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What to do in Yerevan from December 30 to January 1

What to do in Yerevan from December 30 to January 1



Artsakh support evening at Mama Jan

The Mama Jan cafe will host a charity event "Postcard in Artsakh" - a collection of congratulatory messages for children living on the other side of the blocked Lachin corridor. In addition to signing postcards, there will be a fundraiser, as well as a lecture by political scientist Ruben Mehrabyan on what is happening in Artsakh now.

Time: 19:00

Address: Spendiaryan street, 5

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free




TUF club celebrates the year of the rabbit

The TUF venue is saying goodbye to 2022 and greets the new one in its usual manner. They promise four dance floors, live drum'n'bass, bad Santa, gifts, an upside down Christmas tree, karaoke and games. Entertainment should be enough for twelve hours of fun. 

Time: 18:00

Address: Aram street, 42

More about the event: tufa

Price: AMD 5,000 for one ticket, AMD 8,000 for a double ticket. At the entrance, the price of tickets will increase: 8,000 and 12,000 AMD, respectively. 

New Year in PES

In PES on New Year's Eve, guests are promised tables of drinks and dishes from a special festive menu. As an entertainment program, a theatrical musical performance by Dima Pantyushin and Dasha Stish "Kaleidoscope-23" will take place. The headliner of the dance program will be Erevan DJ, a musician not from Yerevan, but from Lyon, a lover of tribal house and psychedelics.

Time: 19:00

Address: Sarmen street, 72

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 3 900 rubles

New Year's ball at the Opera 

Perhaps the most solemn option to spend the New Year in Yerevan is the first festive ball in the history of the city, which will be held within the walls of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. The concert program includes famous waltzes, Christmas songs, opera arias in jazz arrangement and even ballet performances. Spectators who have passed the appropriate courses will be able to take part in a real ball. Dress code is required: black-tie for men, evening dresses for women. 

Time: 19:00

Address: Tumanyan street, 54

More about the event: Facebook

Price: AMD 20,000 – AMD 70,000 for the concert part, AMD 100,000 for two for a waltz and buffet

Jokes and karaoke at the Ari stand-up club

The Ari stand-up club will celebrate the New Year with a celebratory show by comedians Garik Oganisyan, Edo Hovsepyan and Dima Kolybelkin “How can we help you”. Then they promise a special New Year's program, and after midnight - a karaoke party. Those who come to the main part will be served festive tables with champagne, Olivier salad and other appropriate treats.

Time: 21:00

Address: Vardanants street, 18/1

More about the event: Instagram

Price: AMD 25,000 - the whole evening, AMD 5,000 - karaoke party

New Year's Eve at Rambalkoshe

Rambalkoshe art space will open its doors after midnight. They will drink the Jägermeister and a special coffee menu from the garage coffee shop Voch Luys Voch Mut. 1905, the founder of the Dresden cassette label Former City Record, will be responsible for the music all night, playing relaxed house and electro, passed through the prism of early hip-hop.

Time: 01:01

Address: Argutyan street, 9

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 10 000 AMD

New Year's Eve at the Babylon Theater

The experimental theater "Babylon" offers to spend New Year's Eve at a buffet table and to the accompaniment of popular songs. The program is not the most intense, but the theater has an extremely atmospheric venue - a former fire station. Plus, it is likely that the hosts have prepared a couple of artistic surprises.

Time: 01:30

Address: Pushkin street, 2

More about the event: Instagram 

Price: 5 000 AMD


New Year's Eve at Simona Bar

One of the main bars of the city celebrates the New Year without much frills. Prosecco and fruit as treats, three DJs and dancing until late in the morning. However, the owners of the bar do not need to change the formula for a good night.

Time: 01:30

Address: Aram street, 80

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 12,000 AMD per person per table or 8,000 AMD per entrance


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What to do in Yerevan from December 30 to January 1
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