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The Specialized Language Learning Center was founded in 2012. The specialists of the center have many years of experience, they regularly study abroad in order to constantly provide, if possible, up-to-date, keeping up with international trends, experience, but at the same time not deviating from our corporate and national values, education.

Foreign language courses (more than 17 languages are taught), SMM, professional courses (medical, business, law, tourism, etc.), written literacy in the professional field.

The center is regularly updated with a new collection of fiction books and films for different language levels. The purpose of which is to fill the student's daily life in his spare time and outside the classroom, combining the useful with the pleasant. Books and films are also discussed in class, giving participants the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in the language they are learning.


The schedule is compiled individually, in a group format.

Classes are held 3 times a week.

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8 Tumanyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia

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The schedule is compiled individually, in a group format, classes are held 3 times a week.

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