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Top 18 places for premium holidays in Armenia

Top 18 places for premium holidays in Armenia

If you are going to Armenia or have been here for a long time and want to relax on a grand scale, chic and splendor, or are looking for luxury places, then our material will come to your aid. We'll tell you where dishes with exquisite taste are served, in which hotel room you can relax to the maximum, and how to entertain yourself on a grand scale.


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If you want to feel like a star, you can do it at the Dolmama restaurant in the very center of Yerevan. Top officials of states, actors, athletes, musicians from all over the world dine here. To name just a few: King Charles III of Great Britain, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, Arthur Abraham, System of a Down, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (Ye). This restaurant is chosen for its excellent execution of Armenian traditional dishes (the dolma in the name speaks for itself), as well as for its unique ancient interior.

Address: Yerevan, st. Pushkina, 10

Telephone: +374 10 561354

Website and social networks: (not leading), Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Dolmama


We continue to walk around the center of the capital of Armenia and stop at the Diamond restaurant. Local residents call it one of the most expensive establishments in Yerevan. And all because from the roof of the restaurant there is a beautiful view of Republic Square. But inside the Diamond also looks stylish, the design is modern with traditional Armenian accents. So on the menu you can find both European and Armenian cuisine, a wide selection of drinks in the bar menu and hookah.

Address: Yerevan, st. Pavstos Buzand, 2

Telephone: +374 10 543434

Social network: Facebook, Instagram (inactive)

Photo: Facebook Diamond


Sherep is also located in the heart of Yerevan, a stone's throw from Republic Square. During the tourist season, restaurant reservations must be made several days in advance. And there is more than one reason for this. First, of course, food. The dishes are refined, the recipes are perfected. All bread is prepared right in front of your eyes. You can try both local and foreign cuisine. Your author was delighted with the medallions with spinach, risotto and hapama. Secondly, Sherep is famous for its show presentation, which cannot but be filmed. Thirdly, there is live music here. And finally, fourthly, chefs with Michelin stars come to this restaurant, and one of them even left his dessert recipe.

Address: Yerevan, st. Amiryan, 1

Telephone: +374 43 600880

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Yulia Dyagileva


The Yeremyan group of companies owns the aforementioned Sherep, as well as the next one on our list, Livingston. Yeremyan adheres to and enforces high standards, and therefore this restaurant has good service, food and design. But let's go into details. The restaurant is located on the ninth floor of the sports and concert complex named after Karen Demirchyan, which means an excellent view of the city is provided. Livingston opens its doors at 7:00 pm and is immediately greeted with live jazz music. And the same high European cuisine will raise the mood of the evening to heights. We invite you to try fusion-style dishes; there are not many such offers in Armenia.

Address: Yerevan, st. Leningradyan, 1

Telephone: +374 99 392020

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Livingston


Imagine yourself as a nobleman on a summer country estate. There are crystal chandeliers hanging there, candles everywhere, chic chairs stand at equally chic wooden tables. There are antique sets on lace napkins. All this is not fiction, but reality in the Daphny restaurant. It serves family recipes, adapted for discerning guests. The chef pays attention to detail, so the presentation of seemingly familiar dishes is original and sophisticated. A small spoiler to whet your appetite: a plate of cheeses at Daphny is served with olive tree branches.

Address: Yerevan, st. Martiros Saryan, 1

Telephone: +374 94 222211

Social network: Facebook

Photo: Facebook Daphny


If you don’t want to relax in a restaurant, but crave a more fun, but no less premium pastime, go to the Daboo bar. It is located near the Cascade, so you definitely won’t miss it. This is one of the first cocktail bars in Yerevan. The founders and bartenders of the establishment worked for a long time to create the ideal bar menu. Those who like something sour, sweeter, stronger, and connoisseurs of unusual combinations, you will all find a drink to your taste in this bar. Let's add a little about the bartenders - they are definitely among the best in the capital, and they are also very friendly. Follow the bar’s social networks, they announce interesting events, for example, an evening of speed dating and meetings with the founders of famous foreign bars.

Address: Yerevan, st. Isaakyan, 38

Telephone: +374 99 511521

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Daboo


Dilijani Tun

Let's make a smooth transition from restaurants to hotels, because Dilijani Tun has excellent cuisine. Local products are used to prepare dishes. Once you stop there, you won't want to go anywhere else for dinner. But more about the hotel. It is located in a green resort town Dilijan. It would seem that in a place surrounded by forested mountains, everything should be beautiful. This is true, of course, but Dilijani Tun is located in a very picturesque location, from where the whole of Dilijan is visible. You can stay either in a room or in a cottage. The hotel buildings look modern, but at the same time with strong local accents: there is a lot of stone and carved wood. All rooms are bright, and the cottages even have fireplaces.

Address: Dilijan, 4th lane Ordzhonikidze street, 36

Telephone: +374 33 058 888

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Dilijani Tun

Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

If you want to stay in Dilijan closer to the center, or rather even in the very center, then the Old Dilijan Hotel is suitable for you. These are the same buildings in the style of pre-revolutionary Armenia, with balconies as if made of lace and red tiled roofs, which are rarely seen now. They even bring tourists here to show what the whole of Dilijan once was like. Not only the exterior design is authentic, but also the interior decoration. The interior has many national patterns and natural materials. The hotel has a variety of workshops and shops with handmade goods, master classes are held, so leisure will be provided, and gifts for relatives will be found.

Address: Dilijan city, 

Telephone: +374 94 030883

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Yulia Dyagileva

Avan Marak Tsapatagh

Tufenkian owns several hotels, and we want to tell you about one more - Avan Marak Tsapatagh. It is located in the eastern part Lake Sevan, where it’s so good to escape from the summer heat of Yerevan. The hotel accepts guests from April 15 to October 1; at other times it is too cold in Sevan. If even during this period the so-called Armenian sea does not seem warm enough for you, then stay at the hotel in the heated pool, jacuzzi and sauna. And if you get bored of lying by the water, the hotel has billiards, table tennis, a ball court and bicycles, and organizes tourist trips. Avan Marak Tsapatagh has a big advantage over many other places in terms of cuisine. Here they cook from fresh local products, and in the hotel restaurant you should definitely try dishes from Sevan fish. If you wish, you can take part in a cooking master class.

Address: R. Gegharkunik, s. Tsapatah

Telephone: +374 93 947891

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Avan Marak Tsapatagh

Lost in Sky

Now triangular houses in the Scandinavian style with large windows have become very popular. They are installed in beautiful places to wake up and immediately see wonderful nature. This trend has come to Armenia as well. Lost in Sky Boutique Hotel is literally on the edge of a cliff, every minute of this place will take your breath away. What distinguishes Lost in Sky from other similar hotels is its unusual hand-shaped observation deck and long extreme swing over a cliff, where you can take vivid photographs. You can rent one of five houses depending on the number of guests (maximum six in one cottage).

Address: With. Yenokavan, 2nd St., 19/1

Telephone: +374 93 996973

Social network: Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Lost in Sky

Seven Visions Hotel, The Dvin

Let’s return to the capital for a short time to share “the ultimate in luxury,” as the next hotel confidently describes itself. And he has the right to do so. This is a huge hotel with rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, free-standing bathtubs, and it's spacious, trendy, and bright. Dvin hosts summits and conferences of major companies and world leaders, they even organize theatrical acrobatic shows and fashion shows, and invite famous musicians and DJs. And on the roof of the hotel guests will find the only infinity pool in Yerevan, where parties are organized.

Address: Yerevan, st. Paronyan, 40

Telephone: +374 10 717777

Social network: Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Seven Visions Hotel, The Dvin

Tsaghkadzor Marriott

It seems that many people have heard about the international Marriott chain. Several hotels are open in Armenia, one of which is located in the city of Tsakhkadzor, the main winter resort of Armenia. The passion for skiing and snowboarding in itself is not cheap, so we had to include this luxury holiday in our selection. We suggest staying at a five-star Marriott, from where it is an 18-minute walk to the cable car. To completely relax after skiing, you can take a room with a king-size bed, go to the indoor pool and sauna. In between skiing/snowboarding, head to the casino or gym. Separately, we note that pets are allowed in the hotel.

Address: Tsaghkadzor, st. Tandzakhbyuri, 2

Telephone: +374 60 717171

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Tsaghkadzor Marriott



Let's continue the theme of swimming pools and talk about one of the most prestigious of them in Yerevan. The distinctive features of Jellyfish are the sand at the entrance to the pool, wooden bungalows and sun loungers, as well as views of Ararat and the achievements of Soviet modernism - Zvartnots airport terminal. Jellyfish hosts fun and vibrant summer parties. In the evening, incendiary DJs are invited here, foam shows and water performances are organized. In the morning you can do yoga outdoors. And, of course, it is worth appreciating the cuisine of the local restaurant and summer cocktails.

Address: Yerevan, st. Isaac Gasparyan, 34

Telephone: +374 44 495000

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Jellyfish

Shakaryan Rancho

In recent years, more and more ecotourism destinations have been popping up around the world. This fashion trend is also being developed in Armenia. So, you can enjoy nature in luxury at the Shakaryan ranch. From Friday to Sunday, guests can interact with animals, stroll through green meadows and take photos in a lavender field. An unusual idea is a tractor tour of the ranch. There are also festivals with farm goods and even helicopter flights. The pride of the ranch is its restaurant, which serves dishes made from products grown here.

Address: With. Dsegh, 5th st., plot 67

Telephone: +374 77 515515

Social network: Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Shakaryan Rancho

Old Bridge Winery

What else is good to enjoy in nature, definitely wine. You can do this at the Old Bridge family winery in Vayots Dzor region. The wines of this producer have received awards from the international Mundus Vini competition. The restaurant at the winery offers alcohol tasting with local cheese and three types of sausages to choose from. You can also have a three-course lunch here, all against the backdrop of the Armenian mountains. The family opened a Bed & Breakfast hotel a seven-minute drive from the winery. It is more modest than the places already listed, but more homely. The B&B is cozy, the owners are hospitable, there is a small pool and a fireplace.

Address: Yeghegnadzor, Yerevan highway, no. 1

Telephone: +374 55 098799

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Old Bridge Winery

Armenian Helicopters

Since we mentioned helicopter flights, we’ll tell you more about them. You can fly around Armenia and even to neighboring countries with Armenian Helicopters. It offers sightseeing tours of the main attractions of the country, a picnic at dawn at the Azat reservoir, parachute jumping, catering for celebrations and gender parties, photography from above and other services. It is large-scale, spectacular, bright and memorable. Such a vacation can definitely be called premium.

Address: Yerevan, Jrvezh Park area, 6/14

Phones: +374 44 888333, +374 60 888333

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook Armenian Helicopters


What else can you fly on besides an airplane and even a helicopter? In a big balloon of whatever color you want. It is the SkyBall company that has been organizing the International Aeronautics Festival Discover Armenia from the Sky on Yerevan’s Birthday for the second year. But everyone can take to the air, and not only on this holiday. SkyBall has group and individual service packages that can be used at almost any time. The main thing is that the weather (and funds) permits. You will not only be lifted to an altitude of 1,000 m, but also have a photo taken with a GoPro camera, treated to coffee and soft drinks, given a certificate after landing, and celebrated with champagne and sweets.

Address: Yerevan, st. Paronyan, 16/15

Telephone: +374 77 324444

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram

Photo: Facebook SkyBall

Cinema Star cinema hall rental

Agree that it’s a very cool, romantic, fun and generally great idea to buy an entire cinema hall for yourself and your company. You can have a party, make a marriage proposal, fulfill a childhood dream and be completely alone in the hall. Thus, Cinema Star in the Dalma Garden Mall, Rio Mall and Megamall shopping centers provides the opportunity to hold business presentations, corporate events, private screenings, birthdays and children's parties.

Addresses: “Dalma Garden Mall”, Yerevan, Tsitsernakaberd highway, no. 3

“Rio Mall”, Yerevan, Vahram Papazyan st., 8

“Megamall”, Yerevan, Gaya Ave., 16

Telephone: +374 60 755555

Website and social networks:, Facebook, Instagram


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Top 18 places for premium holidays in Armenia
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