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  • natural development of the child,
  • Communication and knowledge of the world through art and personal experience
  • Healthy nutrition and hardening as the primary conditions for the full development and health of the child
  • We excluded 1st grade flour, sugar from the diet and replaced it with whole grain flour, dried fruits, raisins
  • Communication in three languages, morning exercises, walks and outdoor activities.
  • Kindergarten with a creative bias - arts and crafts
  • Healthy eating (gluten free, sugar free)
  • Trilingual communication: Armenian, Russian, English
  • Russian speaking groups
  • Professional lessons in ceramics, handicrafts, dance, theatrical skills, development of fine motor skills, coordination of movements, speech development, singing lessons, didactic and educational games, morning exercises, classes in ceramics, dance, theater, singing, handicrafts, cooking
  • Four healthy meals
    Our teachers: ceramic artists, speech therapists, child psychologists: art therapists, Russian and English language specialists, vocalists, dancers.

Reception from 2 - 6 years.
Day of acquaintance with the garden on Fridays, for new visitors.


91/1 Tskhakhotagortsneri Street, Yerevan, Armenia

  • Olga Zeitlina
    29.08.2022 в 04:41

    Terracottica is a wonderful place, extremely aesthetically pleasing: from the cozy smell of baking (healthy!)) right at the entrance to the chirping of parrots and each ceramic vase and lamp in the form of houses with burning windows, and to the walking terrace on the roof with cool climbing frames. Everything is arranged by Nana herself and her like-minded people, made by their hands and the hands of children, in everything there is a soul, love for children and understanding of their needs.

    Nana immediately surrounded with care our suddenly torn out of the usual Russian-speaking boys and girls, specially created a group for us with the wonderful Anna Bagdasaryan. Annushka played the guitar and piano to the children, sang the Nikitins with them and read Auster to them, organized games in the store and aliens, cared for, amused, taught and appeased))

    Thank you, thank you for the beauty, care, attention to everyone, theater, dance classes, Armenian poems and songs. Let your kindergarten please and bring up new crumbs!

  • Lilit
    14.06.2022 в 09:03

    Terracotta Kids is a wonderful kindergarten with the best specialists.
    Here, even the smallest problem that may worry a child is always discussed with the parent.
    My daughter has been attending kindergarten for almost a year with a lot of love and enthusiasm.
    The day in kindergarten is very busy - acting, dancing, pottery, English, songs. Not required An additional group visit after the garden.
    Specialists respectfully treat the child, meet him with the greatest warmth and send him home with the same good mood.

  • Anastasia
    03.06.2022 в 11:22

    Great cozy garden. It is located in a large beautiful house, children study with wonderful teachers, three languages are spoken: Armenian, Russian and English.
    More pluses:
    + Healthy varied diet.
    + Weather permitting, classes are held outdoors.
    + Daily photo report

  • Catherine
    03.06.2022 в 08:38

    An excellent kindergarten, a lot of interesting activities - dancing, modeling, theater. I like that there is language practice in both English and Armenian. All teachers speak Russian, they love children very much, so there are no problems with adaptation. There is a veranda for walking and a patio.

  • Anna
    01.06.2022 в 14:35

    A very good kindergarten, my daughter went with pleasure, it is felt that children are loved here! Another plus is a lot of varied and interesting activities - modeling, English, dancing, theater, well, delicious food, as well as a cozy home environment and a lot of beauty.

  • Maria
    01.06.2022 в 06:46

    We ended up in this kindergarten temporarily while we were visiting Yerevan. The garden has been amazing! The child was immediately imbued with the atmosphere that reigns there. Every day he told some new emotions from classes and events. It was very nice when my son had a whole party with a cake on his birthday, he was impressed! We are also satisfied with the food, although the son is very selective in food. But the staff was able to find an approach to the child and make him fall in love with products that were not familiar to him.

  • Inesa Danielyan
    01.06.2022 в 06:45


  • Alyona
    01.06.2022 в 06:14

    We've been going to the nursery for a little over a year now. For me, as a parent, this is a dream kindergarten: a cozy friendly atmosphere, nice people who you can safely entrust a child with, healthy food, everything is very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. From an early age, children are instilled with a sense of beauty in everything. Thank you to all the staff of the kindergarten for their dedication and wonderful work.

  • Ani Shaldzhyan
    29.04.2022 в 09:16

    Our daughter has been attending kindergarten for over a year now and is incredibly happy. At home there is a whole shelf with her works made of clay, which are becoming more professional every time, the atmosphere in the kindergarten is wonderful, trilingual communication, dancing, theater studio, English. Thanks to such an excellent organization, we do not need to attend any additional circles, and be sure that everything is properly organized. Thanks to delicious healthy food, my daughter began to eat soups and salads without objection, and daytime sleep, which seemed to me an impossible task, became a matter of course.

  • Irina
    29.04.2022 в 09:04

    A wonderful place where I gladly gave my two children. Very friendly teachers, a wonderful director Nana, and the place itself - the kindergarten building - is simply incredibly beautiful and a pleasure to be in it! In warm weather, part of the classes take place on the veranda. Healthy food is a big plus for us.

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