R-keeper and other automation systems for a restaurant in Armenia - Move2Armenia

R-keeper and other automation systems for a restaurant in Armenia

R-keeper and other automation systems for a restaurant in Armenia

We talk about R-keeper and other programs to help you choose the right one for a restaurant, cafe or bar.

Restaurant guests always expect the waiters to be friendly and bring the order right away. At the same time, it is important for the manager to see the analytics, quickly replenish the warehouse and set up motivation programs for employees. Automatation programs can help simplifiy these processes, improve customer service and restaurant management.

  1. R-keeper
  2. iiko
  3. Poster
  4. Quick Resto
  5. SmartRest
  6. Triosoft


R-keeper offers order management functions, integration with warehouse accounting, sales reporting and personnel control — all in a single interface.


  • cash station;
  • delivery;
  • stock;
  • document flow;
  • manager interface.

This system has a mobile solution for coffee points, food trucks, bistros, cafes as well. Some restaurateurs say: this software is like the Iphone among phones. Users note flexible settings and the ability to create a loyalty program. 

R-keeper operates in Russia and the CIS countries, for example, in Yerevan, the company participated at Rest Hotel Expo 2018.


iiko is a comprehensive software for automating the restaurant business. Helps to manage waiters, warehouse accounting and composes sales analytics. This system has flexible tools for customization, for example, delivery, and integration with processes:

  • canteen at an enterprise or in a business center;
  • fast food;
  • restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, bars;
  • chain of restaurants.

Ashot Barseghyan, Chairman of the Association of Restaurateurs of Armenia recommends this software.


Poster helps manage orders, warehouse accounting, personnel and finances. Poster also offers mobile applications for waiters: they always see the information they need to work on a tablet. 

Poster features:

  • owner application;
  • screen to the kitchen;
  • QR menu and payment;
  • management of a restaurant chain or franchise.

The company operates in 94 countries and promises access to the admin panel from anywhere in the world.

Quick Resto

Quick Resto is an integrated automation system for restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and hookahs. Modules included:

  • electronic menu;
  • kitchen chef screen;
  • electronic queue and buyer screen;
  • delivery.

Quick Resto also provides analytics, accounting and access from anywhere in the world.


SmartRest offers functions for management:

  • work with suppliers and warehouses;
  • event planning;
  • personnel Management;
  • control of finances and receipt of reports.


Triosoft — is a program with a multilingual interface that helps automate catering and hotel processes:

  • manage sales;
  • create multilingual menus and receipts;
  • manage warehouses and cash registers;
  • accept contactless payments;
  • receive reports on your smartphone;

The program is used by restaurants, pubs and cafes in Yerevan such as Dapny, El Garden, Eat&Fit and others.

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R-keeper and other automation systems for a restaurant in Armenia
  • Nikita
    21.08.2023 в 17:13

    Also now on the market for these programs there is another one - Sindrik (Sindrik.com).
    This is a simple multilingual program (rus, arm, eng), which allows you to manage several establishments in one office, start several warehouses and carry out an inventory on them. The system is intuitive, easy to use and can be operated from any device, including employees' smartphones.
    The guys can also get tools for sales automation complete with the product accounting program - this is their own website and mobile application according to the client's brand book. These products are also multilingual both for the client and for the employees of the institution.

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