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How to create a resume: convenient tools and modern technologies

How to create a resume: convenient tools and modern technologies

Whatever country and whatever field you are looking for work in, a serious employer will definitely ask for your resume. This is the key to joining the desired company. You can be an excellent specialist, but if you don’t tell about yourself correctly, then preference will be given to another candidate.

Writing a resume is not as easy as it might seem. It is necessary not only to take into account your skills, experience, and strengths, but also to logically arrange the components of the story and avoid mistakes. Luckily, there are tools that make the task easier. The selection from Move2Armenia Career – a service for finding jobs and employees.


1. Helpers for creating a resume
a. The constructor is simple
Google Docs

b. Constructor with design
My Resume
Cake Resume
I Can Choose
Standard Resume

c. Design
Vista Create

d. Text improvement
Resume Studio

e. Resume evaluation
CV Duck
Resume Worded

2. Neural networks
Chat GPT and Bing Chat

3. Literacy test
Microsoft Word
Chief editor β

Helpers for creating resumes

The constructor is simple

The simplest designer can be called ready-made five options from Google Docs. Each of them has logically arranged information blocks and a modest design.

One of the most popular options is HeadHunter. There is only one resume template, but it is easy to read. Filling out intuitively, skills from the list are offered. The site is adapted for applicants from Russia.

An analogue of HH is SuperJob. It’s convenient that you can transfer information from HeadHunter and social networks. More suitable for job search on the same site.

In Armenia, one of the popular ways to find a job is LinkedIn, where you can find companies, employees, and establish professional connections. Start filling out from scratch or insert a ready-made resume and refine it.

Step-by-step filling out a resume in a single design offers ACenter. It looks modest and the site is easy to work with. Suitable for those who like simplicity in design, but the HH and SuperJob options are not suitable. A little more templates - three - are given on the website, but you can only get a link to your resume for free. 

Constructor with design

C Enhancv choose a resume or cover letter template that suits your position, add meaningful blocks, change fonts and background. The advantage of the site is recommendations for improving the content, including based on the text of the vacancy (works better in English).

It works in a similar way My Resume – offers suitable templates for your profession. For example, you can add links to your portfolio to your resume for the position of a copywriter. Skills are also recommended according to the profession.

Cake Resume has many design options for each semantic block. They are easy to drag and place in the right place. The result is a stylish, concise resume.

You can choose a real estate agent from the I Can Choose you can move your resume from HeadHunter or fill out the data yourself, add blocks that are not provided by the designers, use ready-made templates and change their backgrounds.

Similar to the previous site - Standard Resume, but the information is carried over from LinkedIn. In addition to the designer with typical sections, you can also create custom ones. A significant drawback is the ability to download a resume only if you have a subscription. But you can share the link for free.

On the site 15 templates available. Parts of your resume can be moved, and templates for different professions will help you fill them out. Be careful, without a premium subscription your resume will be deleted after 48 hours. gives 9 templates, which can only be filled out in English. The designer is easy to use and intuitive. You can download the document in PDF, LaTeX and JSON formats.


Canva gives access to a large number of ready-made templates that can be supplemented with images and fonts to create a unique look.

It works in a similar way Vista Create. You can find resumes of specialists in your profession and adapt them, adding not only photos, text, but even music.

Text improvement

If you are limited in time or don’t know what to tell about yourself, designers with built-in artificial intelligence will come to the rescue.

Cvgun generates a short story about the candidate based on his profession. You can choose both Russian and English.

You can choose a real estate agent from the Resume Studio you can fill out information about your skills, tell us about yourself, and then artificial intelligence will offer options for improvement. Available in English only.

You can choose a real estate agent from the KickResume artificial intelligence compiles and verifies resumes, but some sections can only be completed with a premium subscription. The free version comes with 20,000 phrases that can be inserted into the text.

More difficult than writing a resume is writing a cover letter, which may be requested by foreign companies. In this case it will be useful All you need to do is provide a link to your LinkedIn, fill out information about the desired vacancy and indicate your speaking style.

Resume evaluation

IT specialists can check a completed resume in English for free Online CV Duck. Within 10 days, specialists will study it and help improve it, as well as provide consultation on filling out a profile on LinkedIn.

The site is suitable for specialists from different fields Resume Worded. Upload your resume, but only in English, and get an assessment from artificial intelligence based on recommendations from recruiters. They can also look at your LinkedIn profile and give you advice. Right here create a resume from scratch, selecting a template for a suitable profession (most of them are available for a subscription). They will come to the rescue 300+ preset expressions.

Neural networks

Above we have listed several constructors that work with the help of artificial intelligence, but you can use it yourself. Neural networks will do Chat GPT or Bing Chat. We warn you that the AI does not create a resume right away, but only offers advice. You will need to give clear instructions in order to ultimately get what you want. Start like this:

Help me write a resume for the position (name). Job description: (insert description of the vacancy you like).

The neural network will list tips. Ask them to create a sample based on them.

Next, tell them to add information about you to your resume and list your own experience and skills, how many years and what you did, what your responsibilities were.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can ask for editing, rephrasing, or even suggest a new sample.

A neural network was created specifically for writing texts Rytr. It is used to generate cover letters. It is enough to indicate the language, style, position and key skills.

Do not overuse working with neural networks, as they still offer general phrases that require improvement. However, AI is a good way to overcome writer's block.

Literacy test

The resume is ready, but the last step remains - checking for literacy and compliance with style, because not every designer has such an option. Even if you are a representative of a technical profession, “work with your hands”, and are not associated with documentation, competent speech will show your interest, attentiveness, and attitude towards employers. You will want to get in touch with such a person.

The first stage of verification will be a familiar one Microsoft Word, which highlights errors, typos, and sometimes suggests word replacements to suit the style. If you don't have Microsoft Office installed, you can create a document using your Google account.

Spelling (Russian language) - free and more carefully checks up to 6,000 characters for literacy, and also helps to select synonyms, remove tautology, water.

A larger number of characters - 10,000 - is available without a paid subscription in LanguageTool (Russian and English). This is one of the first platforms for checking texts, and it also supports 30 languages, but not Armenian.

Chief editor β (Russian language) – is responsible for the style of the text. It is mainly used by editors, copywriters, SMM specialists, so that the language is not overloaded with bureaucratic cliches, cliches, evaluative vocabulary and other weighting agents. Although your resume is written in a formal style, it should be easy to read.

Grammarly (English) – measures literacy, clarity, reader engagement, and execution. All users are helped to correct grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Premium subscribers have access to suggestions to improve text readability. But even without them, the site shows the completion of the Clarity, Engagement and Delivery scales.

We wish you success in writing your resume and getting a job quickly.

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How to create a resume: convenient tools and modern technologies
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