The city of Armavir in Armenia: what to see in Armavir, what is famous for and how to get there

The city of Armavir in Armenia: what to see, what is famous for and how to get there

The city of Armavir in Armenia: what to see, what is famous for and how to get there

Armenia is one of the oldest countries in the world, so many Armenian cities can be said to have been inhabited by people since prehistoric times. But Armavir definitely stands out from other ancient settlements. It was the first capital of Armenia and saw the legendary kings of the Haykid dynasty. Let's see how Armavir lived and how he lives now.


  1. History of the city of Armavir
  2. How to get to the city?
  3. Things to do in and around Armavir

History of the city of Armavir

The historian Movses Khorenatsi wrote that the grandson of the great Hayk, the progenitor of the Armenians, King Aramais founded the settlement and named it after himself - Armavir. It was about 1980 BC. In 331 BC the city became the capital of Armenia.

It has changed its name several times. Armavir was known under the name Argishtikhinili when King Argishti I ruled in it. The Seljuk Turks called Armavir Sardarapat. In the 1930s The Soviet authorities named the settlement Oktemberyan in honor of the October Revolution of 1917. And only after the collapse of the USSR, the city returned its historical name Armavir.

Throughout its history, the city was destroyed by the conquerors, then to be rebuilt again. Interesting fact: in Russia there is also the city of Armavir, and the Armenians are directly related to it. The settlement on the Kuban River was founded by Circassian Armenians or Circassogai in 1839. Initially, it was called the Armenian village, and then they took the name of the ancient capital of Armenia.

Now the Armenian Armavir is the regional center of the Armavir region - the smallest, but the most densely populated in Armenia. Agriculture is developed in Armavir - it is favored by weather conditions, a large number of sunny days. They are most actively engaged in viticulture: there is even a branch of the Yerevan Brandy Factory in the city. Amazing craftsmen live here: wood carvers and creators of khachkars - cross-stones.

Tourists-lovers of archeology come to Armavir to personally see the remains of the ancient settlement. The best time for a trip is late autumn and early spring, when the Armavir heat is not felt.

How to get to the city?

From Yerevan to Armavir, only 45 km to the west. The road will be brightened up by mountain views: Aragats in the north and Ararat in the south. The path passes through the city Etchmiadzin. We advise you to make a stop there and visit the Etchmiadzin Monastery - the spiritual center of Armenia.

There are several ways to get to Armavir. Of course, by personal transport, as well as by taxi for about 8,000 drams. You can rent a car in Move2Car, the cost starts from 12,000 drams.

Minibuses and a bus to Armavir run from the Central Bus Station (Admiral Isakov Avenue, 6). Reference phone: +374 10 565370.

From the railway station "Sasuntsi David" (Tigran Mets Ave., 80) intercity trains depart for Gyumri and Araks with a stop in Armavir. The cost depends on the class of the carriage and starts from 300 AMD. A few minutes in Armavir there is an international train Yerevan - Batumi. The cost changes every season, so you need to find out at the ticket office of the station. Phone: +374 60 463284, 1-84.

What the help desks cannot answer, the support service will answer. @move2armenia_official.

Things to do in and around Armavir

Walk around Armavir

We suggest starting a walk around the city with railway station, because the modern settlement of Armavir depended on this place. In 1903, a station appeared on the Yerevan-Tiflis route, near which houses for railway workers were built. Over time, a whole village was formed, gradually growing into a city. At the station you can see several houses of pre-revolutionary construction and water tower. The path to the city lies through the square with war memorialdedicated to the victims of the war in Artsakh.

Further along st. Hanrapetutyan is located City Park. It houses the Cathedral of St. Gregory of Narek - the seat of the diocese of Armavir. A small alley of khachkars leads to the church. Also in the park is a bust of the Soviet two-time Olympic champion, weightlifter Vasily Alekseev. Children love this place for rides and carousels.

All Armenian flavor is concentrated on clothing and food market Armavir on the street. Yeghishe Charents. Here they always give vegetables and fruits a try, they like to talk and bargain.

Moving on straight along the street. Hanrapetutyan, you can walk to the very city center. In addition to administrative buildings, there is the House of Culture, which is called the "Red Club", and a fountain.

Having rounded the House of Culture, travelers reach city zoo. It is small, but the residents love this place and are grateful to the owner for saving and keeping animals.

Learn the history of the ancient capital

10 km from Armavir, in the village of Araks, there is Ethnographic Museum Sardarapat. Finds obtained during archaeological excavations in the area of the first capital of Armenia are stored there. This includes exhibits related to the Bronze Age. And at the entrance to the museum there is an architectural and sculptural ensemble "Battle of Sardarapat". It perpetuates the memory of the battle that took place on May 21-28, 1918. During it, the Armenian troops stopped the advance of the Turks; On May 28, the First Armenian Republic declared its independence.

To the east of the Araks near the village of Nor Armavir were discovered ruins of quarters of the old city, the royal palace and the pagan temple. Archeology enthusiasts will especially appreciate this attraction.

Learn about the Yezidi religion

On the way back to Yerevan, you can look into the village of Aknalich. There, in 2019, they built Quba Mere Divane - the largest Yazidi temple in the world. Next to it is a more modest, but no less magnificent Ziarat or Sltan Ezid. Church ministers are ready to tell travelers about their religion and life in Armenia.

The first capital of Armenia is steeped in history. Walking along the streets of the city and its surroundings, you understand that people used to walk here in the same way in prehistoric times. It's impressive and captivating.

Our blog has stories about several other capitals of Armenia: Artashat and Yerevan. Travel with pleasure.

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The city of Armavir in Armenia: what to see, what is famous for and how to get there
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