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"Drunken Street" of Yerevan

"Drunken Street" of Yerevan

There is an entire street in Yerevan dedicated to hedonism.

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Saryan Street, a mecca for wine lovers, has the reputation of being “drunk”. And yours aboutIt received its official name in honor of the innovative artist Martiros Saryan. We recommend visiting his museum: the atmosphere in it is as if it were a workshop, and the paints on the easels have not yet dried. Saryan Street is located in the very center of the Armenian capital and is easily identified by the intricate pattern of garlands of light bulbs decorating the terraces. As soon as you feel the holiday atmosphere, you are there. Behind almost every door is a wine bar with its own flavor. Armenian wine is an object of national pride. Families are restoring the traditions of their ancestors, preserving and growing autochthonous grape varieties, for example, Areni, Akhtanak, Kakhet, Kangun, Voskehat. On Saryan Street as many as three dozen "vinari", where everyone can find wine to taste.


5 - TripAdvisor rating

Probably only in Armenia the cost of a bottle of wine in an establishment is comparable to that in a store. InVino is the first wine store and bar in Yerevan, and it is also the most famous. Here you can choose a bottle directly from the shelves, and not from a printed menu. In the hall you will be served the best wines from Armenia and wineries around the world, and in the store you can buy the ones you like. Sandwiches, cheeses and meat delicacies are served here with wine; something more substantial can be ordered from neighboring Tapastan. Pay attention to the local specialties - orange from Artsakh grapes and Yasmik rosé from areni and voskehat varieties. Want to chat with winemakers? Then keep an eye on the schedule of tastings, where InVino invites its familiar producers for friendly meetings.

Address: st. Martiros Saryan, 6

Working mode: 11:00-00:00 

Tel.: +374 10 521931

Website: invino.am

Social network: Instagram, Facebook

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4.5 - TripAdvisor rating

After leaving InVino, check out the nearby tapas bar Tapastan. There, try their Armenian-style bruschetta with dolma. And if you say the magic combination of the words “gorats panir” next to one of the staff, then in a few minutes they will bring you a traditional cheese that ripens underground. It offers a wide selection of wines. Take note of the advice of the locals: if you sit down for dinner at Tapastan and order a bottle of wine at InVino, they will definitely bring it to your table.

Address: st. Martiros Saryan, 6

Working mode: 11:00-00:00

Tel.:  +374 10 521932

Social network: Instagram, Facebook

Photo: Facebook Tapastan

Voskevaz Wine Time

4.5 - TripAdvisor rating

Wine in Armenia is produced in three regions: the Ararat Valley, the Aragatsotn and Vayots Dzor regions. Voskevaz Winery is located in Aragatsotn. Her wines have received international awards and are definitely worth attention. Is Voskevaz the winery’s own restaurant? and the wines served here? - the most, that is, voskevaz (“golden vine”). The restaurant site used to be an ordinary apartment. Among the many halls there is even a library. Voskevaz has a very homely atmosphere, and on weekends there are jazz concerts.

Address: st. Martiros Saryan, no. 8

Working mode: 12:00-00:00

Tel.: +374 91 776262

Social network: Instagram, Facebook

Photo: Jodi Hilton/UNDP

Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar

4 – rating on TripAdvisor

If you're looking for an ethnic-style establishment where you can relax on cushions at low tables, don't miss the Calumet Ethnic Lounge Bar. The interior here is decorated in Persian style. In addition to the fact that you can try different wines in the bar, people come here to play backgammon or dance.

Address: st. Pushkina, 56A

Working mode: 17:00-03:00

Tel.: +374 95 359229

Social network: Instagram, Facebook

Photo: Visityerevan.am

The Kond House

4.5 rating on TripAdvisor

The historical district of Kond ends Saryan Street. On its labyrinthine streets you will notice buildings from the 16th-18th centuries. The special authenticity of the area is conveyed to The Kond House bar. It has its own patio with a greenhouse - as if you are at your friends' dacha. Come for a glass or two after sunset, when the light and music starts during DJ sets. Wine tasting accompanied by great music from vinyl records is the perfect setting for an evening in Yerevan.

Address: st. Leo, 46

Working mode: 18:00-02:00

Tel.: +374 91 013801

Website: kondhouse.business.site 

Social network: Instagram, Facebook

Photo: Tripadvisor.com

Be sure to take a walk along Saryan Street, visit the bars and make sure that the phrase “wine flows like a river” is not an allegory for Armenia, but a fact. You will find even more cafes, bars and restaurants in our catalog. And about other bar streets we told in FAQ.
Article author: Evgenia Sergeeva

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"Drunken Street" of Yerevan
  • Ludmila
    01.02.2023 в 07:29

    Every year, in May-June, Saryan Street is blocked from land transport. A wine festival is held here - Yerevan Wine Days. In 2023, it is planned from May 29 to June 4.

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