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Who to be? How to find a profession you like and where to learn it

Who to be? How to find a profession you like and where to learn it

It happens that after studying at a university or working for a long time in our profession, we understand that the chosen field does not suit us, and we want to do something else. The changes can be dramatic, for example, a musician with 20 years of experience suddenly has the idea of becoming an economist. And sometimes, there is only a desire to change activities, but it is not clear what kind.
If you find yourself in one of these situations, our article is for you. Move2Armenia Career has researched online resources for learning a new skill and selected career guidance tests to help you answer the question: “What should I be?”


1. Career guidance tests
Head Hunter

2. Platforms for learning
a. New profession
Eduson Academy

b. New knowledge
"Open Education"
Hyper Skill

3. Other platforms

Career guidance tests

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out on your own which profession is right for you. For this case, there are career guidance tests. Most of them are based on two methods: E.A. Klimov and J. Holland. The first analyzes objects that need to be interacted with in work: people, technology, sign systems, nature, artistic images. The second determines the type of personality, since the choice of profession also depends on this: social, enterprising, intellectual, realistic, conventional or artistic.

Profguide – one of the closest test to the original according to Klimov’s method. 21 questions with a choice of two characteristics. Completed in five minutes, the result in the free version is not specific professions, but a field of activity. A second test is available for an additional fee - this time with selection of a profession and analysis of personality type.

Test from Testometrika consists of 42 questions and also according to the Klimov system. Each time you need to choose from two activities - whichever is closer to you. It takes about five minutes, and as a result, areas and suitable professions are suggested.

The test from "Adukar", but according to the Holland system. Also 42 questions with a choice of two professions. The developers write that the passage takes 20 minutes, but in practice it turns out to be less. As a result, your personality type and the activities that correspond to it are determined.

"Proftest" – a thorough study, the answers to which will take two hours. After completing 14 volumetric blocks, you will get the result - seven professions with recommendations. For an additional fee, they show three more professions, as well as detailed information about your personality and preferences. This test will be interesting even for those who simply want to learn more about their qualities and mentality.

Head Hunter is one of the most popular job search platforms. Its specialists have developed a comprehensive test for career guidance. He will tell you in detail both about suitable professions, as well as about interests, strengths and qualities. The passage is only paid.

Learning Platforms

New profession

Do something you've never done before.

Skillbox – one of the most popular Russian educational platforms. You can learn from scratch or take additional courses in your field. There are many areas for work. In addition to frequently encountered programming, they teach the profession of an accountant, an English teacher, a pastry chef, and many others. Together with major Russian universities, Skillbox has opened online bachelor's and master's degrees.

A competitor to the previous school, also a Russian project - "Netology". It offers even more courses, including, of course, a huge selection from the IT field. But you can also become a photographer, clothing designer, stylist, professional coach and even a children's career guidance counselor. Here you can also get higher education.

Coursera is a leader in the global online education market. Leading universities and large companies in Europe and America cooperate with the platform, which issue their own certificates upon completion of training. You can get a specialty, a degree, or take courses from the best representatives of the profession. Some classes are available for free.

Eduson Academy focuses on online directions and even identified a separate category of “remote professions.” This is convenient, because more and more people prefer to work in a space that is convenient for them and on their own schedule. Also new to this platform is the “Women in IT” category. But there are also familiar courses, such as HR, professions in education, finance, analytics, etc.

Company Yandex has developed several areas related to training. "Yandex Workshop" reminiscent of the sites listed above with numerous courses. A selection of areas: programming, data analysis, design, management, marketing. There is also English, but only additional courses, not a profession. Yandex also opened its own School of Data Analysis with a two-year training program and a full-fledged diploma. In addition, you can receive online education at bachelor's and master's degrees in Russian universities, who launched training programs together with the platform. So far there are directions only for IT professions.

Since they are especially in demand now professions in information technology, and many decide to retrain as programmers, designers, managers, then we will devote a separate block to schools in this area.

Skillfactory collaborates with large Russian companies, such as Sber, Beeline and VKontakte, where you can get an internship and create a portfolio for getting a job. The platform is perfect for those who just want to get into programming, Data Science, data analytics, marketing or IT recruiting. For this purpose, the website has a special section “Courses from scratch to start”. And even those who have never been associated with IT will be able to achieve impressive results upon completion.

GeekBrains offers to master the newest professions, as well as those that are rarely presented on competitors’ platforms. For example, you can become an HR branding specialist, a fundraiser, a blockchain developer, or an IT specialist in the field of metaverses.

At "Hexlet" There are slightly fewer programs for mastering a profession from scratch, but almost all of them involve assistance in finding a job. That is, students will learn how to write a resume and cover letter, pass interviews, and will be helped to find internships and projects. An innovation of the platform is two-week preparatory courses. They are suitable for those who are still deciding on a profession or are preparing for full-time education.

If you prefer to learn programming in English, then consider the school Udacity. Before choosing a long-term course, you can take Intro to Programming and get acquainted with several programming languages and find out what an IT specialist needs. If you are limited in time and want to immediately enter the profession, study the training offers in 30 days. Programs are created jointly with industry leaders such as Google, Facebook, IBM, etc.

New knowledge

If you don't want to take a full course at an online school to gain a new profession or are interested in a narrow skill, then the following platforms will come in handy.

Project "Open Education" hosts a variety of courses compiled by Russian academic teachers. There is no doubt about the level of knowledge acquired: the completed modules are officially taken as credit for university students, and all courses are compiled in accordance with Federal State Educational Standards. This is the platform where you can even learn about criminology and cardiac physiology.

"Lectorium" offers online courses in various areas, including design, engineering, photography, law, etc. Given that some courses take weeks to complete, the platform cannot be called a full-fledged school. However, with the help of such detailed and detailed classes, you will be able to deepen your knowledge, as well as gain new ones: professional and semi-professional ones that support your hobbies and are useful in everyday life.

Courses for "Universarium" created by teachers from top Russian universities. The topics are varied: philology, physics, psychology, mathematics, biology, media, etc. After completing some courses, a certificate is issued. The platform is suitable for gaining additional knowledge in your field, as well as for self-development.

Hyper Skill created specifically for IT specialists, and for those who already have some skills and want to improve them or add new ones. The main areas are writing code and developing applications. The courses are divided into: Python, Frontend, Backend, Java, Kotlin and Data science. Training in English.

4brain differs from previous sites in that the courses are provided only for the development of soft-skills, namely critical thinking, emotional intelligence, storytelling, psychoregulation, etc. Don’t underestimate “soft skills”, because they also help in work, in particular in building communication, analyzing information, your own state and the state of others.

Other platforms

Of course, there are many online schools. We've listed some of the most popular, but there are a few more that deserve mention.

For those who are in Yerevan and are interested in the sales field, Move2Armenia Career is holding a five-day offline interactive “5 steps to the first 1,500 $ in sales.” 70% classes are practice, so in the end even beginners will find it easy to enter the profession.

To work in Armenia, you will need knowledge of the language. We told you where to learn Armenian in the FAQ article.

When you decide on a profession and complete training, the question of employment will arise. This will help Move2Armenia Career: The portal constantly updates job offers in various industries and for many specializations.

Good luck and good work!

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Who to be? How to find a profession you like and where to learn it
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