Events in Yerevan and surroundings November 25-27 - Move2Armenia

Events in Yerevan and surroundings November 25-27

Events in Yerevan and surroundings November 25-27

FRIDAY, November 25


Last day of the Kond area festival

Summing up the results of the festival held back in September, dedicated to Kond - the brightest and most atypical district of Yerevan. It will be possible to listen to the stories of the inhabitants of Kond, collected by the authors, to get acquainted with the analysis of their dreams and see archival photographs. The event will end with a round table of architects who will discuss the history of this outstanding phenomenon on the city map.  

Time: November 25, 18:00

Address: Mher Mkrtchyan street, 1

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Discussion Emptiness and Darkness In Armenia

The Mirzoyan Library will host a series of speeches and a public discussion of demodernization and depopulation - or, as the authors call it, the problems of emptiness and darkness in Armenia and the countries of the former USSR. Among the participants are scientists and researchers from Armenia and the University of Oxford. 

Time: November 25, 19:00

Address: Mher Mkrtchyan street, 10

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Screening of the film "The Tree of Life" at TUMO

The film clubs of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in four cities will host a screening of, perhaps, the central picture in the work of the most enigmatic American classic Terrence Malick. In many ways, the autobiographical work tells about the boy's life and his relationship with his brothers and parents in the scenery of the sleepy American South of the 50s. The screening will be followed by a discussion of the film with psychologist Nare Grigoryan.

The film will be shown in English with Russian subtitles.

Time: November 25


TUMO Yerevan: 19:00

TUMO Gyumri: 18:00

TUMO Dilijan: 18:00

TUMO Stepanakert: 18:30

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Loops of Passion Concert at TUF Club

The return of Belarusian post-punks to Yerevan with their cold and deep bass songs about urban alienation and longing. For nearly twenty years now, the Loop of Passion has been one of the most in-demand independent bands on the rock scene.

Time: November 25, 19:00

Address: Arami street, 42

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 1 800 rubles

SATURDAY, November 26


Concert AIGEL

Furious and imaginative hip-hop from the Tatar poetess Aigel Gaisina and the St. Petersburg electronics artist Ilya Baramia. The project has long outgrown the informational occasion that made it a name - to tell about the Russian judicial system, according to the soloist who punished her young man, is unfair. Now AIGEL is simply one of the most interesting musical groups in its direction.  

Time: November 26, 19:00

Address: Tigran Mets street, 16

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 14 423 drams

Screening of the film "Triangle of Sorrow"

Re-screening in Yerevan of the Palme d'Or winner of this year's Cannes Film Festival. The Triangle of Sorrow is a caustic anti-capitalist satire on the mores of the rich, which takes place aboard a luxury yacht heading towards a shipwreck.  

Time: November 26, 19:30

Address: Vardanants street, 18

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 2 500 AMD

PureSound play Max Richter

Max Richter is a British post-minimalist and composer of numerous soundtracks who has succeeded Philip Glass and Michael Nyman as the most recognizable composer of contemporary classical music. On Saturday at the TUF club you will be able to listen to his selected works performed by the PureSound Chamber Music Ensemble. 

Time: November 26, 19:00

Address: Arami street, 42

More about the event: Facebook

Price: Presale — AMD 5,000, at the entrance — AMD 7,000


Pop-up with vegan pizza in the garage

Pizzaiolo from St. Petersburg from Daner Pizza and Moscow from KOM take a place at the wood-burning oven in the garage pizzeria in the yard on Tumanyan on weekends. This sudden tour is a rare chance to taste the iconic vegan pizza in Yerevan. They promise the stuffings that have become a byword in the Russian capitals - kimchi-oyster mushroom and seitan-arugula.

Time: November 26 and 27, from 13:00 to 20:00

Address: Tumanyan street, in the courtyard of the house 15 

More about the event: Instagram

Price: cost of pizza – 4 000 AMD

SUNDAY, November 27


Evening of original stories at Mama Jan

With the support of the Storytelling Festival, Mama Jan will host an evening where everyone will be given seven minutes to tell a story. The theme of the evening - the history of origin - is offered to be interpreted as freely as possible. You can use music, poetry and other forms of self-expression. Stories must be either in Armenian or English. 

Time: November 27, 19:30

Address: Spendiaryan street, 5

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Short Film Evening #3

Screening of three short films awarded at film festivals: "Magicians" by Artem Solovyov - about the fight between an illusionist and dishonest traffic police officers; "Interview" by Ivan Sosnin - about the meeting of a young journalist with her father, whom she had never seen; "Kinolyap" by Sergei Tselikov - about the everyday life of a production designer.  

Time: November 27, 19:45 - 22:00

Address:  Povstas Buzand street, 1/3

More about the event: timepad

Price: 5 000 AMD


Performance "Dad, bye"

After February 24, the theater director Alexander Kudryashov, already inclined towards minimalism, turned to almost underground activities. His "Theater of Resistance" arranges its first tour with the play "Dad, bye" - a solo performance by Kudryashov with an unemotional story about his deceased father - a participant in the war in Chechnya. 

Time: November 27, 20:00

Address: Buzand street, 1/3

More about the event: link 

Price: from 3 000 AMD

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Events in Yerevan and surroundings November 25-27
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