More than 6,000 people visited Move2Armenia Market on March 18-19 - Move2Armenia

More than 6,000 people visited Move2Armenia Market on March 18-19

More than 6,000 people visited Move2Armenia Market on March 18-19

Move2Armenia Market was held last weekend in the very center of Yerevan, on the veranda of the Seasons Cafe. More than 100 brands took part in the market, among which one could meet both small local productions and large projects, local and visiting, young and time-tested. Most of the participants are local, a little less are entrepreneurs-relocators and repatriates.

Move2Armenia Market has turned from a fair of local brands into a significant city event, which was attended by more than 6,000 people in two days. The flow of visitors did not stop even cloudy and rainy weather on Sunday. The guests were able not only to see thousands of products in one place and buy the ones they liked - stylish clothes and jewelry, ceramics and decor items, natural cosmetics and unique hand-made candles, but also to have a good time. Both days, the DJ booth was replaced by DJs who delighted the audience with popular and rare tracks - it was not easy to resist dancing!

For the first time in Yerevan, a children's market zone was set up: more than forty small entrepreneurs sold crafts and drawings, unnecessary toys and books on weekends.

For those who like to spend time usefully, a workshop area was organized: painting with acrylic and wine, weaving chokers and stencil collage, knitting from plush and jute, the basics of tattoo art and clay modeling.

At the Move2Armenia counters, qualified employees communicated with visitors and tried to promptly help with the solution of those problems that invariably arise for those who have recently arrived in Armenia. And lawyers from Move2Armenia Consulting answered legal questions.

The guests were happy to try the food at the food court, because there was something to stand in line for: pinsa with a crispy crust from Pinsa Yerevan, hot dogs with natural sausages from Dokki, juicy Table for Friends burgers, La Madeleine gourmet desserts, healthy Life Food dishes and unusual breakfasts Barev Cafe, invigorating HAYK coffee, original tinctures from the Druzhba glasshouse and Anapak Ashtarak distillates, refreshing Dilijan beer and Palanjyan wine berry machar.

Move2Armenia Market was announced as a dog-friendly territory, so at the weekend the Seasons Cafe veranda became a point of attraction for cute four-legged animals from all over Yerevan.

The next Move2Armenia Market will take place in June 2023.

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More than 6,000 people visited Move2Armenia Market on March 18-19
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