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A joint bachelor's degree program between HSE and RAU Faculty of Design is launched in Yerevan

A joint bachelor's degree program between HSE and RAU Faculty of Design is launched in Yerevan

The HSE School of Design is opening a bachelor's program in Yerevan as part of the new direction of HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL.

Communication Design is the first international joint bachelor's degree program. Teaching in the first year will be in Russian.

Communication design is one of the main trends in design that connects the brand and the audience. A communication designer invents and implements visual and graphic solutions, creates brand identity and visual communications. Almost everything we encounter on a daily basis, from logos and posters to merchandise and books, is communication design products.

Move2Armenia team met with a graphic designer, academic supervisor of the Yerevan Baccalaureate and one of the key teachers of the HSE Faculty of Design Igor Gurovichto find out what's in store for prospective students.

“The program is quite broad in terms of competencies, because everything we see, everything that helps a person navigate the food world and the city, all this is communication design.

The scope of application can be very diverse: from television and video to urban navigation and small architectural forms, product packaging and multi-page publications.

There is a so-called "waiter's part" in the profession, when a person performs an assignment issued to him. We are preparing people who can complete the task. The most valuable thing in the work is the right question. A design graduate knows how to formulate a question. And after that, these are people who are able to create some kind of collaborations that can solve problems that are large in terms of the level of tasks. We teach people to look at the world with open eyes and use their brains as the main tool. Everything else is a side tool.

We are waiting for Armenian students who want to get two diplomas - Russian and Armenian; Russian students who would like to study in Armenia. In the long term, of course, we would like to see Georgian, Iranian and Indian students. We hope that this will be a large international campus where everyone can learn and teach.

Twelve years ago we started from scratch, it was an experiment. We built education in such a way that we thought it would be useful for Moscow and for the country. Twelve years later, our graduates are quite successful in all sectors from design consulting and television to fashion, so we expect that in four or five years this will greatly change, diversify and improve the market for design professionals in Armenia.

HSE has now initiated open competitiondedicated to the centenary of Parajanov, in which we will try to involve young professionals and students of Armenia, so that it becomes the first platform where creative interaction, friendship and exchange of vibes begin.

We will draw Armenian students into Russian and international competitive systems, in which HSE has been participating for a long time.”

As part of the launch of the program, Yerevan will host Design Day on March 15. Registered participants are waiting for:

  • Presentation of the new bachelor's program "Communication Design", where representatives of the RAU and the HSE School of Design will talk about the features of studying on the new program and the details of admission and the principles of the educational process. You will be able to talk to curators and lecturers, ask all your questions and view portfolios of HSE students’ work;
  • Public talk "Creative city. Design as a Tool for Increasing the Attractiveness of Territories»where participants will discuss how design can influence the development of territories and the tourism potential of the regions of Armenia;
  • Master class "Monogram Design" from Mitya Harshak;
  • An open screening of animation and film by students of the HSE School of Design.

The date: March 15th

Time: 14:00-18:00

Where: Yerevan, st. Hovsep Emin, 123

Registration: link

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A joint bachelor's degree program between HSE and RAU Faculty of Design is launched in Yerevan
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