Goris city in Armenia: what to see in Goris, what is famous for and how to get there

Goris city and its mountain skylines

Goris city and its mountain skylines

Goris, also known as Kores, Gorayk, Goristsa, is a city 254 km from Yerevan with a population of about 22,000 people. The name of the settlement has changed many times, but regardless of the spelling, it has always been translated as "Rocky Place". Perhaps you can’t pick a more accurate name - the city is located in a mountain valley and is surrounded by dozens of mysterious caves and bizarre rocks. Breathtaking views, clean air and calm atmosphere make Goris an ideal place for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Yerevan and spend time in peace and tranquility.


  1. How to get to Goris from Yerevan
  2. What to see in Goris: TOP-5 places
    1. Goris himself
    2. Cave town Khndzoresk
    3. Tatev Armenian Monastery
    4. Ropeway "Wings of Tatev"
    5. Satan's bridge and mineral springs
  3. conclusions

Goris offers guests not only peace and tranquility, but also a large number of unique sights. Whatever one may say, this territory was inhabited by our ancestors during the Stone Age, and the first written mention dates back to the 8th century BC. A rich Armenian cultural heritage is concentrated in Goris. Here they create traditional musical instruments, weave bright carpets, and every August they organize a mulberry festival, where, in addition to berries, you can try Karahunj, a home-distilled mulberry vodka known throughout the country. Read about the most delicious strong drinks in Armenia in our article.

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How to get to Goris from Yerevan

The most convenient way is to drive your own or rented car. We offer you to rent a car from our partners Move2Car. Travel time to Goris is approximately four hours.

Without your own car, you can get there by taxi or minibus.

A taxi will take you in a breeze from Republic Square to the center of Goris for 25,000 drams.

The minibus will be less comfortable, but a much cheaper solution - 2500 drams. On the way - 5 hours. Departure from Sasuntsi David station. You can leave daily at 09:00 and 15:00. We recommend that you book a seat in advance by calling the control room: 077 99 06 69. Call at least a day before the trip.

If you can resist the temptation to stay in wonderful Goris forever, then you will need information on how to return back to Yerevan with its wonderful attractions. Departure to the capital of Armenia from Goris takes place from the same station. Minibuses also depart at 09:00 and 15:00. To make sure and book a seat, call the dispatcher on 077 04 04 14.

If you have any questions while planning your trip, please contact our support team. @move2armenia_official, and they will definitely help you.

What to see in Goris: TOP-5 places

1) Goris himself

Goris looks different than other Armenian cities. First of all, due to the fact that the vast majority of buildings here are built not from the usual tufa, but from stone. Grab your camera and slowly walk through the local streets. All the charm is in the details. On the way you will meet carved wooden balconies, artsy signs on the gates and extremely colorful locals. Smoothly moving around the city, climb higher into the mountains. Here you will find breathtaking views of rocks of various shapes - there is room for fantasy to roam.

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2) Cave town Khndzoresk

The environs of Goris are famous for numerous complexes of inhabited caves. Due to the proximity of hostile neighbors (Turks and Persians), the inhabitants of these places often chose cave romance instead of comfort on the plains. How to be a good neighbor in Yerevan wrote here.

Shelters are interesting because they are located at a height. It was possible to get home only with the help of makeshift elevators - often just ropes that were tied to thresholds. So it was easier to get rid of uninvited guests.

At one time, Khndzoresk was the largest settlement in Eastern Armenia. In 1913, 1,800 houses and even seven schools were hollowed out in the vertical city. In the Soviet years, all residents were relocated to more familiar conditions, and excursions began to be led to Khndzoresk.

True, in order to see the unique city, the faint of heart will have to close their eyes and overcome two hundred meters along a suspension bridge over the gorge. But it's worth it.

Photo: Lio Voo

3) Tatev Armenian Monastery

An hour's drive from Goris towards Yerevan, on the edge of a cliff above the picturesque gorge of the Javarkhan River, is the Tatev monastery complex of the late 9th century. For centuries, this place remained the spiritual center of medieval Armenia.

 What do Armenians confess?

In the 10th century, it had about a thousand inhabitants and was the largest among the 48 monasteries of the Syunik kingdom. The monastery survived a large number of raids by the Persians and Turks, but suffered the most during the 1931 earthquake. Now the temple has been restored and is open to tourists.

Inside the building there is twilight and special peace. The monastery has a large number of secret passages and vaults, so the place will be interesting not only for pilgrims, but also for lovers of secrets and mysterious theories. Guests can walk around the territory, visit an oil press, cells, a refectory in the rock, as well as see the most beautiful mountain ranges from the walls of the complex. 

Photo: Vladimir Konoplev

4) Cable car "Wings of Tatev"

In 2010, in order to make it more convenient for tourists to get to the monastery, a reversible cable car was extended to Tatev. Yes, they were so carried away that it became the longest in the world. The length of the route is almost six kilometers, the cabins travel at an altitude of 320 meters, and the travel time one way is 15 minutes. There is, however, one drawback. Only two trailers run on the cable car, so sometimes you have to wait for your turn for about an hour.

This smallness is compensated by free Wi-Fi at the departure station and more than - the views from the trailers. On the way, a view of Ararat, the Karahunj megalithic complex, the Khor Virap Monastery and the famous village of Areni with its fortresses, necropolises and the oldest winery in the world opens up.

Opening hours of the Wings of Tatev cable car: from 9:00 to 19:45 (Tue-Sun, Mon - day off).

Prices: from March to November - 7,000 AMD round-trip. December-February - 5000 AMD.

More information - at official website

Photo: Gevorg Avetisyan

5) Satan's bridge and mineral springs

Satan's Bridge or Devil's Bridge - such a "romantic" name was given to the natural arch along which the Goris-Tatev highway passes. This natural bridge is 30 meters long and 50-60 meters wide. The place is interesting in that mineral water flows right from the cracks in the rocks. Over the centuries, iron-rich mineral water has painted the walls of the Vorotan Canyon in pink and emerald colors.

The Devil's Bridge is decorated with huge stalactites that hang down along the edges. You can admire all this splendor while lying in natural baths, which were formed from a constant flow. Be sure to bring your swimming trunks, but don't expect the water to be hot. The temperature in summer is about 21 degrees. On a hot day, it will definitely be nice to freshen up.

Some travelers say that a local resident lives at the springs, always ready to show the “secret path” to the riverbed. Those who wish can go down the vertical wall and the metal cable and see the "secret" stalactites and another source.

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A trip to Goris will definitely not disappoint travelers. The place and its surroundings offer a lot of interesting sights. In the city itself, there are several dozen guest houses and mini-hotels where you can stay for a couple of nights. The only downside is the relative remoteness of the location. We would advise you to go on a trip to Goris as part of an excursion or on a rented car. So you can see the most picturesque places that lie outside the main routes. 

If you have already visited Goris and are looking for where to go again, you can always ask for help from online guide from the Move2Armenia portal. It contains all the most interesting things about the suburbs of Yerevan.

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Goris city and its mountain skylines
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