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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on March 24-26

What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on March 24-26



Screening of the film "The Last Dance"

Within the framework of the Francophone Film Festival, the film by the Swiss director Delphine Leeris will be screened "The Last Dance". The comedy melodrama tells about a bourgeois pensioner who is forced to discover new facets of life, as he promised his dead wife to take part in a dance production by the experimental choreographer La Robe. 

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Abovyan, 18

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Screening of "Little Women"

The film club TUMO will screen an adaptation of the American school classic by Louisa May Alcott about the growing up of four sisters in New England at the end of the 19th century. The novel had already been filmed seven times before, but director Greta Gerwig slightly modernized the original text and emphasized its autobiographical aspects. Starring a whole bunch of notable people of different generations: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep, Timothée Chalamet and even Louis Garrel.    

Addresses and start of sessions:

TUMO Yerevan – 19:00

TUMO Gyumri – 18:00

TUMO Dilijan – 18:00

TUMO Stepanakert – 18:30

Address: st. Halabyan, 16

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Screening of "The Godfather"

Coppola's The Godfather will be shown on the biggest screen in the city. The story of either finding oneself or the fall of the youngest son of the mafia Corleone family has long become a classic in an almost mythical sense. The plot twists and turns of this film have been repeatedly quoted, played up, rethought and parodied. This movie will seem familiar even if you watch it for the first time. However, it's still a special treat to see these plots play out for the first time. 

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Vardanants, 18/2

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 3 500 AMD



Opening of the season in Rambalkoshe

Rambalkoshe Concert Venue and Art Space hosts the grand opening of the 2023 season on Saturday. First, they promise a traditional Armenian breakfast of a win-win combo of lavash-greens-eggs and a vinyl garden party, then the whole movement will move indoors and last until almost midnight. Vahagn Martirosyan, Daao, Serjo, Toros Khachatryan and others will perform with their sets. They will drink Jägermeister and coffee from Voch Luys Voch Mut.  

Time: 13:00-22:50

Address: st. Argutyan, 9

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Concert "Arseny the Baptist" in TUF

"Arseny the Baptist" is one of the projects of Arseny Morozov, one of the main underground rockers of the Russian scene, who moved to Tbilisi last year. In February, he already came to Yerevan with his band Sonic Death, who presented the album "Donkey of War", partly written in Ukrainian. Now Arseniy will give an acoustic concert, but the songs promise to be no less protest.   

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Arama, 42

More about the event: Instagram

Price: online — 3,000 AMD, at the entrance — 4,000 AMD


Concert "Blood" 

For the first time in Yerevan, the Krovostok group, the classics of Russian rap that appeared at a time when the genre was just taking on its current impressive forms, will perform. By today's standards, the work of the collective may seem a little naive, albeit an art dear to the heart. But it was Krovostok that once began to effectively illustrate the thesis that Russian rap is actually Russian literature. 

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Saryan, 22

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 13 000 – 28 000 AMD

Match Armenia - Turkey

The main event of Saturday evening is the qualifying match of the European Championship between Armenia and Turkey. You can watch and cheer in a lot of Yerevan places. For example, in Tom Collins, Station or 379 torch and brew bars.

Time: 21:00 

More about the event: 

379 torch and brew


Tom Collins




Hiking in the Rose Gorge

An excellent excuse to go hiking in the Pink Gorge in the Yeranos Mountains. The sixteen-kilometer route will start a forty-minute drive from Yerevan, in the village of Lanjazat, and along the way you will have the opportunity to admire Ararat and panoramic views of the Azat reservoir.  

Time: 9:00

Address: st. Tumanyan, 8

More about the event: hike

Price: 6 500 AMD


PES opens opens barbecue season. They will serve shawarma in a tortilla with vegetables and hot dogs with pork sausages and Cheddar cheese, drink alcoholic lemonades and a Mexican Michelada cocktail. Once opened, the menu will be available every weekend.

Time: 13:00

Address: st. Sarmena, 72

More about the event: Instagram

Price: is free


Workshop on neural networks

Letters and Numbers will host a workshop by designer Anna Gaikovich dedicated to working with two main graphical neural networks - Midjourney and Dall-e 2. They promise to teach basic things - how to register in the service, write prompts correctly and incorporate artificial intelligence into your own work.   

Time: 12:15

Address: st. Tumanyan, 35G

More about the event: Instagram

Price: 12 500 AMD


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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on March 24-26
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