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10 commercial kindergartens

10 commercial kindergartens

If you are already in Yerevan, you have probably noticed that kindergartens are literally everywhere here. There are a lot of children in Armenia, and with the arrival of Russian-speaking families, this trend has increased. So, there are a lot of gardens, but Russian-speaking groups are not everywhere. In today's selection, we have collected for you commercial kindergartens in which Russian-speaking groups have already been opened, and where children from recently arrived families go.


  1. Kindergarten "Mishutka"
  2. Mary Poppins Nursery
  3. Developmental center Montessori city
  4. Kindergarten Hrashq mankik (“Wonderful baby”)
  5. Starlet Educational center
  6. Children's educational center Castle of Miracles, former. "Rainbow"
  7. Smart start International preschool of Armenia
  8. Eltaroz Kindergarten – Rozelita
  9. Kindergarten "Gulliver"
  10. Educational center Karmir Arev (“Red Sun”)

Kindergarten "Mishutka"

A kindergarten-college that uses a bilingual education system. Children study equally in Russian and Armenian. Visitors to the kindergarten speak very warmly about the teaching staff and the children’s daily routine: they take them for walks three times a day. The kindergarten has its own playground. A nice bonus for parents is the ability to video monitor their children. Children from 1.5 years old are accepted.

Address: st. Sundukyan, 5/4.

Price: 110,000 AMD per month for a full day (08:30-18:30).

Website: facebook.com

Mary Poppins Nursery

The kindergarten environment promotes acquisition skills and disclosure abilities every child. The children learn languages, mathematics, applied arts, as well as everyday skills such as cooking and caring for garden plants. The kindergarten is well equipped and has its own playground. Off-site excursions and themed matinees are practiced.

Address: st. Kajaznuni, 30; 1st dead end of Hrachya Acharyan street, 30.

Price: Kajaznuni – 140,000 drams per month, Acharyan – 130,000 drams per month.

Website: marypoppins.am

Developmental center Montessori city

Kindergarten, which is based on the child education system of the same name. A favorable environment has been created here, allowing children to become independent and learn self-care skills. Three languages are actively used in classes: Russian, Armenian and English. Together with the children they take care of garden plants, prepare treats, and go on excursions.

Address: st. Sundukyan, 14; 1st lane st. Mamikonyants, 3.

Price: Sundukyan – 170,000 drams per month 08:30-18:30; 160,000 drams per month 08:30-17:30; 100,000 AMD per month 8:30-13:00. Mamikonyants – 160,000 drams per month 08:30-18:30; 140,000 drams per month 08:30-17:30; 90,000 AMD per month 8:30-13:00.

Website: facebook.com

Kindergarten Hrashq mankik (“Wonderful baby”)

This kindergarten has a very friendly and family atmosphere. Educators pay due attention to teaching and caring for children. There are many creative activities with songs, dances and plays, as well as classical lessons in mathematics, languages and speech development. The kindergarten has its own playground. The kids go to theaters, on excursions, and just walk around beautiful places. 

Address: st. Arshakunyats, 2.

Price: 170,000 drams per month.

Website: facebook.com

Starlet Educational center

At Starlet kindergarten, children spend their time usefully and happily. There are only six people in the group, and a lot of time is devoted to each child. There are lessons in art, mathematics, music, dance, three languages, and speech development. A psychologist and speech therapist work at the kindergarten. Sensory development is provided for children, and high-quality preparation for school is provided for older children. Much attention is also paid to physical education. 

Address: 2nd lane st. Kievyan, 19.

Price: 120,000 drams per month.

Website: starlet.am

Children's educational center Castle of Miracles, former. "Rainbow"

Excellent kindergarten located near the park "Victory» ("Haghtanak"). Many relocants gave their preference to this particular place, so a kind of Russian-speaking crowd has already formed in the kindergarten. The main advantage that parents highlight is their incredibly friendly attitude towards their children. The kindergarten provides all necessary educational classes according to age. The children go on excursions and play on their own equipped playground.

Address: st. Babayana, 1.

Price: 140,000 drams per month.

Website: facebook.com

Smart start International preschool of Armenia

The center provides early education to children with warmth, care and international standards. The center pays great attention to foreign languages, especially English. There are also mathematics lessons, creative and musical activities, and age-appropriate games. There is a private fenced playground in the park opposite. 

Address: Komitas Ave., 1.

Price: until 12:30 – 1800 drams per day; until 18:45 – 2500 drams per day.

Website: facebook.com

Eltaroz Kindergarten – Rozelita

Long walks, picnics on the grass, theatrical performances, friendly attitude and, of course, quality education for children - all this is about the Rozelita kindergarten. Children prepare for the holidays together, participate in fun competitions, play in the light sandbox, have fun and communicate. The kindergarten is considered the first licensed private kindergarten in Armenia and has been operating since 1993. There are three branches located at different addresses. 

Price: 120,000 – 150,000 drams per month depending on the branch and number of days. Details on the website.

Addresses: st. Dimirchyan, 8;
st. Alikhanyan, 3;
Tigran Mets Ave., 44/80.

Website: eltaroz.com

Kindergarten "Gulliver"

This kindergarten has always been among the top favorites among the Russian-speaking population of Yerevan. Training takes place according to the Lomonosov program and includes both classical disciplines and chess, logarithmics, gymnastics, the development of fine motor skills and field trips. On the territory of the kindergarten there is an equipped children's playground and even its own mini-zoo. It is possible to transfer children home and to classes. 

Address: st. Mamikonyants, 21.

Price: 70,000 AMD per month 08:30-13:30; 140,000 AMD per month 08:30-18:30.

Website: www.facebook

Educational center Karmir Arev (“Red Sun”)

The interior of the kindergarten will make you fall in love at first sight. Not only do you want to bring your children here, but you also want to stay here yourself. Slides, a gym, bodyboards on the walls, a climbing wall - there is everything for the physical development of children. There are exciting classes on learning languages, mathematics, creativity, as well as chess, mental arithmetic, ceramics, robotics and even experiments. Excursions and trips to museums are practiced.

Address: st. Leo, no. 1.

Price: about 200,000 drams per month 08:30-18:30; about 100,000 drams per month 08:30-13:30.

Website: karmirarev.am

Choose a kindergarten with your heart! If your child goes there with pleasure, you will be completely calm, no matter what educational program there is. You can share your impressions in the comments if you go to a kindergarten from our selection. We are sure that your feedback will greatly help parents in their search. Even more kindergartens you will find in our catalogue. And we talked about how to enroll in kindergarten in Armenia in FAQ section.

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10 commercial kindergartens
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