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On July 23, Yerevan hosted the largest event in the restaurant industry — the first Gastro Business Expo&Forum by Move2Armenia Business

On July 23, Yerevan hosted the largest event in the restaurant industry — the first Gastro Business Expo&Forum by Move2Armenia Business

Gastro Business Expo visited by more than 1300 guests, who are somehow involved investors, chefs, managers, food producers and suppliers, gastrojournalists and bloggers: Nastya, where is this?, Misha Krylov, Uptown Yerevan and Yerevan Pike.

26 companies took part in the exhibition: suppliers of dairy and bakery products, tea and coffee, beer and chips, mushrooms and ice cream, manufacturers of restaurant equipment and IT software, furniture, tableware and textiles, as well as realtors and recruiters in the restaurant industry.

in the business program At Gastro Business Expo&Forum 21 leading players in the restaurant sector of Armenia and Russia spoke: owners and founders of the largest networks and establishments, specialized media, marketing and HR specialists, government representatives. The speeches of the speakers lasted 6 hours, which were listened to by 120 guests.

In the first panel "Media" Uptown Yerevan, Yerevan Pike, Nastya, where is this?, Misha Krylov and brand manager Sergey Gasparyan talked about how a restaurant can build productive cooperation with bloggers and media, about the most common mistakes of such interaction, and also shared the most successful cases of promotion.

In the second panel "Staff" Tatiana Simonova, Novikov School Service School and HR Practitioner, and Yeremyan Academy Director Aida Tigranyan talked about why investing in staff training and what formats of such training exist. Chef Rafael Kazumyan shared the best practices of his unique method of training restaurant kitchen staff in different countries, and the commercial director Move2Armenia Career Maxim Shvetsov announced job platform launch.

The second block of the forum was opened by the Minister of Economy of Armenia, Vahan Kerobyan, and Founder and CEO of Yeremyan Projects, David Yeremyan.

In the third panel "Old New Business" Relocants, the creators of high-profile gastro-projects, spoke about their experience. CEO Lucky Group Pavel Polyakov, co-owner PES, shot glasses "Friendship" and "Viper" Ivan Bubnov-Petrosyan, chef and co-founder Kuwa Izakaya Nikita Poderyagin, co-owner Odd fashioned and bartender Vyacheslav Lankin and Ilya Devedzhian from the micro-vegan bar 2022. Restaurateurs shared the difficulties they had to face in the process of starting a business in Armenia, as well as voiced suggestions and requests to government representatives. So, many have had to deal with the noise law, and one solution to this problem could be embodied in the creation of a bar cluster, remote from residential buildings, by analogy with the ruin bars in Budapest. The idea was warmly welcomed by Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan. The Russians also spoke about their experience of creating collaborations with local residents, as well as the importance of integration into the Armenian society.

In the fourth panel "Successful and established restaurateurs of Armenia" met the owners and founders of the largest restaurant chains in the country - Arsen Baklachyan from Baklachoff Collection (Patrick's and Kavkazskaya Captive), Karen Margaryan from Margaryan Business Group (Louis Charden cafe-bakery and Vostan), Styopa Tsarukyan from Patriarch Group of Companies (Yasaman and Ginetun) and Artak Harutyunyan (Collective group: AfroLab, Minas and Gallia; Black Angus). The restaurateurs discussed their many years of experience in running the restaurant business in Armenia, the transformations that took place after the mass relocation of Russians and voiced how important communication is not only for representatives of the restaurant industry, but also for transparent interaction with the state.

Deputy Mayor Suren Grigoryan answered the questions of restaurateurs from Russia, who do not always understand the algorithm of interaction with the authorities in Armenia - about which authorities should contact on which issues. Armenian restaurateurs wondered why the increase in the cost of renting municipal property for verandas was abrupt and unexpected, rather than gradual, while businesses were planning their budgets in advance. In addition, the restaurateurs voiced a request for convenient and understandable channels of communication with the Municipality of Yerevan.

At Gastro Business Expo&Forum was able to become a platform for a productive dialogue between business and government representatives, local and visiting restaurateurs, suppliers and manufacturers with customers.

Event organizer: is hiring a lawyer

is hiring a lawyer one of the directions Move2Armenia, a project whose goal is to help those who have already moved to Armenia adapt and provide all the necessary information to those who are just thinking about moving. Move2Armenia regularly organizes and hosts large markets, which involve both local brands and projects of those who have moved. As well as large-scale job fairs. Move2Armenia tries to be a support platform not only for individuals, but also for entrepreneurs at all stages: from registering a business and searching for commercial real estate, attracting investors and helping in obtaining government benefits.

is hiring a lawyer provides free consultations to everyone who wants to open their own business in Armenia, deal with taxation and bookkeeping. One of the important missions of a consulting company is hiring a lawyer - educational, within the framework of which business days are regularly held.

How was the last business day can be read in Move2Armenia blog.

Event Sponsor: Yeremyan Products

Yeremyan Products is a manufacturer of dairy products with its own farm, which uses innovative technologies. The Seed-to-Table business model allows you to control the entire food production process, ensuring that natural, high-quality dairy products are obtained. To ensure the purity and safety of products, Yeremyan Products is guided by such key values as care and responsibility. Join us in our mission to build a healthier and safer future for our consumers! “Milk is love” and we are happy to share it with you.

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On July 23, Yerevan hosted the largest event in the restaurant industry — the first Gastro Business Expo&Forum by Move2Armenia Business
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