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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on May 26-28

What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on May 26-28


book festival

A book festival will be held in Yerevan from Thursday to Saturday. In addition to the presentation of the new book by Tatyana Tolstaya, it will be possible to attend meetings with the author of the youtube channel “Armen and Fedor” Armen Zakharyan and with writers Mariam Petrosyan (“The House in Which ...”) and Alexandra Shalashova (“Salutes on the Other Side”). 

Schedule: 25.05 12:00 — 27.05 21:00 

Address: st. Grigor Lusavorich, 6

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Exhibition “Aivazovsky. Living canvases»

An exhibition where you can see the work of Aivazovskaya using laser projection and in 3D. The organizers promise full immersion in the artist's work.  

Time: 10:00

Address: Mesrop Mashtots Avenue, 7a

More about the event: Facebook


Traditional dances at the Cascade

The ensemble of traditional songs and dances "Karin" together with the Cafesjian art center will hold a master class dedicated to traditional Armenian dances. A great opportunity to dance right in the middle of the sculpture park with the Cascade in the background. 

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Tamanyan, 10

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Movie Shabbat at Common Ground Books & Spirits

Common Ground Books & Spirits bookstore and Yerevan Jewish Home open a cinema club led by film critic Alisa Tayozhnaya dedicated to world Jewish cinema. The program will begin with a screening of Woody Allen's film "Hannah and Her Sisters"  

Time: 20:00

Address: Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, 6

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 2 000 AMD


Wine tasting and SuperBowl at KIOSK

The recently opened KIOSK restaurant next door to PES hosts an evening with an unusual program: sommelier Roma Sergeev will tell visitors about California wines, and then hold a tasting accompanied by the best performances of the SuperBowl Halftime Show - from Madonna to U2. 

Time: 21:00

Address: st. Sarmena, 70

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 10 000 AMD



Armenia Tourism Exhibition

Khachkar Park will host a two-day expo dedicated to local tourism in Armenia. In addition to lectures and master classes on the topic of tourism, it will be possible to taste food from different regions and find out where and how to go in Armenia. 

Time: 27.05 11:00 — 26.05 20:00

Address: st. Byuzand, 3/1

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Jellyfish pool opening

The most fashionable pool in Yerevan, Jellyfish, opens the summer season and throws a party on this occasion. They promise an extensive musical program and many surprises.

Time: 11:00

Address: st. Isahak Gasparyan, 34

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 20 000


Sports Day from move2armenia

Move2armenia is organizing a sports day in the Victory Park. There will be camping workshops, table tennis and chess tournaments, arm wrestling competitions, yoga, stretching and hand-to-hand combat group classes and various sports games.  

Time: 12:00

Address: victory park

More about the event: move2armenia

Price: registration


Birthday Dig Store

Yerevan the reincarnation of the Dig vinyl store is celebrating its anniversary. In the garden of the Rambalkoshe art space, records will be sold, delicious drinks from Voch Luys Voch Mut will be served, and the presentation of the DAAO album will also take place.

Time: 12:00

Address: st. Argutyan, 9

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 5 000 AMD


Feminist Festival "Not Guilty"

The feminist festival "Not Guilty" will be held in the Letters and Numbers space. The program includes lectures on domestic violence, codependency, sexualized violence and beauty standards, a tattoo area, a stand-up and a film screening. You can also enjoy vegan food. Proceeds will go to help people affected by violence.    

Time: 14:00

Address: st. Tumanyan, 35G

More about the event: Instagram

Price: is free


"Picture of Nudity"

The Visual Gap Gallery hosts a series of events dedicated to nudity in art. Over the course of four weeks, Armenian artists from various media will hold master classes where they will present their works and create new ones together with the participants. 

Time: 14:00

Address: st. Sose, 13

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 10 000 AMD


Party Garage x Garage

Yerevan vinyl store Garage and Gyumri club Garage are having a joint party. The headliners will be the electro-duet of the Lipsky brothers Simple Symmetry - in addition to them, the program includes sets from Areg Aydinyan, Vahagn M., Amlinsky, Tommy Finger jr. and T-White.   

Time: 15:00-3:00

Address: Gyumri,  st. Shara Talyan, 1/1

More about the event: Facebook

Price: AMD 8,000, on the day of the event - AMD 10,000


milk festival

The Yeremyan Products company organizes a milk festival in Seasons Park. They promise to present all the variety of their dairy products, as well as to show agricultural equipment and even cows. The HAYAT Project will be responsible for the music.

Time: 17:00

Address: seasons park

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Lecture by Galina Yuzefovich

Galina Yuzefovich, one of the most prominent Russian-speaking literary critics, will give a lecture in Yerevan on collective trauma and tell how the experience of two world wars, repressions and the 1990s was reflected in literature.   

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Byuzand, 97/2

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 8 000 – 9 000 AMD


Aljay's concert

Eljey, a Russian hip-hop star, ex-boyfriend of Nastya Ivleeva and one of the performers of the megahit “Rose Wine”, is going to Yerevan with his first concert in Armenia. The performance will take place at the new concert venue of the city "Garden Park Radisson Blue".  

Time: 19:30

Address: victory park

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 12 000 – 25 000 AMD



Maximalist tour of Sevan

Urban Armenia agency is engaged in fun trips around Armenia with an eye on a young and party audience. This Sunday they are organizing a "Sevan maximum" - a trip to Lake Sevan with all the checkpoints: breakfast at the Writers' Rest House, the abandoned Lastochka camp site, the unfinished Avangard stadium, the Tsovagyugh railway station, the Norashen reserve, the Noratus cemetery and other attractions region.  

Time: 8:00

More about the event: Urban Armenia

Price: 34 000 AMD


Fencing master class

The world champion in artistic fencing Konstantin Zelenov will hold a free master class in stage combat and teach everyone to fight with swords like in the movies.

Time: 12:00

Address: st. Pushkin, 2/4

More about the event: Instagram

Price: donation


Quiz Huiz in Tuf

Organizers of Moscow humorous quizzes arrange the first event in Yerevan. Participants are divided into teams of 3 to 6 people and answer questions of varying degrees of propriety. Prizes for the winners are also promised beyond the bounds of decency. 

Time: 18:00

Address: st. Arama, 42

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 4 000 AMD


"Metropolis" by Fritz Lang by Rambalkoshe

On the occasion of the release of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" into the public domain, Rambalkoshe arranges its extremely solemn display. The concert hall of the Armenian Society of the Blind was chosen as the venue, the film will be shown accompanied by music and visual effects by Arman Mnatsakanyan, DAAO, Artem Manukyan and Vahan Stepanyan.    

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Isahakyan, 18

More about the event: Instagram

Price: is free

Screening of the film "Let me in" in the "Ban"

Film critic Alisa Taezhnaya will show the horror Let Me In, directed by Matt Reeves, in Banya. Based on Jun Aivide Lindqvist's novel about the friendship and love of a schoolboy and a girl who is actually a vampire. The book was followed by a film adaptation by Thomas Alfredson and then a remake by Matt Reeves. The American version turned out surprisingly even darker than the Swedish one.   

Time: 21:00

Address: Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, 3

More about the event: Instagram

Price: is free

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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on May 26-28
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