks.

What else is important not to forget to do?

  • You will have to get a cash register: if you plan to sell something to individuals for cash - it doesn’t matter if it’s beaded baubles or psychological consultations - you can’t do without a cash register.
  • If payment for your services is carried out exclusively by bank transfer, then you can receive money to a legal account and you will not need a cash desk.
  • Social number It is not required to register as an individual entrepreneur, but it will definitely come in handy later. For example, when will you open a bank account for a legal entity.
  • After registering an individual entrepreneur, you can open an account for a legal entity in a bank.
  • You can study the register with types of activities at website of the RA Statistical Committee, however, information about the types of activities there is presented only in Armenian.

The article was written with the help and support of Lilit Sahakyan, Master of Laws of Moscow State Law Academy, practicing lawyer of our partner project is hiring a lawyer.

If you have any questions about opening an individual entrepreneur in Armenia, write to our support team @move2armenia_official.

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How Russians can open an IP in Armenia
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