Things to do in and around Yerevan March 17-19 - Move2Armenia

What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on March 17-19

What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on March 17-19



Spring Move2Armenia Market at Seasons

The first market of the new season, dedicated to the arrival of spring. Over the weekend, the Seasons veranda will be transformed to accommodate a good hundred participants - DIY brands of clothing, jewelry, dishes, food and everything in the world. There will also be master classes, prize draws, music and a children's flea market. We are waiting for the whole Yerevan!

Time: March 18-19, 12:00-20:00

Address: Mesrop Mashtots avenue, 15/5

More about the event: move2armenia

Price: registration



Screening of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" at TUMO

On Friday, TUMO centers around the world will screen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the fourth film by Edgar Wright, the author of Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver. Colorful, unusual, but faithful to the original source, the film adaptation of the Canadian comic book about the attempts of the young Canadian musician Scott (Michael Cera) to win the heart of the girl Ramona (Elizabeth Winstead) - for which he needs to defeat her seven exes. Wright, who is filming for the first time outside of his native England, as usual crammed a bunch of pop culture references into the film - this time primarily Canadian. 

Addresses and start of sessions:

TUMO Yerevan – 19:00

TUMO Gyumri – 18:00

TUMO Dilijan – 18:00

TUMO Stepanakert – 18:30

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free

Tarkovsky retrospective

A retrospective of Andrei Tarkovsky's films continues at the Yerevan Cinema House. On Friday, it will be possible to watch "Mirror" - the director's abstract autobiographical reflection on his life and relationship with his mother. On Saturday they will show Stalker, one of the director's most popular films based on the Strugatskys' Roadside Picnic. On Sunday - the director's latest work, "Sacrifice", filmed in Sweden and with the team of Ingmar Bergman. All films will be presented and then discussed with the audience by film critic Maxim Seleznev. 

Sessions and times: 

"Mirror" - Friday, 19:30

"Stalker" - Saturday, 18:00

"Sacrifice" - Sunday, 18:00

Address: st. Vardanants, 18/2

More about the event: Home Cinema

Price: 3 500 AMD

Screening of Darren Aronofsky's The Whale

Letters and Numbers Coworking Cinema Club will host a screening of controversial director Darren Aronofsky's new film, The Whale, the story of an obese creative writing teacher who, after the death of his partner and isolation from his former family, is slowly taking his own life. As usual with the director, a difficult and controversial job, trying to break out of the darkness into the light with the most desperate film techniques. Starring Brendan Fraser just won an Oscar for her.

Time: 19:00

Address: st. Tumanyan, 35G

More about the event: Instagram

Price: donation



Series of lectures about Armenia

Letters and Numbers co-working starts a series of lectures about Armenia. At the first meeting, art critic Sona Arsenyan will talk about why the Armenians call themselves the word "hai" and how it is connected with the Sumerians and Babylonians. 

Time: 13:00

Address: st. Tumanyan, 35G

More about the event: Instagram

Price: donation


Market in the bar "MIR"

The MIR bar will host a chamber market in collaboration with the Barking Store DIY t-shirt brand and Riot Films Yerevan. The first promises to bring a lot of new prints, the second will show "Punk Rock Vegan Movie" - a documentary made by electronic artist Moby about the punk rock scene and animal rights activism. It will also be possible to get themed tattoos at a local studio.   

Time: 14:00

Address: Charents street, 41

More about the event: Instagram

Price: is free


Concert of comedian Ruslan Bely

Ruslan Bely is a former member of the Comedy Club and the creator of the Stand Up show, who in many ways led the previous generation of stand-up artists like Dolgopolov and Idrak Mirzalizade to a large audience. The comedian actively expresses his anti-war position and travels to Yerevan with a new program “Still”, based on the experiences of the last year.

Time: 20:00

Address: st. Grigor Lusavorich, 6

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 15 000 – 35 000 AMD



Concerts from the Japanese Embassy

In honor of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Armenia, the Japanese Embassy is organizing a series of concerts by Nobutaka Yoshizawa, the master of the koto. The traditional Japanese instrument is more than a thousand years old, during which many different styles of music and playing styles have developed around it, so the concert promises to be informative.     

Schedule and addresses: 

Sunday, 12:00 - st. Abovyan, 2

Sunday, 19:00 - st. Isahakyan, 1

Monday, 19:00 – Gyumri, Ankakhutyan square, 1

More about the event: Facebook

Price: is free


Child swap in Gyumri

The Loft branch in Gyumri hosts a spring swap party to exchange children's clothes, toys, accessories, books and everything in the world. Please bring children's clothes for ages 0 to 18. Very young children can be left under supervision in a separate area for games, and those who are older can be sent to master classes in collage and drawing.

Time: 15:00-18:00

Address: Gyumri, st. Gorki, 50/4

More about the event: Facebook

Price: adults - AMD 1,000, children from 7 years old - AMD 500, children under 6 years old - free of charge


Performance "Vulva"

An experimental theatrical production by young director Mikayel Atasunts on the topics of female sexuality, sexualized violence and parenting, which are largely taboo in Armenia. The performance tries to understand how such taboos affect the psyche of people and the formation of their personality. Starring Tatev Taryan and Ani Kitapszyan. Performance in Armenian with Russian subtitles.  

Time: 20:00

Address: st. Buzanda, 1/3

More about the event: Facebook

Price: 5 000 AMD

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What to do in Yerevan and surroundings on March 17-19
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