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"I love you" and 55 more words and phrases in Armenian

"I love you" and 55 more words and phrases in Armenian

“The tenacity of the Armenian speech is so consistent with the forging of the Armenian letters that the word — inscribed — tinkles like a chain. These letters can be used to shoe live horses… Or these letters should be hewn out of stone, because stone in Armenia is as natural as the alphabet, and the smoothness and hardness of the Armenian letter does not contradict stone,” Andrey Bitov wrote in his cult work “Lessons of Armenia ".

It is easy to be convinced of the correctness of the classic - one has only to start listening, and then pronounce the words in Armenian.

In this article, we will list 55 useful and beautiful Armenian words and phrases that are not only the key to understanding the language, but also open the doors to various areas of life. Whether you're a hiker, explorer, business person, or just a naturally inquisitive person, you'll find a place to apply these expressions.


  1. The simplest but most necessary words
  2. In a difficult situation
  3. When the date and time are important
  4. At the airport or train station
  5. In the city
  6. At the restaurant
  7. "I love you" in Armenian

The simplest but most necessary words

To express agreement or disagreement, joy or dissatisfaction, to thank - this is the framework of any, even the shortest conversation.

Hello — Բարև ձես — Barev dzes

Yes - Այո - Ayo

No - Ոչ - Voch


Please (in response to thanks) - Խնդրեմ - Khndrem

Please (request) - Խնդրում եմ - Headroom em

Sorry — Ներեցեք / Կներեք — Naretsek / Knerek

Do you have time? — cordial: — Du zhamanak unes?

I appreciate your help

I wish you happiness kez erjankutyun em maghtum


Jan (յան) - My life, my soul, darling or darling, dear or dear. This is a word that is difficult to translate, but very often heard in Armenia, with which anyone who feels sympathy can turn to you

Very good — Շատ լավ — Shat lav

Very bad

How beautiful it is —

Dear – Սիրելի – Sireli

Goodbye — Ցտեսություն — Tstesutiun

In a difficult situation

In an unfamiliar language environment, it is important to feel confident and safe. Knowing the words you can use to ask for help if you need it adds 100 points to your sense of calm.

Can I ask you a question? — cordial: — Karoh em dzez mi artz tal?

How to connect to the Internet? — cord: — Inchpes mianal internet?

Where is free Wi-Fi? — Wi-Fi: — Vorteh anvchar wi-fi?

Give me your phone number — Տվեք ձեր հեռախոսահամարը — Tvek dzer kharahosaamare

I need help - call: — Meghadrutyun

Help! — Օգնությու՝ն: — Ognutyun!

When the date and time are important

Sometimes it seems that time in Armenia flows differently than in other countries. It is all the more important to understand the words that will help to follow him.

Early - Վաղ - Wah

Late - Ուշ - Ush

Morning – Առավոտ – Aravot

Day - Օր - Or

Evening — Երեկո — Erekó

Night – Գիշեր – Gisher

Now — Հիմա — Hima

Today – Այսօր – Aisor

Tomorrow – Վաղը – Vakhe

Never — երբեք — Erbek

At the airport or train station

Knowing these phrases will help you navigate the hustle and bustle at train stations and airports.

Armenian state border

How to get to the departure hall? — Ինչպե՞ս հասնել մեկնման սրահին: — Inchpes asnel maknman srahin?

How to get to the arrivals hall? — սրահին: — Inchpes asnel zhamanman srahin?

Where can I get information? — Որտե՞ղ կարող եմ ստանալ տեղեկատվություն: — Vorteh karoh em stana tehekatvutyun?

I can't find my luggageere

Please exchange me some drama

How to get to the city center? — Ինչպե՞ս հասնեմ քաղաքի կենտրոն:— Inchpes hasnem kahaki kentron?

In the city

The following set of phrases will help determine the direction of the path in an unfamiliar city.

Where is…? — Որտե՞ղ է…: — Vorteh uh…?

What's the name of this street? — Ի՞նչ է կոչվում այս փողոցը: — Inch e kochvum ice pohotse?

How do I get outside...? — Ինչպե՞ս կարող եմ հասնել փողոց…: — Inchpes karoh em asnel pohots…?

How long does it take to get there? — cord: — Ardyok erkar drove ainteh?

Open/closed — Բաց / փակ — Bang / pack

At the restaurant

Navigating through the impressive list of Armenian cuisine dishes, not confusing red wine with white wine and paying the bill on time - the five phrases below will help you in your gastronomic exploration.

What is the most delicious dish in your restaurant? — Ո՞րն է ձեր ռեստորանի ամենահամեղ ուտեստը: — Vorn e dzer restauranti amenakhamegh utesti?

Which kebab would you recommend? — — Inch khorovats khorurd ktak vertsnel?

Red wine – Կարմիր գինի – Karmir Gini

White wine – Սպիտակ գինի – Spitak Ghini

Give the account — տուր ինձ հաշիվը — Tour indz hashiva

"I love you" in Armenian

The last in order, but not the least important set of phrases and words is associated with the expression of love, delight and other feelings that you sometimes want to share in response to the question “how are you in Armenia?”. Some of the phrases in this section reveal a truly deep layer of understanding of the language and its speakers.

Love - Սեր - Ser

I love you — Ես սիրում եմ քեզ — Yes sirum I eat kez

Light to your eyes (literal translation) - Աչքդ լույս - Achkt luys. This expression means wishing all the best or congratulations.

I will die on your body (literal translation) - Մեռնեմ ջանիդ - Mernem janit. A frequently used phrase expressing great love. Love is so strong that the speaker of this phrase is ready to give his life for his interlocutor.

Eat your liver (literal translation) - Ջիգյարդ ուտեմ - Jigart utem. This expression means excessive, inexpressible love for the interlocutor. 

I will take away your sorrows - Ցավդ տանեմ - Tsavt tanem. The most tender, deep words that express boundless love and empathy.

The language of any nation does not just help you navigate the city or maintain a casual conversation with a pleasant person. The most important function of the language is that it preserves the culture of the people and passes it on from generation to generation. Any path begins with the first step, and perhaps reading our small phrasebook will become one of the first tools for the reader to study the history and culture of Armenia.

If you want to start learning Armenian, express courses from Move2Armenia Culture. You might also like one of the language schools in our catalog.

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"I love you" and 55 more words and phrases in Armenian
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