Top 25 clubs and sports sections for children in Armenia and Artsakh - Move2Armenia

Top 25 clubs and sports sections for children in Armenia and Artsakh

Top 25 clubs and sports sections for children in Armenia and Artsakh


  1. Variety of clubs in one place
  2. Modern technologies
  3. Art classes
  4. Foreign languages
  5. Dancing
  6. Sports and active lifestyle

Variety of clubs in one place


This is a creative technology center for children aged 12-18. In free classes, teenagers learn programming, 3D modeling, web development, photography and other modern technologies. The program includes time for practice in laboratories and workshops. TUMO centers also operate abroad, which indicates a high level of educational standards.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Alabyana, 16

Gyumri, st. Shchorsa, 1

Dilijan, st. Myasnikyan, 63

Gavar, st. Buniatyan, 18/5

Berd, st. Hayk Nahapeta, 22/1

Vayk city, st. Alaverdyan, 15/1

Sevan, st. Karen Demirchyan, 21

Kapan, st. Aram Manukyan, 7

More locations link.

2. Garage Tesla

Educational center for children aged 6-13 with modern educational programs. You can enroll in classes to develop engineering skills, in a film studio, in 3D modeling and many other electives. Here, children will get acquainted with current professions and definitely will not get bored. A branch of the center operates in Novosibirsk.

Address: Yerevan, Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 28/1.

3. IQ Center

At the IQ Center, they prepare for school from the age of 2.5, help with homework, teach speed reading and mental arithmetic, not forgetting about art (pottery and drawing) and foreign languages. Work with gifted children and develop talents. The center has branches throughout Armenia, as well as in Russia and the USA.

See the full list of addresses center website.

4. Nyberg School

Nyberg School is a kindergarten and elementary school with an author's program and exciting activities that you will not find in another educational institution. The school has evening courses, both for children and adults. Experienced mentors will teach you how to write books, shoot a bow, introduce you to IT, and this is not the whole list of activities. A suitable circle will be selected for children from the age of three.

Address: Yerevan, st. Nairi Zaryana, 2/3.

5. Liberated School ("Free School")

The school was opened by expats from Russia. Children themselves want to go here, and parents regret that they did not have such a school. Enrollment is open for electives for children from seven years old and adults: acting, board games, drawing, etc. Mentors even accept suggestions for new classes if they are not already on the list.

School address: Yerevan, Mesrop Mashtots Ave., 28. Electives are held at: Yerevan, Marshal Baghramyan Ave., 2.

6. Democratic School

This school organizes free education, operates the principle of inclusiveness and welcomes both children and adults. The school has additional courses. For example, you can take up writing, calligraphy, biology, vocals, and even learn how to host a podcast.

Address: Yerevan, st. Arama, 42.

Please note that the school is just being created. For complete information, please visit the official website.

Modern technologies

7. CET LAB+ LEGO Education

Does your child love LEGO? Does he ask for a new set for every holiday? Then he will definitely like it in the laboratory, where with the help of the designer they experiment, create unusual models, robots, and even program. The center in Yerevan is the official representative of the LEGO company and works with children aged 3-12.

Address: Yerevan, st. Hovhannes Tumanyan, 26A.

8. cyber one

This is one of the best international centers for children aged 6-14 who are fond of programming. Kiber One is accredited by Microsoft. Here they teach animation, editing, creating computer games, the basics of website development and many other modern technologies.

Address: Yerevan, st. Alek Manukyan, no. 1.

Art classes

9. NCA (Henrik Igityan National Center for Aesthetics)

Art-loving kids will love the NCA. The center works in three areas: fine and decorative arts, theatrical art, and musical art. They also teach Armenian dances. Upon completion of the intensive program, graduates receive certificates recognized in foreign educational institutions. Children aged 3-18 are accepted.

Find out about branches in your city at site.

10. Deccart

This is a small fine arts center for children aged 5-14. In a homely, friendly atmosphere, they draw, sculpt from clay and master various artistic techniques. As a result, children's works are included in exhibitions in galleries in Armenia.

Address: Yerevan, st. Nar-Dosa, no. 2.

11. Abelian Art School

At Abel Abelyan's school, children become real actors, get on the big screen, learn about working in the cinema. You can start training from the age of six. They teach not only acting and stage speech, but also vocals, dancing, children take part in photo shoots and work with a psychologist.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Movses Khorenatsi, 15

Armavir, st. Stepan Shaumyan, 50/9

Gyumri, st. Maxim Gorky, 50/6

12. Ptashki     

This is a whole laboratory of creativity for children aged 2.5–12. They will be taught to sing, make films, draw, sculpt. There will be educational activities for the little ones. And for mothers, a club has been organized where they can relax and chat.

Address: Yerevan, st. Rafael Israelyan, 37/4.

13. Art Baby

Art Baby is a place where children from the age of three are welcome. They take their first steps in art: they paint with their fingers, create stained-glass windows, appliqués and other handicrafts. Here they practice singing and foreign languages, learn to play the piano, clay modeling and sewing toys. This is a complete immersion in creativity, in which parents can also take part.

Address: Yerevan, st. Teryan, 42/1.

14. Luiza-V Music School

Your child will be happy to come to this music school. Experienced, and most importantly, teachers who love children and music work here, many of whom graduated from this school themselves. They accept children from the age of 6, they teach them to play the piano, violin, cello, flute and guitar. The curriculum includes a specialty, musical literacy, a choir and, what distinguishes this school from others, meetings with a psychologist.

Address: Yerevan, Komitas Ave., 1.

15. "Place of Clay"

The Place of Clay studio is a space where an atmosphere of creativity reigns, where you can realize all your most unusual ideas and communicate with the same enthusiastic people. For children aged 3–14 years, classes are held in clay modeling, painting, an art laboratory operates, in which something new and always beautiful is created every time. Follow the news of the studio - from time to time interactive music concerts are held for children aged 1-4.

Address: Yerevan, Mesrop Mashtots Ave., 54.

16. Terracotta

The Terracotta studio-workshop welcomes adults and children from the age of three. Everyone will be taught to draw, sew, sculpt from clay. The peculiarity of the studio is the familiarization of students with the Armenian culture through art. Perhaps your child's work will even make it to an exhibition hosted by the Terracotta team.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Vahana Teryan, 62

Yerevan, st. Martiros Saryan, 23.

Foreign languages

17. Tamarax

The International Center for the Study of English has created several programs with full immersion in the language environment. At the Speak and Discover Club, kids learn science, make art, create their own stories, all in English. On Fridays there is a Happy Friday! - these are English, Armenian and Russian lessons, mathematics, chess lessons, as well as games, dances and a lot of communication.

Address: Yerevan, st. Vagharsh Vagharshyan, no. 12.

18. Berlitz

This is an international organization that teaches foreign languages. In Armenia, Berlitz conducts group classes for children from four years old. Students learn knowledge faster through communication with a native speaker and only in a foreign language. Grammar and vocabulary are taught through building real situations and without memorization.

Address: u. Yerevan, st. Vazgen Sargsyan, 10.

19. american corner

“Corners of America” are opening all over the world, and there are five of them in Armenia. Here they teach English from the age of 10 and teach beginners about programming. There is our own Teen Club (13–17 years old), where they discuss topics of interest to teenagers, play games and improve their language level.

Addresses: Yerevan, st. Michaela Nalbandyan, 4/1

Gyumri, st. Shirakatsi, 68

Vanadzor, st. Vardanants, 25

Kapan, st. Stepan Shaumyan, 6

Charentsavan, 6th quarter, st. Stepan Shaumyan, 19


20. Arev Dance School

The dance school has two children's groups: 4–6 years old and 7–10 years old. Main directions: contemporary, vogue, breakdance. It is planned to open a group 11+. From the age of 16, teenagers can attend adult classes.

Address: Yerevan, Artsakh Ave., 1/1.

21. Arma Dance Academy

One of the most popular dance schools. Children are engaged in breakdancing and capoeira. There are separate classes for the youngest - 4-6 years old. It's never boring in the classroom, because the dancers not only learn the moves, but even arrange battles.

Address: Yerevan, st. Kajaznuni, 1.

Sports and active lifestyle

22. The Little Gym

At the Yerevan branch of The Little Gym, children are helped to develop physically, mentally, and acquire social skills. At 10 months, parents bring their children to “developmental” classes and monitor the first achievements of the kids. Children aged 3-6 and 6-12 go to gymnastics where they have fun and throw out their energy.

Address: Yerevan, st. Derenik Demirchyan, 1.

23. Grand Sport

In the sports complex Grand Sport, children go in for different sports: swimming, aikido, sambo, judo, boxing, tennis, football, basketball, squash and rock climbing. You can enroll in the pool from the age of four, for the other sections - from the age of eight. Trainings are held under the guidance of experienced trainers in well-equipped spacious halls and a clean pool.

Address: Yerevan, st. Hrant Vardanyan, no. 2.

24. Reebok Sports Club

An interesting selection of sports activities at the Reebok Sports Club. These are spochan (Japanese fencing), boxing, kickboxing, squash, traditional yoga and aerial yoga in hammocks, zumba, hip-hop, breakdance, gymnastics, fitness, including trampolines, active classes in the water and a games room.

Address: Yerevan, st. Pirumyanneri, no. 5.

25. Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym has a whole network of gyms in Yerevan. There is a good service, coaches, to whom you can send children. They are engaged in boxing, judo, gymnastics, hip-hop, breakdancing, Latin dancing and swimming.

Addresses: Yerevan, Komitas Ave., 40/1.

We have listed some private cultural and sports centers. Yerevan also has its own municipal cultural organizations and sports federationsworking with state support.

If you have any questions or want to know more about living with children in Armenia, write to our support team @move2armenia_official.

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Top 25 clubs and sports sections for children in Armenia and Artsakh
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