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Grand DDT Concert in Yerevan

About the event

DDT, a legendary Russian band synonymous with the essence of Russian rock, was founded in 1980 by Yuri Shevchuk. Known for iconic songs like «Что такое осень» ('What is Autumn about'), «Еду я на родину» ('I'm Going Back to My Homeland') and «Не стреляй!» ('Don't Shoot!'), the band has bridged generations for decades, exemplifying freedom of creativity and genuine affection for people.

DDT's live performances are always of exceptional musical quality, featuring a striking visual show and authentic atmosphere. The upcoming Yerevan concert holds special significance, marking their first major concert since 2020. During this period, the group has released two studio albums, «Творчество в пустоте» and «Творчество в пустоте 2» (“Art in the Void” and “Art in the Void 2”), and Yuri Shevchuk, together with musician Dmitry Emelyanov, released the album «Волки в тире» (“Wolves in the Shooting Range”).

This exclusive concert in the region, hosted at Armenia's largest venue, promises to showcase a blend of classic hits and fresh tracks from their latest albums.

For inquiries or tickets, reach out on Telegram @YerevanKino_Support or call +3747701940. We're here to assist you.


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Grand DDT Concert in Yerevan

Sunday, 3 November, 20:00 Спортивно-концертный комплекс им. К. Демирчяна |

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