Guide to the districts of Gyumri

Guide to the districts of Gyumri

Guide to the districts of Gyumri

We will tell you about the conditions, housing prices and features of life in certain areas of Gyumri.


  1. City center
  2. Kumayri Historic District
  3. The area near Gorki Park
  4. Bus station area
  5. Station area
  6. austrian quarter
  7. Barekamutyun Park
  8. 8th Township (102nd Base)
  9. City chats for communication

City center

Along with Kumayri - the most prestigious and lively area of the city. The average cost of renting a two-room apartment varies from 150,000 to 200,000 AMD per month. There are many banks nearby (offices of Araratbank, Evocabank), supermarkets, clothing stores, in particular X-X El Plus, Fabrika and others. During the day in this area you can meet visitors and tourists visiting the Church of Christ the Savior, the square of khachkars, the memorial to the memory of the victims of the Spitak earthquake.

Developed transport network. 17 buses and minibuses pass through Pobeda Avenue, including No. 20/2 to Shirak Airport.

Kindergartens, clubs and schools in the area are among the best in the city. In addition, for example, schools No. 6 and No. 9 are within walking distance from the very center of Gyumri.

Kumayri Historic District

A little further away is the historical center of Gyumri, Kumayri district - between Shahumyan street and the park. It occupies several streets, mainly Abovyan, Gorky and Zhvan. Here you can see ancient buildings in the style of pre-revolutionary Armenian architecture. Their distinguishing feature is low-rise and red mixed with black houses. The streets of this area are a favorite place for walks of all tourists.

In Kumayri, most houses are rented by the day. Average prices in the market are from 8,000 to 10,000 AMD. Monthly rent of a two-room apartment will cost approximately 150,000 AMD. Prices are slightly lower than the center, but in terms of infrastructure, this area is in no way inferior. 

There are branches of Acba, Ameriabank, VTB, Converse banks; supermarkets, clothing stores, coffee shops. There are interesting places to visit here: the gallery of the Aslamazyan sisters, the Puppet Theatre, the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the square on Nikolay Ryzhkov Street.

You can get to Kumayri on the same minibuses as in the very center of the city. From one area to another - five minutes on foot. Taxis in the center and Kumayri are very cheap. A 10-minute trip through these two districts costs 600 AMD.

The area near Gorki Park

This is a vast area 10 minutes from the center and near Gorki Park. A quieter and more peaceful place than the other two areas, there are much fewer tourists and visitors. But the main football stadium of the city, where the local FC Shirak plays, is located nearby. Spectator excitement can arise on the days of special matches - with foreign teams.

The cost of renting a two-room apartment is about 110,000 AMD. Prices in stores are slightly lower than those in the city center and Kumayri district. The busiest places are located south of the park along Teryan Street. Not far from here is the Hill of Honor, important for the locals, and the monument to the fallen Armenian soldiers.

Bus station area

At the intersection of Shahumyan and Tigranyan streets - the main transport hub of the city. Near the crossroads is the local Gyumri bus station. 40 buses and minibuses depart from this bus station, including those to Yerevan, Artik, Armavir, Vanadzor, Maralik and other cities and villages.

This area can not be called completely sleeping. Within a two-minute walk there are four large points of sale of building materials, as well as several auto parts stores. The rent of a standard two-room apartment in this area will not exceed AMD 100,000.

Gyumri is one of the four dirtiest cities in Armenia along with Hrazdan, Vanadzor and Alaverdi. According to recent measurements, the concentration of dust in the city exceeds the norm by 1.1 times. The bus station area from this point of view is one of the most polluted in the city.

Station area

The railway station area includes the main railway station of the city and three large busy streets: Gorky, Gandilyan and Tigran Mets Avenue. Electric trains to Yerevan leave from the Gyumri station (four per day, travel time is three hours). Nearby is the railway station square with a small square.

In addition to the standard set of shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, in the district you can find the Employment Center and the Unified Office of Public Services, where residents of the city turn with questions about various documents, driving licenses and potential employment.

The area is very lively due to the large crowds of people (especially during the day). The cost of renting an apartment near the station is around 100,000 AMD, although here you can find much cheaper options. Of the advantages of living in this area - a 10-minute walk from school number 26, the kindergarten "Mankik", even the technical college and the university "Progress".

austrian quarter

The peculiarity of this area is that its construction was initiated by magnate Robert Rogner. There are low-rise buildings, cozy courtyards, ramps - the Austrian quarter is unique in all of Gyumri.

There are incomparably more offers for renting an apartment in this area than in all the others. The cost starts from 70 000 AMD. Despite the fact that the quarter is located outside the historical center of the city, the connection with it is constant. You can get there by seven different minibuses and bus number 20/2, which reaches Shirak Airport (the other end of the city). The cost of one taxi ride to Pobeda Avenue is around 600 AMD. Travel time to the very center of Gyumri is 12-15 minutes.

Five schools, Shirak State University, a large food market and much more are located in the Austrian quarter.

Barekamutyun Park

The northernmost area of the city. Its main feature is Barekamutyun (Friendship) Park, known since Soviet times. The most convenient and comfortable location for walking in the entire area. In recent years, the park has been actively developed, and according to the new project, an open stage will be located in the center, next to it there will be a cafe, and an updated landscaped area.

Near this park there is a grocery market, five schools, two educational gymnasiums. For sports there are specialized grounds, a school for swimming, tennis and table tennis. Not far away is another city stadium. The most modern medical center of the city and the Austrian children's hospital are located in the same area. 

The cost of renting housing in this area is about 100,000 AMD. Buses run from the streets of Khanjyan, Garegin Nzhdeh and Aznavour Square.

8th Township (102nd Base)

The 8th quarter of Gyumri is the main place for Russian military families to live. Nearby is the 102nd military base - the Russian military representation on the territory of Armenia. Only the personnel is four thousand people.

There are two hostels in the area. Prices for a standard two-room apartment in this town are about 80,000 AMD. Next to the quarter is the auto parts market and the largest rehabilitation center in the city. For leisure - the sports arena "Sport City", cafes and libraries. Bus service in this area is developed: eight minibuses and buses go from Shirakatsi Street towards the center, the airport and back.

City chats for communication

Chats for communication and resolving issues of Gyumri residents:

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Gyumri Mutual Aid

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Eco Gyumri

Gyumri dogs (sterilization)

If you have any questions about life or travel to Gyumri, write to our support team @move2armenia_official. They will tell you how and what to get to Gyumri, what to see in the city, where to stay, etc.

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Guide to the districts of Gyumri
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