For a family of four monthly costs for taking care of basic needs are estimated about 650.000 AMD    excluding the rent.

For a single person monthly costs for taking care of basic needs are estimated about 180.000 AMD   excluding the rent.

There are no limitations on foreign currency exchanges. However, you must declare any amount exceeding US$10,000
at border crossings.

The passengers are NO LONGER REQUIRED to take a COVID-19 PCR test or a Certificate of complete vaccination against COVID-19 to enter the Republic of Armenia. For foreigners, the entry to the Republic of Armenia continues to remain open both via air and land borders.

If you want to drive in Armenia and you have an international license or you come from a country that’s a part of the Vienna Convention
(such as Russia, Georgia, and the United Kingdom), you can drive in Armenia. If not, you will need to apply for a local driver’s license.

Normally one can stay in Armenia visa-free for up to 180 days in a year. A longer stay is possible for residence permit holders.
In practice, the 180-day rule is currently not enforced on returning visitors (e.g. those who cross the border of Georgia or Iran and come back) only uninterrupted stays of over 180 days are punishable by a fine of up to US$209, payable upon exiting the country.


Passports are provided on the 15th business day after the application is submitted or in a shorter time frame at your request in exchange for a fee. If the application is submitted by an Embassy or Consular office of the Republic of Armenia abroad, the passport is provided within 60 days from the date of application. 


You will need to get the required documents before you begin your journey. Among those are a vaccination certificate, a veterinary certificate, a passport and photographs of your pet. All animals entering Armenia are required to have an Import Permit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and a pet passport.

We have 6 international schools in Armenia

1. QSI – Quality Schools International: The oldest International school in Armenia, QSI was founded in 1995 and accredited by MSA/CESS from 2000 onwards. It belongs to the group of non-profit international schools which operate in the English language around the world. Other languages taught at the school include Armenian, Russian and French.
2. CIS Armenia International School: A newer international school located in Yerevan, CIS Armenia has both a preschool and regular school program for children up to 18 years of age. The curriculum is based on both the British and Armenian national programs, with IGCSE, AS and A Level schooling in the senior years. This means that it also includes a grade 13, with the last year considered the “golden standard” of international qualifications. At the moment, the 2017-2018 school year is only open for children aged 3-12 however, with the higher grades opening up in the coming years. Full forms and documentation lists are included on the Admissions page of the website.
3. British International School of Armenia (BISA) – BISA officially launched in September 2017 with A-level courses to ensure an international certificate.
BISA offers the international KS3, IGCSE and iA-levels which are middle- and high-school curricula and are accepted all over the world. BOO Academy is a preschool institution and accepts English-speaking kids too. What makes this school unique is that all teachers are qualified through the Pearson
Education training sessions, with English teachers Cambridge CELTA, certified. The maximum number of students in a given classroom is also capped at 12 pupils. Required documents are mentioned on the admissions page of the website.
4. French International School in Armenia – This year, the French International School marks its 10th anniversary. The school offers classes in multiple languages, with French being the language of choice. Armenian and English are taught for a few hours each week as well, while Russian and other languages such as German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese may be taken up to Grade 8. The school takes children as young as 2 years of age. There is a Baccalaureat exam to pass in the final year. Upon graduation, students may automatically enrol in the French University of Armenia or look for post-secondary opportunities in France.
5. Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum – The Shirakatsy School provides education matching international standards, a member of both the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) and Round Square. It runs all three IB programs, for primary, middle and high school students. It is intended for both Armenian and international students, with the last two years conducted entirely in English. Children as young as 2 years of age are accepted. The school marks its 25th anniversary this year.
6. UWC Dilijan International School – The international school in Dilijan aims to bring ambitious young people from around the world into the picturesque region of Armenia, where the educational system focuses on the empowerment of the future leaders of the world. Having opened its doors in 2014, it became the 14th United World College, the first extension into the Caucasus region. In the 2016-17 academic year, the school became home to 198 students from 72 countries. For more information, check the extensive news section on the website.


Temporary Resident Card is issued to foreign citizens, who: study in Armenia, have a work permit in Armenia, wife/husband, parent or
child of a foreign citizen who is a holder of a Temporary Resident Card of Armenia, wife/husband, parent, child or relative (brother, sister, grandparent, grandchildren) of an Armenian citizen or of a foreign citizen holding a Special Passport of Armenia, runs business activity in Armenia, is an Armenian national, in other cases prescribed by law. A temporary Resident Card is issued with a one-year validity period with the possibility of a one-year extension. The applicant must apply for the extension at least 30 days before the expiration of the
Temporary Resident Card.


Yes, you can get a temporary residency. And a Temporary resident card will cost (up to one year) 85,000 AMD.

Yes, you can accept any employment if you have a residence permit in Armenia. You do not need a work permit.

Start with company registration at the State Register for Legal Entities in Yerevan. It has no associated costs and the Business Entry One-Stop Shop was launched by the Ministry of Justice in 2011. Name reservations, business registration and tax identification numbers are all issued here. The TIN is issued by the State Registrar. The maximum amount of time this all can take is 3 business days.

Electronic registration is also available at and is gaining in popularity, but you require an electronic signature. The site also allows you to do a company search by name or person. There are no fees to open an LLC or JSC unless it is a non-profit organization or a company branch.

In order to register the company, the information necessary includes:

Applicants have a few documents that may be needed, though most all can be drawn up at the registration office`

-Name of the company
-List of partners or owners
-Manager of the company
-Registration address (no certificate of ownership or lease required- Must be Armenian)
-Amount of charter capital
-Registration form that includes information of shareholders and managers responsible
-Shareholder resolution, signed by all
-The charter of the company
-Confirmation payment of state overhead (a payment check or through
-Personal information about the head of the executive body, including passport and social security ID
-Beneficial ownership certificate, certifying the beneficial owners of the company, to be disclosed to the Central Bank of Armenia.

Trademark the company name. In Armenia, you can choose any name for the company as long as it is not previously registered by the state. Trademarking adds an extra layer of legal protection to your brand. Follow by ordering a company seal, which can take up to 1 day and cost 8,000 AMD and up. This is not required by law.

Armenia’s public educational system is manifested in four levels of schooling: preprimary (ages three to six), primary (grades one to three), intermediate
(grades four to eight) and senior (grades nine to ten). The latter three levels are often grouped in the category of general education.

There is not a specific age requirement to start school, but 6-7 years is considered a good age for children to start school. 


Beau Monde Service Armenia is the most convenient solution for airport transportation to and from Zvartnots Armenia Airport at any time of day.
Your driver can pick you up and take you promptly to your departing flight no matter how early in the morning, and meet you at either the ground transportation pickup area or baggage claim level of the Zvartnots Armenia Airport upon arrival any time at night. If you are unable to locate your driver at either level or need to contact someone in the office, please call the office at (+37410) 599995, (+37410) 599964 numbers.

Foreigners can be 100% owners of real estate in Armenia: they can acquire, hold, lease, sell, bequest and otherwise dispose of their property on an equal basis with locals. The only exception is that foreign citizens and people without citizenship have no right to own land in Armenia.