Armenian matsun: everything you wanted to know and weren't afraid to ask

Armenian matsun: everything you wanted to know and weren't afraid to ask

Armenian matsun: everything you wanted to know and weren't afraid to ask

It is known for certain that the Armenians used matsun as early as the 11th century, and probably even earlier. A jar of matsuna is kept in the refrigerator by both a lover of delicious food and a person who cares about their appearance. What is matsun and, as they say, what is it with? We tell.


  1. What is matsun?
  2. What is matsun used for?
  3. Where to buy and how much?

What is matsun?

Matsun is considered an original Armenian fermented milk product. It translates as sour. Previously, cow's milk was most often used for cooking. Yogurt was added to it, and better, if there were, the remains of the past matsun. Then they kept warm for several hours, transferred to a cold place, after which the product ripened perfectly.

The process of making matsun at home has changed little. It was influenced only by the development of technology. So, now milk with a special starter or a spoonful of matsun / sour cream is sometimes placed in the oven or slow cooker so that the mixture is infused there at a stable 50 ° C.

Looking at the composition of store-bought matsun, we will see normalized or whole cow's milk and starter for matsun. Some manufacturers add additional bifidobacteria and, accordingly, call the product biomatsun.

Matsun has a delicate creamy texture, it is sour, but at the same time with a sweet note. It contains vitamins of groups A, B, C, H, PP and trace elements: primarily calcium, as well as iron and phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

We all write: matsun yes matsun. But what about yogurt? The word "matsoni" began to be called the product in Georgia, where it also came to taste. Some culinary experts argue that the difference is not only in the name. They say that the neighbors have slightly adapted the Armenian product: yoghurt is more fatty and sour than yoghurt, its consistency is denser, it contains more protein.

What is matsun used for?

As you now know, matsun is rich in vitamins and microelements, which means that it is useful to use it. It normalizes bowel function, promotes muscle growth, strengthens hair, nails and bones, cleanses the body of toxins, etc. Beauty gurus even make matsun masks to improve facial skin.

Spas soup is made from matsun, tan and okroshka drinks are prepared. On the basis of matsun, they make sauce for dolma: you just need to add garlic (these dishes were discussed in another article). Matsun is part of the Georgian khachapuri. There are lovers of desserts with a fermented milk product. To taste put fruits, berries or jam, nuts and dried fruits to it.

Where to buy and how much?

Matsun is so loved that in supermarkets it occupies several shelves at once. The most popular chain store in Yerevan, YerevanCity, exhibited products from 17 manufacturers:

  • "Ani";
  • "Arzni Kat";
  • "Ashtarak Kat";
  • "Biokat";
  • "Bonilat";
  • "Viva";
  • "Dili";
  • Yeremyan Products;
  • "Kateni";
  • "Marianne";
  • "Marila";
  • "Mer Yerkri";
  • "Milko";
  • "Peta Pharm";
  • "Tamara";
  • "Chanakh";
  • "Echmiadzin Kat".

Let's see prices for matsun in Yerevan City.

450 g unstrained matsun cheapest purchase from the Bonilat company - 325 drams per jar 0.5%.

Yeremyan Products has the most expensive 450 g of the product - 600 AMD, but the fat content is 3.6%. Probably, the price is affected by packaging - a glass jar.

An unusual matsun is produced by Echmiadzin Kat: it is based on buffalo milk, and the fat content is as much as 8%. The price for 470 g is 695 AMD.

Your author prefers Ani products, as, judging by the empty shelf, do the buyers in the Rio shopping center. It has a pleasant uniform texture, a bright but not too salty taste and an affordable price: 385 drams for 450 g of matsun 3.2%.

Compare prices in different supermarkets on the example of this product.

Supermarket Price
Yerevan City 385 AMD
Zovq 385 AMD
Gurmenia 420 AMD
Parma 400 AMD
Tsiran 380 AMD 410 AMD

You can choose a real estate agent from the FAQ article we talked about 10 Yerevan supermarkets, compared prices and deliveries. And in our catalog there is a list variety of supermarkets.

So, Armenian matsun is a healthy and tasty product that has many uses. Try it yourself, and in the comments tell us how do you like this Armenian wealth, and which manufacturer is better?

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Armenian matsun: everything you wanted to know and weren't afraid to ask
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