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How to Get a Car Insurance in Armenia: Everything You Should Know on Compulsory MTPL and CNC Insurance

How to Get a Car Insurance in Armenia: Everything You Should Know on Compulsory MTPL and CNC Insurance

If there is at least one single-lane winding road leading to the top of the mountain in the country, the transport issue is definitely worth paying special attention to. So, we are going to cover the process of obtaining insurance for motor vehicles in Armenia in this article.

Let's start with the basics: there are two types of motor vehicle insurance:

  • Compulsory MTPL (Compulsory Motor Third Party Liability) insurance,
  • CNC (Comprehensive and Collision) insurance.

The main difference between these two types is the voluntary participation. Compulsory MTPL insurance is mandatory for all drivers, while CNC insurance may not be obtained if there is no need. Vehicle insurance provides protection and safety for both drivers and pedestrians, as well as for the other members of road traffic. 


  1. Documents necessary for Compulsory MTPL insurance
  2. How to get Compulsory MTPL insurance?
  3. Fines
  4. Payouts
  5. How and where to get Casco?
  6. Motorcycle insurance
  7. What else to know?

Documents necessary for Compulsory MTPL insurance

  • Passport;
  • social card owner of the vehicle (vehicle);
  • vehicle registration certificate (technical passport) or customs declaration (in case of import) or sales contract, if the owner of the vehicle is not the person indicated in the registration certificate;
  • power of attorney or a passport of an authorized person, if the contract will be concluded by an authorized person on behalf of the policyholder.

How to get Compulsory MTPL insurance?

If you have already apply for a bank card, you can get insurance on the website website as well.Unfortunately, MIR card won't work in this case. If you do not have a local bank card, you can apply for Compulsory MTPL insurance at the offices of insurance companies or at the cabins at the Armenian border once you cross it by car.

The online registration process itself is quite simple and will not take you much time:

  • on the asma website, set the site’s Russian language and select the menu item “Conclude OSAGO online”;
  • enter the vehicle data, select “Not registered in the Republic of Armenia”, “Vehicle with a foreign license plate”, country “RUS Russia”, and then enter the number in the format A111AA199.
    Important: the number must be entered in the Latin layout (for example, Russian Н "en" = Latin "ash").
  • Fill in the information about the type of the car, the engine power and the purpose of operation;
  • enter information about the owner of the car (in the “identification number” column you can write your international passport number or internal passport of the Russian Federation);
  • fill out information about your address in Armenia (registration for it is not required), enter your email address (the policy will be sent to it), phone number and bank account number.
    Important: you must enter the account number, not the card number. Your account number can be found in Internet banking.
  • upload scanned documents: vehicle registration certificate and passport page with your name and photo;
  • Select the desired duration of the contract and proceed to payment.

The finished policy will be sent to you by email in three languages — Russian, English and Armenian. The MTPL agreement can be concluded for a period of up to one year.


OSAGO is a mandatory type of vehicle insurance. Driving without this insurance will entail fines: 5,000 drams for each violation, but not more than 50,000 drams per year. If the violation is eliminated within 24 hours, the citizen is released from the 75% fine. It means that the owner or lessee of the car has 24 hours to update the Compulsory MTPL insurance or conclude a new contract, and pay only 25% of the total amount of the fine.

Please note: for the cars with Armenian license plates the insurance should not be interrupted, otherwise a fine will be handed out. That is, the car must be insured all the time, without interruptions between the start of one insurance contract and the end of the other. The same rules apply to the cars with foreign license plates, but, in fact, (according to the reports of emigrant chats’ participants) fines are not always handed out.

When calculating the final cost of a car insurance, the basic amount is multiplied by a set of coefficients such as the age of the driver, his driving experience, the power of the engine, the period of use, the period of insurance, the presence (or absence) of gross violations in the execution of previous Compulsory MTPL contracts, as well as the territorial coefficient.


The maximum amount of reimbursement under the Compulsory MTPL insurance contract is as follows:

in case of personal injury:
– 33,000,000 Armenian drams for one insured event;
– 3,300,000 AMD for each insured person.

in case of property damage:
– 18,000,000 AMD per one insured event;
– 1,800,000 AMD for each insured person.

How and where to get Casco?

Casco is a voluntary car insurance against various risks, such as accidents, thefts, natural disasters, etc. The amount of payments and the amount of insurance strongly depend on the terms of the contract.

The average cost of Casco for individuals in Russia is about 55,000 rubles (approximately 600 euros at the current exchange rate). It should be remembered that this figure also takes into account various reduced programs (Casco 50 to 50, Casco only against theft, and so on).

In Armenia, the average price of Casco in 2023 is — 6-12% from the cost of the car. This is an approximate indicator that changes under the influence of the coefficients and conditions in force in the selected insurance company.

Both OSAGO and Casco can be issued in Armenia at any insurance companyin Armenia which offers these types of insurance.

Motorcycle insurance

You can apply for motorcycle insurance through website as well.

Note: when entering the motorcycle license plates, two zeros “00” should be indicated before the letters, the number should follow.
Next, in the TIN column the social number, ID card number or passport details should be entered. 

The cost of insurance varies from 15,000 to 44,000 depending on the chosen insurance company.

What else to know?

Russian insurers from June 30, 2023 will no longer have the right to issue certificates "Green Card" for travel to all countries participating in the system, since the General Assembly of the Council of Insurance Bureaus "Green Card" suspended indefinitely the membership of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers (RUA). Previously issued certificates will cease to be valid as of June 30, 2023, regardless of the insurance period specified on them, and national cross-border insurance policies must be purchased for entry. The validity of foreign “Green Cards” in Russia is mirrored. In fact, this means that only local vehicle insurance will be valid in the countries participating in the assembly.

In the Move2Armenia catalog you will find a list of verified companiesfrom which you can obtain insurance for any type of vehicle.

Be careful on the roads and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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How to Get a Car Insurance in Armenia: Everything You Should Know on Compulsory MTPL and CNC Insurance
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    apply for a compulsory motor insurance policy in Armenia for a motorcycle. and tell me the validity of the policy begins from the day you cross the border or from the moment you purchase the policy. Thank you

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