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Great guide to public transport in Yerevan

Great guide to public transport in Yerevan

To subjugate the vigorous metropolitan rhythm of Yerevan, you will have to figure out how best to move around the city. Our guide will help you choose the best option for public transport, in which we have collected, checked and structured information about all available methods of transportation. The current fare, traffic schedules and local features that are not obvious at first glance - in our large material.


  1. Shuttle taxis and buses
  2. Underground
  3. trolleybus
  4. Taxi
  5. Scooters and bicycles
  6. Cars
  7. Mopeds and motorcycles
  8. On foot

Shuttle taxis and buses

The most popular type of public transport in Yerevan is — minibuses and buses. The fare here is quite low: a trip costs 100 drams, usually the payment is transferred to the driver at the entrance or exit if there are too many people. Also, many new buses have a machine for 100 dram coins. In 2023, a program was launched under which validators for non-cash payments are installed in all transport. It will be possible to pay for travel using a one-time QR code from the TelCell terminal, a bank or travel card, or using the TelCell mobile application. Large modern buses are equipped with USB ports for charging phones and air conditioning. If possible, we advise you to give preference to buses: unfortunately, minibuses are often in very poor condition, but are almost always overcrowded.

It is convenient to plan routes in the Yandex Go application: all ground transport stops are displayed here and the optimal travel option is generated.

Just landed in Yerevan and don’t know where to go next? You may find our article useful "First steps in Yerevan".

From the airport to Kentron (central district) you can take minibus No. 201 and bus No. 100 for 300 drams. They run every half hour from 7:00 to 22:00. Find out the exact schedule in Yandex.Maps.

Schedule: run from 7:00 to 23:00, at intervals of 10-15 minutes (with the exception of some routes)
How to pay: cash to the driver
Price: AMD 100 (children under 7 free of charge)


The second most popular type of transport in the Armenian capital is the — metro. And, although there is only one line and 10 stations, between which mainly two-piece trains run, locals and tourists regularly move around the city in the subway. Train traffic in the Yerevan metro was opened in 1981, and the last station — in 1996. The peak load on the local metro came in the 1990s, because during the Karabakh war, due to frequent lack of electricity, trolleybuses and trams did not function.

Almost every station of the Yerevan metro is a unique architectural object. Be sure to explore the incredible entrance group with fountains at the “Republic Square” and take a closer look at the Yeritasardakan metro lobby, an example of Armenian modernism.

By the way, photography is officially prohibited in the metro itself.

Below is a map; you can also find it in the Yandex.Metro application and calculate travel time. For example, a trip between Marshal Baghramyan and Sasuntsi David stations will take you 9 minutes.

Schedule: trains run from 7:00 to 23:00 with an interval of 7.5 minutes during normal times, 5.5 minutes during rush hour and 8.5 minutes on non-working days
How to pay: buy a token at the ticket office near the entrance or a monthly pass
Price: 100 drams (another 100 drams are paid extra for transporting a bicycle or scooter)

UPD: At the end of 2023, cashless payment terminals were installed in the metro. You can do this using the TelCell application or one-time QR codes from TelCell terminals.


The trolleybus not only wins the nomination for the cheapest transport in the Armenian capital and copes perfectly with the hilly terrain, but is also the most environmentally friendly. The first trolleybus line was launched in Yerevan in 1949. There are currently five operating routes in the city.

  • No. 1: Garegin Nzhdeh Square - Jrvezh
  • No. 2: Shopping center "Klaik" - Museum "Erebuni"
  • No. 9: Avan - State Circus
  • No. 10: 5th and 6th micro-districts of Nor Nork - "Barekamutyun" metro station
  • No. 15: 15th district - "Erebuni" airport

For example, a trip from Komitas Avenue to Saryan Square in the center will take you about 12 minutes.

Schedule: trolleybuses run from 6:30 to 23:00 at intervals of 10-15 minutes (with the exception of No. 1, it runs until 18:00)
How to pay: cash to the driver
Price: 50 AMD


If you value personal time and space, then the best option for you to get around Yerevan is a taxi. Here are some aggregators: Yandex.Taxi, GGtaxi, Bolt.

The average price per km is 100 drams, the minimum cost of a trip is ~ 400 drams. In all applications it is possible to select a car class: “Comfort”, “Business” or cargo, but, unfortunately, there are practically no child seats here. If possible, it is better not to use the “Economy” and “Start” tariffs: as a rule, there are no air conditioners in such cars, and in general the condition of the cars and the driving style of the drivers leaves much to be desired.

For example, on a weekday afternoon, a trip from Lovers’ Park on Baghramyan Avenue to Mashtots Avenue, 19 will cost 400 drams on Yandex.Taxi, and 1,000 drams on GG.

How not to be deceived in a taxi?

How to pay: you can link a card (MIR works), or pay in cash at the end of the trip
Price: in the center 400~800 AMD

Scooters and bicycles

In Yerevan, you can rent two-wheeled vehicles, there are several bike-sharing and kick-sharing operators: Jet, Mimo, BusyFly, Yerevan Ride.

Unfortunately, the movement of scooters and bicycles is not yet regulated in any way, which means that no passerby is safe from an unpleasant collision with a cyclist or scooter. Therefore, when moving around the city on a scooter or bicycle, be attentive to all road users and be sure to use a protective helmet.

How to pay: link the card through the application
Price: from 30 AMD per minute or from 1,000 for a one-day tariff

Scooter rental services in Yerevan

Where to ride a bike and scooter in Yerevan?


If you do not have your own car, then you can use car rental services, from large international operators to small local private traders. Review the terms and conditions and choose the right one for you. Hertz, local rent, qrent, Swift Rent and others. More companies listed in our catalog.

To rent a car, you will definitely be asked for a Russian license everywhere, but the criteria for age restrictions and driving experience are different for everyone.

How to pay: leave a deposit, cash or non-cash payment; sometimes they ask for a surcharge for washing
Price: from 7 000 AMD per day

Mopeds and motorcycles

Here are a few moped and motorcycle rental services that we were able to find:

  1. rentalmotorbike
  2. GetRentacar
  3. Dreamriders
  4. Scooter_rental_in_armenia

Each service is described in detail in FAQ article. Mainly require category A driving license, age — 21+.

How to pay: cash or card (MIR may accept payment through a terminal rather than online)

Price: from 11,000 drams per day

On foot

Despite its capital status, Yerevan is quite a compact city, so do not neglect walking, especially for short distances in the center. Moreover, during peak morning and evening hours, this remains almost the only alternative. But, as in everything, adequately assess your strengths and better not try to conquer the five-kilometer distances from Nork-Marash to Arabkir with a swoop: the Yerevan landscape is another test of your physical capabilities.

PS In emigrant chats, among the first problems of the Yerevan transport system, users note poor non-uniform navigation, lack of a single transport map, too long intervals between flights, poor technical condition of the fleet and poor transport coverage in some areas. Let's hope that the voiced problems will reach the relevant departments, and with the help of urban experts and the active public, officials will be able to offer the best solutions.

You will find even more useful information about public transport in corresponding section in FAQ. Have a nice trip!

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Great guide to public transport in Yerevan
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  • Catherine
    13.10.2023 в 22:09

    Good afternoon.
    We have only been in Yerevan for 2 days with a friend. We purchased 2 tickets for public transport through the machine at the bus stop, but the driver refused to accept it. Tell me, what kind of tickets are these and how to use them?

  • Arseny
    05.10.2023 в 16:50

    Trolleybus number 1 starts at 7:30 and the last time goes at 17:00, then the bus only runs until 22. Trolleybus 1 does not run after 18:00

  • Ilya
    03.02.2023 в 09:42

    How often does the 201 airport bus run, no timetable? Where is the airport stop? How to buy tickets for it, from the driver?

    • july9990
      28.11.2023 в 12:40

      Buses from the airport run every half hour from 7:00 to 22:00. You can see the exact schedule upon arrival in Yandex.Maps. The stop is located at the exit from the terminal across the road. The fare is paid by the driver; a ticket is not issued.

  • Alexander
    01.02.2023 в 07:14

    So it turns out that transport in Armenia, that the metro and bus, that the taxi is very inexpensive. Does it run normally, how busy is it during peak hours?

    • july9990
      28.11.2023 в 12:45

      Yes, transport is very inexpensive in Armenia. Unfortunately, there are heavy traffic jams in the capital during rush hour, so ground transport may be delayed. Underground is used more often for this purpose. During rush hour, it can be difficult to get on a bus or train, and the cost of taxi fares rises significantly.

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